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Why Worry

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As none is free from the force of planet so none is free from worries. The nature, level and magnitude of worries may differ from persons to person depending on the placement of stars and Nakshtra under which the native was born. For all mental thinking – good or bad, the placement of the Moon is more important and becomes indicative of mental attitude of the native. Even in palmistry, the hand (palm) becomes the indicator of worries depending on the lines. Without swelling on palmistry, it would suffice to say that the Moon is controller of mind and all sorts of worries develop from the strength of the Moon.


If the Moon is weak, addicted by malefics i.e. Saturn, Mars, Mercury (afflicted), Rahu and Ketu the native has restlessness and worried mind and sometimes without any reasons. With some planets in bad position, the native get disappointed, disgruntled and sadist thus leading him to worries.


To get over worries, 'Karma' i.e. 'Karma' in the present birth and also in the earlier births becomes responsible. If you sow the seeds of bad habits (differ from persons to person) you cannot reap the benefits of good deeds. In this connection all are advised to read Bhagwat Geeta or least 'Geeta-Sar' to enable you to know about the truth in 'Karma'. Briefly you are expected to do your duty sincerely and faithfully without expecting results/ rewards. The almighty-god shall give the results. This principle of 'Karma' applies to all stages of life right from child to old age. If the child does not go to school or is not sent to school, the 'Karma' of both the child and parents come in operation.

Before proceeding further, it would be apt to mention that all persons in the world have worries i.e. we have the accepted maxim 'NANAK DUKHIYA SUB SANDARA'. Even this maxim has origin to the planetary forces. In the zodiac two signs i.e. Aries and Scorpio are owned by Mars, two signs are owned by Saturn i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius, Rahu and Ketu own no signs but are governors of six Nakshtras out of 27Nakshtras. The Sun has also been ranked as malefic and with Mercury affected the position becomes worse (Mercury also own two signs i.e. Gemini and Virgo). The Moon owning cancer becomes solely responsible for all type of mental imbalances including worries. The remaining two benefices i.e. Venus and Jupiter also cause many troubles if they are weak or under the influences of malefics. In other words totalities of malefics become powerful – thus giving some sort of worry to all.


Much has been written and said on mind worries. To start with, I shall refer to the art of management of time-24 houses are available to all. The skill of utilizing time is important for removing your worries or inviting and increasing your worries here again 'Karma' Gains importance. The well-planned division of time from Sun-rise to the time of bed at night can absolve you of many existing and future worries. Believe or not but experiment it though it may be difficult for modern times in view of late-night activities specially in bit towns. Be that as it may, you can save yourself from being mentally sick and if all follow the righteous path, the nation can improve. It has been noted that though some of the Indians specially in military, army, navy and judiciary are doing well by planned timings and so is the lowest person – a factory worker as he is scheduled to attend the factory on time.


Analytical studies of various persons including those who commit suicide, behave violantanly, or are mentally detrained etc. (mentally retarded by birth or idiots come under different category) that worry is a psychological complex and if not controlled, the worry may eat the human brain as a termite/ wood-worm eats the wood.
Shanker Adawal
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