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The Sun in Leo

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Leo is ruled by the Sun himself and the Sun is the central figure. In Leo the following Nakshatras find their place.


00.00 to 13.20 degrees of Leo or 00.00 to 13.30 of Magha- ruled by ketu

00.13 to 26.40 degrees of Leo or 00.13.20 to 26.40 or Pruva-Phalguni ruled by Venus.

26.08 to 30.00 degrees of Leo or 00.00 to 03.20 degrees of Uttara-Phalguni ruled by the Sun.


If the native is born in Magha, the native gets medium height and innocent appearance. In some cases there are notices in hands and beneath the shoulders. Such native get prominent neck and hair body. The Sun in Leo upto 13.20 minutes gives the native to speak the truth. The native is enterprising and respects elders. God fearing but enjoys the life, he becomes expert in various shastras and depending on the totality of the horoscope, such native do receive horror and recognition. At times hotempered but is capable of doing many things for the society. Female native born with Sun in Leo upto 13.20 are generally beautiful and have attractive features but they are fond of quarreling and anger is on tip of their more. God fearing and enjoy royal comforts and helpful to others. She becomes the source of friction in the family and this mental capacity must be curbed for happy family life. It is stated by sages that appearance of menses in this Nakshtra (Magha- Sun in Leo) makes the native generous respectful and may also inherit potential property.


Person born with Sun in Leo upto 3.20 degrees may suffer night-blindness or have some other eye problem. So of these natives suffer poverty and unemployment upto the middle age specially those born with the Sun in Leo with 10.00 to 13.20 degrees.


With snubbed nose but attractive personality the person born with the Sun in Leo between 13.20 to 26.40 degrees like pull freedom but mind remains full of disturbances on one matter or the others. Such persons cannot become slave to others i.e. they hate subordination. Though a draw-back in the present day but they can derive much benefit by being 'yest-master'. Though not a party to illegal activates but they have less tolerance power. At times such persons develop several hidden enmities. By and large married life is happy and the native will have children. The natives are likely to acquire good position after the age of 45. Those born with the Sun in Leo in this Nakshtra and aspected by the other luminary i.e. the Moon may have good chances of settling and/or visiting foreign countries and if this Sun is aspected by Saturn. The native may have number of servants but many be engaged in unlawful activities. Females born under this position of the Sun in Leo are born lucky and have 'medium' height double chin and overall attractive personality.


Persons born with the Sun in Leo should make extensive use of copper and gold (including wearing of rings of these metals and they should also be devoted to any work relating to lord shiva).


For Scorpio Lagan people, the Sun in Leo i.e. the 10th house, the native is intelligent, possesses valor and vitality, capable of having highest position in Military/ army and police, gets wealth and conveyances, succeeds in all undertaking and briefly such native is courageous, unassailable and praise worthy. Depending on other planetary position, the native lives like a king. Depending on the horoscope of the spouse, such native must be blessed with sons.


With reference to body parts, Leo represents breasts and heart. The natives with the Sun in Leo specially in the fourth house are prone to heart problems including hypertension, high fever and in some cases become responsible for epilepsy.


The Sun in Leo is capable of making high-class leaders, film stars, heads of colleges etc apart from giving the native the needed will power and wisdom.


For Aries Lagan persons, the Sun in Leo (5th house) objectionable character, few children, danger to father but high belly. This has been stated in compendium of astrology. Leo itself is prone to anger and excess of pride and the Sun in Leo adds fuel to the fire. Such natives easily become excitable. An unrestrained Leo means arrogance and thus such native need constant guidance. However, idea of revenge is not kept in mind. The native with the Sun Leo is bold and confident but at times makes many enemies. At times, such natives are failures apparently because of over estimating of their capabilities. Be that as it many the constitution of Leo persons with the Sun in Leo is normally robust and all organs of the body are well developed. Even are fearless and commanding with high and broad forehead.


The Sun in Leo (5th house) gives honors, success, pleasure, loving nature and intelligence through education. However, this Sun in Leo when in 6th house can cause bronchitis, asthma, heart trouble. Far Virgo lagan persons, the Sun in Leo (12th house) can give unexpected eye trouble, loss of wealth, strange sickness and depending on the placement of Venus and Mars, the native derive pleasure from sensual activities. But this Sun can also make the nature miser, unscrupulous and proudly and unfortunate with trouble from higher authorities and opposite sex.


Sun in Leo specially of the 5th house delays the birth of children.


The transit of the Sun in Leo (26-40 to 30.00 degrees) can become responsible for death of brother though the totality of horoscope need to be considered. The native continues to be talkative and enthusiastic. Highly imbibitions and cannot act in subordinate position. Those in service may change over to independent business reasonable position in life is indicated.

Shanker Adawal
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