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Rudraksha- The Beneficial Fruit of Lord Shiva

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Most of our subscribers and reader have already read about the beneficial fruit of Lord Shiva 'Rudraksha' we have received some queries from various readers. To enlighten the common man, more information is given about Rudraksha and how it is beneficial in daily life.


2)      Apart from the information given below, it would be apt to say that Rudraksha bead (Mala) or Rosary is used to offer prayer to Lord Shiva Who bestows all his blessings on the devotees and user of Rudraksha with milk/ water (better with 'Ganga-Jal) and then worship with 'Dhopp-Bati' etc.


3)      Then each Rudraksha has own power and potentiality i.e. one face Rudraksha, two faced Rudraksha etc. and each Mukha Rudraksha has a different purpose.


4)      Rudraksha is dried herbal fruit. Lord shiva wanted a powerful and right kind of weapon known as Manohara Aghora Weapon adomed with all the powers of all Devatas to kill the Demon called "Tripuasura" who was harassing Devatas regularly and mercilessly. Therefore, he performed great Tapam (Penance) got the weapon, achieved the foal, then tears rolled down to earth from his eyes out of great happiness and joy and they become Rudraksha. Thus, Rudraksha is all powerful.


5)      It is well known that Rudraksha's mother land or birth chart is mountains of Himalayas (Nepal). Later Rudraksha Spread to Uttar Pradesh Kashi in India, Malasya, Sri Landa, North Australia, Indonesia, Sumathra, Jawa Pacific Island etc. About 25 species (Types) of Rudraksha trees are found in the World depending upon their naturally grown and available places. But, best possible Rudraksha is found only in Nepal. The fruit are drupes, bluish or purple in color, having a hard longitudinally grooved nut inside which is the Rudraksha. Rudraksha beads have faces or Mukhas, which differ in number and this is a distinguishing factor.


6)      For Medicinal use and Worshipping, the "bigger" Rudraksha is the best one. Smaller are costly Rudraksha and are most effective for wearing and Japan.


7)      The various methods to know about the genuineness of Rudraksha are as follows.


                                I.      Central hole of Rudraksha should be natural. It is preferred to purchase fruit and peel out the outer pulp and get original Rudraksha.

                             II.      When original is kept in between two clean copper coins it will slightly move due to magnetic effects.

                           III.      When Rudraksha is kept in milk it will not be spoiled for longer period than the normal time.

                          IV.      When Rudraksha is kept in water, after few hours little heat will be emancipated and the color of water will change.

                             V.      When Rudraksha is put in water it will sink but as it grows old it will start loosing its weight and also the sinking capacity. Please note that Duplicate Rudraksha Sellers practice in such a way that they will rotation for even duplicate Rudraksha by their hand tacit. Slight changes in the above test results will be found depending on the age of Rudraksha and also due to other situation.


8)      Rudrakshas are available in various color and varieties. They are mainly available in four colors. (i) White, (ii) Honey Colors, (iii) Black and (iv) Mixed. All through there are 25 species of Rudraksha family available all over the world , mainly 4 types are commonly available which are as follows:


                                I.      Rudraksha (Round Shaped)

                             II.      Bhadraksha (Oval and Flat Shaped)

                           III.      Rudrakshas (Long and semi round shaped) and

                          IV.      Saadraksha (Shubhaksha) (Smaller in size).


9)      According to Rudraksha Upainshad, Rudraksha's Face is Rudra, Navel is Vishnu and the Base is Brahma. When Rudraksha is kept in Pooja we should take proper care that Rudraksha rests on bottom part (Base).


10)  Rudraksha can be worn by people of all castes, communities and sex. Ladies can also ear them. Rudraksha mala is made with silk thread (generally of red or black color) and also with the wires or Gold, Silver and Copper etc. when it is made with copper wire, regular cleaning is essential to remove copper oxide accumulation and it bad effect. Rudraksha can be worn on wrists, fore-arms, neck, chest, heat and as Yonopavitham and on forehead depending upon the experts advice and one's need advised to wear Rudraksha on Mondays, Amavasya, Poornima or on Maha Shivarathri day after worshipping lord Shiva and touching it to Shiva Linga and enchanting "Om Namah Shivaya' for 108 times for excellent results and fulfillment of wanted desires. Those wearing for good health should enchant 108 times Maha Mruthunjaya Mantra by Which Markandya Maha Muni got new life and become eternal (Chiranjeevi). "Om Thrymbaka Yajamahe Sugandhim, Pushti Vardhanam, Urvaruka Meva Bandhanan, Mrutyor Murkshiya Maamruthat".


11)  Rudraksha Should not be worn by ladies during menstrual period and by all during intercourse time. If by chance by forget to remove Rudraksha during those time, they can purified by washing in Coconut Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, honey and later in water can be re-worn. In some places sandal paste is used for purification.


12)  The persons who wears Rudraksha always possesses good health, respected by all and is capable of attracting every body and will get required results. A good Rudraksha mala should have one hundred and eight seeds or beads in length. Tantric Texts proclaim that the Tulsi seed mala will give Psychic powers called Siddhis, whitle the Rudraksha mala will obtains Riddhi, Psychic and prosperity. It is preferred to have separate Rudraksha Malas for Japam and Warning.

Shanker Adawal
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