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Palmistry: Thin Hands

Palmistry: Thin Hands

Thin Hands indicate a lack of energy and vitality, an inability to face the odds of life. The subjects lack alertness of mind and expected others to extend to them all care and comforts, as are needed by infants.

The presence/absence of hair on the hands and its colour are also significant with regard to character.

1.      Very hairy hands show a violent nature and inconsistency.
2.      A man with slightly hairy hands is possessed of prudence, energy and calmness of mind.
3.      No hair at all on the hands of a man – womanish type and indulgence in unmanly pleasures.
4.      A woman with hairy hands is cruel and of a masculine nature.
5.      Hair on thumb only – endowed with the highest point of intellect and creative faculty. Hair on the two lower phalanges of the fingers – a stiff nature, devoid of simplicity. Hair on all phalanges of the fingers – of fiery nature, easily aroused.
6.      The hair can be light in colour, dark or reddish. Light colour – easily influenced, lacking in passions; dark colour – quick and passionate nature; reddish colour – most excitable nature.
7.      The flexibility or lack of it in a hand must also be assessed. The hand can be stiff, flexible, straight or extremely flexible.
8.      Stiff hands are hard to open and the fingers curve inward Persons of this type have a closed mind. They are narrow-minded and not able to adjust. They follow old conventions and do not harbour new ideas. They keep to themselves and continue to cling to the traditions of their fore-fathers. They can, however, be trusted to keep secrets as they are taciturn.
9.      The fingers of flexible hands bend back without any difficulty, making an arch. The subjects have elasticity of mind and quick receptivity. They possess the highest degree of versatility and are quite sympathetic, generous and emotional. They can do many things and apply their mind in many directions.
10.  Straight hands, when pressed back, open readily until the fingers become straight, but either do not bend back or just a little. The possessors of such hands will be balanced in their actions and not go to extremes. They are helpful and appreciate the difficulties of others. They are also broad-minded, sympathetic and thoughtful.
11.  Extremely flexible hands – the fingers bend back at the knuckles. The subjects executive assignments with ability. They are very flexible in nature. The nature of the palm of the person whose hand is being read is also to be taken into account. The palm can be narrow, wide, too wide, long, square or hollow.
12.  Narrow palm – if the width of the palm is proportionate to the size of the fingers, the possessors will have robust health, and be balanced, tolerant and generous.
13.  Too wide palm – imagination inclined towards immortality. The subject will be of a They are strong in action.
14.  Yellow colour – if indicates existence of bile in the blood. This produces an irritating effect on the system and affects the brain, nerves and temper. Persons who have yellow palms are prone to immoral sexual relations. They look to the dark side of life on account of their pessimistic nature. They are gloomy, superstitious, irritable and prone to failures.
15.  Blue or purple colour – this is caused by improper circulation of blood. It indicates a sluggish circulation, which comes in the way of the proper functioning of the heart.
16.  White colour – it shows lack of force and strength in the blood, resulting in the inability of the subject to face the odds of life. Such persons are selfish, lack enthusiasm, warmth and shun the company of others. They are cold-hearted and have few friends. Whether the skin of the hand is dry or damp is also important.
17.  Dry skin or dry hand – as the word dry indicates, the possessors do not show their feelings. They lack emotions and are ruled by the head rather than heart. They are of a dejected temperament.
18.  Damp skin or damp hand – hands which are moist at all times indicate improper circulation of blood and some organic deficiency. In the case of persons whose hands are moist through emotion or fear and not poor blood circulation, it is a sign of an unhealthy state of emotions.

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