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Healing Power of Water

Astrological Point of View

To say that water has healing power is to show light to the Sun. Water is necessity of life for living beings whether human beings, animals and even for plants apart from other in animals objects.

2. Water is all pervasive from womb to tomb you need water for clearing the child at the time of delivery so to say it speaks of healing power and even for the last rights water is inevitable. No Moksha (salvation) without water.

3. Water is one of the ingredients in all systems of medicines and thus has the inbuilt healing power be it allopathic, homeopathy, Ayurved (closely connected with Jyotish- astrology), Unani and especially in NATUROPATHY now widely practiced with or without yoga and meditation.

4. In astrology, the water rather all liquids come under the sway of the Moon. The Moon controls sea, river and all other places of water (running water including sacred places such Haridwar and other places of pilgrim ate, The ‘Ganga Jal’ itself has the healing power and if used with ‘Tulsi leaves’ become more powerful. On a visit to a temple, after prayer you get ‘Prasad’ and ‘Charnamit’ and this charnamit is water with power of mantras. So is the case of holy water from Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi and we have many other sacred places indicating the healing power of water.

5. The need for water has been in existence right from the origin of human history though forms of drinking water and mineral water have changed from of time to time to present day world of bottled water. Even quenching of thrust indicates the healing touch of water. Life was, is and will be miserable without water for all living beings.

6. The constituents for a living being are Earth, Water, Air, Sky and Fire. Hence the potentiality of water in all respects including healing power is well known and need not be emphasized. Be that as it may, medical astrology has come to stay  as an important branch of the Living Science. Water in the body both for causing diseases and curing them has a big role to play. Menstrual disorders, gastric diseases, sneezing getting cold cough etc. are controlled by water. Little going further, it would apt to say that we have astrological combinations for conferring a good health and also for bad health throughout life. Watery signs in astrology include Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces and so we have wet planets the Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Co- relation between the diseases had been established long ago, for example, Venus though associated with people of fine tastes and also has a role to play on venereal diseases is also connected with water. The energy is to be derived from the Sun and among others it governs gastric glands which secretive digestive juices and in the absence of Juices, digestive system suffers. During rainy season (another example of needed and healing water) dysentery and Cholera etc. can rule for a period.

7. Medical drops for ears and other diseases have the healing power of water with some chemicals. Further, the healing touch of water is given by the water found at the upper mountain and also when a well is dug. If the earth is soft (not dry), low, sandy or emitting sound, there will be water in that place at a depth of about 25 cubits.

8. We have God- gifted months for giving water (varsha) i.e. in Sravana and Bhadrapad rainy seasons and how the rains are useful need no description.

Shanker Adawal,

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