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How Moon is a controller of your mental Attitude and Peace


Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
1. It is known and accepted by all that the Moon is “mind” (Chitta) and all emotional thinking, intelligence, sharp mind (brain), slow brain, Progressive in education and the mind behind new inventions are all attributable to the Moon. This takes to the astrological principles as to where the Moon was at the time of birth. The degree of the Moon in particular Nakshtra, its sign and houses all go to determine the mental balance of the native-thus goes the saying that the Moon if not well placed in the birth horoscope and aspected by malefics (the known malefic in astrology are Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and afflicted Mercurry – this apart the Sun is also considered to be a malefic) are capable of doing all harms including blindness, madness, mental imbalance, loss of mental peace loss of memory etc.

2. Mind (Chitta), all sorts of emotions, “manas” and “chitta”, inclination, etc. all contribute for the mental peace. Well placed Moon and aspected by benefics (Jupiter, Venus, well placed Mercury) are capable of bestowing mental peace and the native may have no worry and would have sharp memory. Not only that, the Moon has been said to represent “Vaishya” (traders) because it is intimately connected with wealth and with business connections (transactions). Well placed including the exalted Moon (Moon exalts in Taurus) is capable of giving abundant wealth with a royal personality leading to mental peace (other things being equal).

3. The Moon is capable of giving advantageous and successful journeys (including overseas journey) and one of the astrological rules is that if you approach some person during the period of Moon-Moon, even a strong willed person may yield to your wishes. For giving you the required mental peace, the Moon (beneficial Moon) is capable of giving you royal favour (being treated as VIPs) and improvement in prestige and honour is also indicated.

4. There will be no loss of material peace if the profession/business is taken/selected as per the planetary position in the horoscope. Trading in sea products, pearls, corn, clothes, cow, agriculture, grass, straw, medical profession, embassy (Massengers-modern courier services/communications), gold, timber (furniture merchant), silver, petrol, oil etc. is considered prosperous for the natives governed by beneficial Moon. According to Western astrology, the Moon is capable of giving all high position in trade and authority, prominent position in Government, it can make the native a Commander, a banker, nobleman, king, employer and also goldsmith.

5. The weak (afflicted) Moon may involve the native in inimical activities-thus disturbing his mental peace in the long run. It can give various diseases such as stomach trouble, emaciation, consumption, T.B., dropsy and depending on the strength of the Mars, it can cause heart trouble also. Windy and phlegmatic diseases are also indicated.

6. Apart from being a female, the Moon represents all characteristics of being gentle, cool, beautiful and the native wearing white pearl gets the luster of the Moon adding to his mental peace. The Moon being a female factor also represents the “queen” – all speak of royalty and nobility. In modern times, the strong Moon may lead to acquisition of high status in life. The Moon in Aswini Nakshtra can produce Doctors/Engineers of the highest order.

7. White taking the Moon as controller of mental peace (which has to come from within the native), the placement of the Moon in its exaltation sign i.e. Taurus deserves special mention. The Moon is exalted in Taurus at 3 degrees (called deep exaltation point) and this degree-wise position falls in Kritika Nakshtra ruled by the Sun. Briefly, it is stated that the Moon exalts in the sign of Venus and in the Nakshtra of the Sun. Therefore, with regard to mental peace, if the Moon is in Taurus, role of three planets cannot be ignored. The Sun-the soul of all – “the atma” or the self, the Moon representing the highest state of mental attitude is provided by the luxurious planet Venus. This combination of the Moon provide for greater surroundings. For this state of mind, certain natives have been equated with “Brahma-Gyani” – the king among those who have faith in God.

8. Loss of mental peace is attributed by some so strained relations with mother and son. This is also, because of certain combinations specialy with Mars. Without dwelling further on this aspect, it would suffice to say that the Moon is “mother” and is enemy to none.

9. Personss with afflicted Moon may wear pearl, worship Maa Gauri, Lord Shiva and if desired, may also observe fast on Mondays.

10. For mental peace and happiness with regard to various facets of life, we have brought small books on the following topics:

11. Depending on your birth chart, you will be attracted to get to meditation and spiritualism. The accepted slogan of all religions is Remember The God – The way you want. By devoting little time, you may have mental bliss and self-satisfaction.

12. You are your master to make your personality including your dress habits, sitting and working habits leading you to have complex free and tension free personality. The study of the above books also shall pave for mental happiness for self and others.

13. By propitiating certain planets and following suggested remedial measures, you may succeed in your mission and aim. You may avoid the evil effects of planets and may have contentment.

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