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Love Marriage – Romance- How and When – Known Astrologically

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Though hanging and waving goes by destiny but we have cases of love marriages i.e. attraction towards each other at first sight and this happens also among the persons of the same sex resulting in lasting friendship etc. in Palmistry, the hand is the agent of heart and vibrations come for attraction/ love the moment one shakes hands with the other. Numerological, also, if born on the same dates, months or friendly dates, the persons get attracted to each as few number are harmonious to each other. Similarly, I astrology, some planets and their placement in the horoscope become indicative of the emotions/ feelings for each other and the main planets involved are Venus and Mars. Venus stands fro emotions whereas Mars may give the needed ignition.




Love marriage is an arranged marriage by the body and girl through their own choice denouncing the customs. This is first the moment of attraction, sometimes it is spontaneous and sometimes the relations grow slowly and result in love.


The mutual harmony between the couples loves and adaptability between two persons of opposite sex can be analyzed to find out whether such conditions exist in the horoscope of both or they are of lasting nature or many break.


The 5th house of birth charts indicated customs and traditions. Similarly religions and religious customs are studied from 9th house, 7th house stands for partner and marriage. Love marriage means abandoning customs and traditions. So in such charts 5th house is occupied by strong planets or by own lord or emotional planets. The strongest planet for creating an urge for love marriage or relations is Saturn followed by Rahu. In a male's chart if Venus afflicted through conjunction or aspect by Saturn or Rahu a love marriage can be made out thus:


  • Lord of 5th + Lord of 7th
  • Lord of 7th + Lord of 9th
  • Lord of 5th + Lord of 9th


The aspects between the lords of above houses should preferable be angular.


For mutual attractions in a female's chart Mars plays the part of Venus in a male's horoscope. If Mars is aspected or conjoined in her chart with Rahu or Saturn or aspects are there, she flirts with a male and has illicit relations. Marriage depends on the disposition of Venus, Rahu, Saturn and Moon in the birth chart.


Further the conjunction of above planets must be either in 5th, 7th (primarily), 9th, 11th or 1st houses (secondary). Otherwise the prospective couples may have an opportunity to come together for a long times without any prospects of successful marriage.


If the above conjunction fails in 6th, 8th or 12th house, frustration due to one reasons or another cannot be ruled out. Willingly or unwillingly the lovers have to sacrifice their love life and have to join their hands with some unexpected and unknown partners in marriage.




This type of marriage mainly remerges out of conjunction or aspect of Mars-Venus. It prompts the individual to conceal or declare their love. It is doubtful if the entire cases blossom into the sweet wedding as the tide of passions lasts fro short time.




A love marriage can be successful if the following configurations are available in the charts of both sexes. 10 points formula:


1)      If radical Mars of a female horoscope is aspected by radical Rahu or Saturn of a male chart.

2)      If Venus of male and Mars of female chart are conjoined aspected or in mutual Kendras or trikona.

3)      When Venus in male and Mars in female horoscope are afflicted by Saturn and Rahu at birth and male's Saturn aspects female's Venus. Rahu also in similar conditions, results in similar effects.

4)      When Venus in male chart is in 12th house and Mars in same house in female chart they are responsible for many romances.

5)      When 5th house is occupied or aspected by a strong planet out of Mars, Moon and Venus, a person is very emotional and liable to fall in love with the opposite sex very easily.

6)      If there is a malefic planet in 9th house, one is sure to go for a love marriage, as one will not honor customs etc.

7)      For successful love marriage, a study about placement of Mars, Venus and Rahu is essential as they cause sex perversion. Study of Saturn, a primary cause of adultery with employees is to be made.

8)      If Mars and Venus have exchanged their planes in the charts of the couples, the love marriage will be a great success.

9)      If Mars of female fall in Rahu's position in male chart, the marriage will end in a divorce due to sex perversion from female or if Venus of male is in Rahu or female, the separation or divorce will be due to sex perversion of male. Similarly Rahu in female chart should not have any bad aspect on Venus in male chart as it would aggravate the sex perversion.

10)  In the same manner Saturn will cause due to poverty, diseases etc after marriage.




The comparison of Sun, Mars, Moon and Venus in both horoscopes of male/female is a matter of vital importance and can be found as under:


1)      If Sun in one chart has the same longitude as Moon or rising sign in the other horoscope, it is conducive to good marriage.

2)      If Sun in male and Moon in female's chart have same longitude, mutual attraction and congeniality are the result.

3)      Sun in female and Mars in male charts have same longitude, there will be attraction between the two.

4)      If Moon in one and ascendant or Sun in the other chart have same longitude it is conducive to harmony.

5)      Sun in one in good aspect to ascendant or Moon in the other speak of good harmony.

6)      Moon in one, in conjunction or good aspect with Lagan or Sun in the other, exercise good influence.

7)      Sun in on to Sun in the other in good aspect is good.

8)      Moon in one, in conjunction or good aspect with Lagan or Sun in the other, exercises good influence.

9)      Sun in on to Sun in the other in god aspect is good.

10)  Moon in one to Moon in the other in good aspect or inconunction lead to good relations.

11)  Sun and Venus having same longitude in each other;' charts show much pleasure and enjoyment. Moon Venus have the same effects.

12)  Mars and Venus of same longitude in each other's charts leads to mutual attraction thought it may not be endurable.


Jupiter and Saturn of the same longitude, Jupiter and Venus and Mars and Saturn of the same longitude in each chart indicate mutual love and harmony except combination of Mars-Saturn indicates about quarrels etc.

Shanker Adawal
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