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II. Confusion in software:

Different software adopts different rules. Some planet they follow one and other planet different rule. The one explained is most accepted and concurs with FP.

Astro Worksheets – Ashtakvarga – Tikona & Ekadhipatya Shodhan

Birth Horoscope

Birth Horoscope
TOB: hrs.
POB: (Long.: E ‘Lat.: N ‘)

I Shodhaya Pinda (S.P.):

1 Tikona Sodhan:

a) In the BAV of the following groups of signs:

i) Fiery: 1,5,9

ii) Earthy: ,26,10

iii) Airy: 3,7,11

iv) Watery: 4,8,12

b) Subtract smallest or equal from all the three in a group*.

c) If there are zeroes in the two make third one also zero sign.

d) If zero in one trinal no reduction*.

*This is Parashar’s view accepted in North India; c.f. Mantreshwar, Balbhadra of Hora Ratna & Jatak Parijat that says make all equal to the smallest in the trinal group accepted in S. India.

2 Ekadhipatya Sodhan:

a) No Ekadhipatya Sodhan for:

i) & i.e. for Leo & Cancer.

ii) Planets in both signs owned by one planet.

iii) 0 in one of the signs owned by a planet.

b) In case of others following result is taken*:

*This is Parashar’s view as prevalent in N. Linda. In S. India smallest of a or b is retained as proposed by Mantreshwar and Balbhadra.

3 Graha Multiplier:

a): 5, 5, 8
b): 5, 10, 7
c): 5

4 Rasi Multiplier:

a) Aries, Taurus, Gemini: 5, 10, 8

b) Cancer, Leo, Virgo: 4, 10, 5

c) Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius.: 7, 8, 9

d) Capri., Aquarius, Pisces: 5, 11, 12

5 Graha Pinda (GP):

a) ‘s GP= {Bindu in a planet’s sign in ‘s BAV after both reductions x Corresponding planet’s Graha multiplier}

b) Similarly for other planets.


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