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Some Mahurtas and other concepts for the Common Man

 Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
1. Sidhi Yoga: Nanda on Friday, Bhadra on Wednesday, Jaya on Tuesday, Rikta on Saturday and Poorna on Thursday are said to form this yoga. These combination are auspicious to embark upon a new work.

2. Amrit Sidhi Yoga: Hasta on Sunday, Mrigshira on Monday, Ashwini on Tuesday, Anuradha on Wednesday, Pushya on Thursday, Revati on Friday and Rohini on Saturday form this yoga. Any work started or undertaken on such day is said to be fulfilled.

3. Mrityu Yoga: - Sunday and Tuesday-Nanda Tithi, Monday and Friday-Bhadra, Jaya on Wednesday, Rikta on Thursday and Poorna on Saturday form this unauspicious combination. This is avoided in election (Mahurta).

4. Panchak Dosha: When Moon transits Aquarius and Pisces that is to say four and half nakshatras-last two quarters of Dhanishtha, full of Shatbhisha, Purva Bhadra, Uttra Bhadra and Revati, the period is said to be infested with Panchak Dosha. This period is not good for an election (mahurta) and is particularly avoided for rooting, wood work, straw work, fire work etc.

5. Baan: These are also called Panchaks. They are live in number Rog, Agni, Raaj, Chor and Mrityu. This is decided by degrees gained by the Sun after ingression into a sign thus: Degree of Sun after ingression + 15 or 12 or 8 or 4 divided by 9, If the remainder is five the Panchaks will be in the aforesaid sequence. In other words when Sun occupies 1-10-19 & 28th degrees of any sign, it gives Mrityu Panchak which is particularly avoided in Marriage, Chor Panchak is avoided in travel, Agni in house-building, Raaj Panchak is avoided while getting royal favours and Rog in other samskars.

6. Tara: Counting as one from your birth star, the nine taras are as follows:

1. Janma, 2. Sampat, 3. Vipal, 4. Kshem, 5. Pratyari, 6. Sadhak, 7. Vadha, 8. Maitra, 9. All maitra, Again 10th is Janma. Thus three cycles of 9 each. Out of these 6 are benefic and three (3-5-7) are malefic.

7. Combust Jupiter and Venus: The following acts are not – performed during such periods:

1. House Building, 2. New House entry, 3. Travelling, 4. Pilgrimage, 5. Yagna, Haven, 6. Shaving or tonsure, 7. Temple Building, 8. Pran Pratishta, 9. Thread Ceremony, 10. Marriage, 11. Ear boring, 12. Start of Education, 13. Well and Tubewell, 14. Tank or Dharamshala, 15. Garden laying, 16. Starting a fast or vow.

8. Pushya Phala: When yoginis are not good, when moon is badly placed, when Tara is not good, when Jupiter is not well placed (in Transit) when there is Bhadra Dosha, or Rahu is adverse, inspite of all those adversities the day on which Pushya Nakshtras is prevailing is good for starting any job. If Thursday is also there, the combination is best: Sunday with Pushya is also good or better. (Ravi-Pushya Yoga)

9. Moon Eclipse: When Moon occupies fifteenth star from that of the Sun on a Full Moon Day, it is Lunar Eclipse or when Moon and Ketu are within 5 degrees of each other on a full Moon day.

10. Solar Eclipse: Before new moon the Sun and Moon occupy the same longitude. This happens every month. But when in addition to it, they occupy the same star, it is Eclipse.

11. Sootak of an Eclipse: The malefic period starts 12 hours before the Solar Eclipse and 9 hours (three Prahar) before the lunar and lasts half the duration after the actual eclipse. No election (Mahurata) be prescribed during this period.

12. Effect of an Eclipse: Count from Sun’s or Moon’s star to your birth star. If it is 3-4-8-11 the effect will be beneficial, 5-9 the effect will be medium and 1-2-6-7-10-12 the effect will be malefic. Good elections (Mahuratas) are prohibited 3 days on either sides of an eclipse and 3 days on either side of Jupiter-Venus setting or rising.

13. Haven Muhurtha: Add tithi and vaar (Sunday as one) Add one more to it. Divide the Sum by 4. If the remainder is 0 or 3 the fire dwells in earth. It is benefic. It remainder is 1 or 2 the fire recides in Pataal and is malefic for the door.

14. Tri-Pushkar Yoga: If Bhadra i.e. 2-7-12 tithis fall on Sunday or Tuesday or Saturday alongwith Vishakha (16), Uttra Phalguni (12) or Purva Bhadrapad (25) Nakshtra, then this combination is formed. It is said that work done during such a combination gives triple profit or benefit. Births or deaths during such yogas have a tendency to repeat itself thrice within that family.

15. Dwi-Pushkar Yoga: If Bhadra (2-7-12) tithi fall on Sunday or Tuesday or Saturday alongwith Chitra (14) Mrigshira (5), the tendency is to repeat twice.

16. Kashta Yoga: If 2-8-6-11-13-15-19-20-24 or 25th stars (Nakshtras) are prevailing on Sunday, Tuesday or Saturday and the tithes are 1-4-6-12 or 30. It some one falls sick in such a combination then the confinement is prolonged, treatment is not favourable and may even prove fatal.

17. Hora Mahurat: This is also called kaal Hora or Vaar Vela. This is oe one complete hour. The first hora is of weekday. Second, sixth from it, next sixth from that and so on. Thus on Sunday the sequence will be Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon-Saturn-Jupiter and Mars respectively. Good works and bad works become is benefic or malefic hora.

18. Muhurat for taking Medicine: When medicine is taken during 1-7-8-5-13-14-15-17-19-22-23-24 and 27 nakshtras it is more effective and cures the ailment early.

19. Muhurat for sale: Shubh Var and 2-3-11-16-20-25 nakshtras are better for selling a thing. It is profitable and brings peace of mind.

20. Purchasing Muhurat: Shubh Vaar and 1-14-15-22-23-24 and 27 nakshatras are better suited to purchase things. Every day use articles such as grosseries etc. are not included in this. If things are sold ii the stars of purchasing and vice versa it is not profitable either immediately or in the long run.

21. Short cut Muhurat or Chatur Ghatika Muhurat: Coloquelly these are called Chau-Gharias. These are of two types viz. those of days and those of nights. To calculate the duration of each Chau-Gharia exactly we have to calculate the sunshine hours by subtracting sunrise from sunset of a place on any day. Divide it by 8 and you will get it. The permanent sequence of these is Ugra, Chanchal, Laabh, Amrit, Kaali, Subh, Rog and the eighth is the first one (Ugra) sequence prevails on Sunday exactly. On Monday we enter this cycle at Amrit. On Tuesday the first one is Rog, Wednesday – Laabh, Thursday – Shubh, Friday – Chanchal and Saturday the counting starts from Kaal. For night Chau-Gharias we have to calculate the nocturnal duration by subtracting sunset from sunrise of next day. Divide it by 8 and you get the duration. The sequence now is Shubh, Amrit, Chanchal, Rog, Kaal, Laabh, Ugra and Subh. The eighth is the first one again. It prevails on Sundays as such’. On Monday we enter this cycle at Chanchal. Tuesday--Kaal, Wednesday--Ugra,  Thursday--Amrit, Friday--Rog and Saturday--Labh is the first and last. The names are self suggestive of their nature as benefic or malefic. But, be careful in their affliction.

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