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Sun in Cancer

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The Sun in Cancer ruled by the Moon, another luminary has many effects to give with reference to the sign, House, nakshtra, and the planet ruling the Nakshtras. In this sign, the Sun would be transiting the following Nakshtras.

00.00 to 3.20 degrees of Cancer or 26.40 to 30.00 degrees of Punarvasu- IV
03.20 to 16.40 degrees of Cancer or 00.00 to 13.20 degrees of Pushya Nakshtra I-Iv.
16.40 to 30.00 degrees or 00.00 to 13.20 degrees of Ashlesha I to IV.

At the outset it is mentioned that the Cancer is an Airy sign, a movable sign, a reptilian sign (main quality of secretiveness and also a tricky sign), it is also considered to be a fruitful sign indicating success in completion of an enterprise, and in Mundane Astrology, it has been ranked as an 'Imperfect sign'.

According to Phaladeepks, the Sun in the 4th House (Cancer for Aries Lagan) is capable of making the native bereft of happiness and comforts. However ouch a native is expected to be in Government Service but may squander away the ancestral property.

According to Chamatakari Chintamani, the Sun in Cancer makes the native generous, anti-parents and relatives and the other version is that the native is pound and polite (mixed) and gets prosperity through attachment to home and family. This become contradictory it when we say that the Sun in Cancer speak of 'anti parents'. Hence the need for your views According to the same classic, the effect of the Sun in Cancer would change when aspected by any other planet. Broadly, the result is as under:

Sun in Cancer        Aspected By       Results

Do                     The Moon          Rich, gains, though sea trade enterprising.
Do                      Mars                Suffers from inflammatory complaints, surgical operation, enmities and difficulties.
Do                      Mercury            Popular, talented, famous, progressive and generous.
Do                      Jupiter             Success and rise in life, honorable gains through Govt., wealthy, artistic skill.
Do                      Venus             Sweet, soft spoken benevolent, gains through females.
Do                      Saturn             Dishonest in dealings, selfish, Careless about the feelings of others.

With the placement of the Sun in cancer results with regard to coastal area, watery placed, rivers, canals, marshy places, holy places, lakes, oceans, wells, springs, streams watery field, bars, restaurants, laboratories etc. have to be derived depending on the degree, Nakshtra, aspect etc. of on the Sun.

It was noted earlier that Oushya nakshtra Falls in Cancer and with the Sun, if there is Venus specially in Pusphya Nakshtra, untold miseries and worries are indicated during the Venus sub-period (Source is indicated by the planet and worry is indicated by lord of the constellation).

Sun in Cancer makes the native fond of traveling, respectful to seniors and 'Gurus' for Cancer Lagan/ for Gemini Lagan, the Sun in Cancer makes the native impulsive and angry. The Sun in cancer for Taurus makes the native impulsive and angry. The Sun in cancer for Taurus makes the native impulsive and angry. The Sun in cancer for Taurus Lagan makes the native on author/writer Weak body. Illness and worries is given by the Sun in Cancer for Aries Lagan. For Pisces Lagan persons, the Sun in can makes the native highly educated fellow but the native gets children with difficulties. For Capricorn Lagan, the Sun in cancer (7th House), the married life is not successful and in some cases the first wife dies and the native cannot have successful life with the 2nd wife. For Sagittarius, the Sun in cancer (8th House) the native get involved with other ladies and some of the native may get venereal/Aids diseases. For Scorpio Lagan, the Sun in Cancer (9th House) proves beneficial for father and also reaps un-expted gains in life but remains ambitious. For Libra Lagan person, the Sun in Cancer (10th House), gives eye troubles, troubles to parents, change in residences and is worried. For Virgo Lagan persons with Sun in Cancer (11th house), the native gets earning from foreign countries including business of imports and exports but takes interest in unsocial activates. With the sun in Cancer for Leo (12th House), the native is not contended with life, unhealthy and worried.

Shanker Adawal
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