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Yogakaraka Planet and its importance!

Yog-karaka planet of any rising is defined technically as that planet which possesses the unique property of having simultaneous ownership of a Kendra and a Kona. The Dasa of Yog-karaka is very auspicious for any native even if it is located in an evil house. 6th, 8th, 12th as they bestow result like elevations in status i.e. rise in career and wealth in their dasas. If a Yog-karaka is combust or retrograde, it will not totally refuse to deliver good results in its Dasa. It may delay the results, cause obstacles also but will not deny giving what is due to a native. Yog-karaka from Janma Rassi are equally important as Yog-karaka from Janm Lagna. If a planet owns both Kendra and kona, it becomes most auspicious and special Yog-karaka.

A Yogakaraka Planet may be said to have greater functional efficiency than other planets of the same rising sign. When such a planet gets related to another planet in some way or the other, there remain no iota of doubt about the facts that the latter inherits the former’s benefic properties and the former uses the later to produce very good effects on the life of the native in various forms. The ability of Yogakaraka to energies the entire horoscope depends not only on its strength and placement but also on the extent to which it can spread the network of influence on other planets specially the Kendra and Trikona lords and also the lords of 2nd, 11th and 12th houses (12th lord can absorb the quality of a lord, good or bad with which it gets associated).

The Yogakaraka may use Nakshatra as well as signs for reaching other planets. It may act through its depositor or through such planet of which the Yogakaraka itself is the dispositor. When a Yogakaraka makes square positions with other planets, these planets, these planets also become benefic for the native.

According to the science of astrology only three planets i.e. Mars, Saturn and Venus act as Yogakaraka. These are Taurus and Libra with Saturn as their Yogakaraka, Cancer and Leo with Mars as their Yogakaraka, Capricorn and Aquarius with Venus as their Yogakaraka. Check your Horoscope and know the truth.
Dr. A. Shanker

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