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You and Your Personality Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      On introspection, it would be clear that the purpose of life is love all, to cultivate a loving personality, a giving is a divine quality and in-depth study of human creatures indicate that purpose of human life is to give, give and give. Giving is charity or donation and is prevalent in all religions and faiths. This is called 'Tithing' in the Bible, 'Daspans' i.e. 1/10th or 'Daan' in Hindu Scriptures and 'Zatak' in Holy Quaran.


2)      From various considerations, it would be apt to say that a native should ear-mark 10% of his earning for charitable purposes though in the present day it is considered very difficult for any body. This act of charity is also a qualification for admission in the hall of spirituality.


3)      We are all indebted to God-almighty and also to the society/country we live. This can be discharged by practicing service and charity i.e. freely receives and freely gives. For all proposes, give god the first place i.e. priority, then earmark some portion, though considered appropriate is 10% for services/charity in the name of god and keep up this mental attitude to give and to give out of love and love the fellow-being. Giving cheerfully and generously in charity with a sense of gratitude and in all humility plays and important role in making a persons a complex free and it would be apt to say that a committed giver is a happy persons, a secure person and a satisfied person – so to say a contended person.


4)      Our daily deeds indicate the motive behind each action i.e. the desire to take and possess in all field of life. Though you cannot do without the desire to own and possess and also to earn- the man has been rated 'selfish' in the present day civilization but you have to draw a line when you should not become over-ambitious. But the desires, if over-stretched, are likely to become the root-cause of all ills and evils. If not properly checked, the complex can take any from including expectation, greed, encroachment, snatching, and theft etc. even prayer, which is considered righteous is also in a way the desire to take i.e. most of the people pray to get something in return. The following are few examples of 'to take'.


                                I.      Parents expect the children to serve them.

                             II.      Children expect protection and properties etc. from parents.

                           III.      Politicians and other social workers want to cash in on their so-called selfless service to seek power and position.

                          IV.      Noble and charitable persons, philanthropists, serve the poor, needy and sick etc. and expect name and fame in return except few.

                             V.      Even saints and people devoted to god pray for blessing, peace and also for material things and comforts.


5)      I am not preaching all the above principles as they cannot be put to practical shape. But at the same time if majority of persons decide to follow the above path, you will be no longer dependent in taking. Dependence takes away freedom, causes bondage and very often disappointment. In 'giving' we are independent and free.


6)      With regard to sense of possession, we often take more than we need and sometimes even things which we don't need at all. We deceive pleasure in possessing, owning and even hoarding. All these result in ego-satisfaction, 'sense of satisfaction' and all these become ego-feeding factor. The possession may be not being harmful but the sense of possession becomes harmful. When this sense of possession become deep rooted, we become self-centered and narrow minded. All these factors result in designation of personality.


Shanker Adawal


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