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Jupiter How and When malefic

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      In astrological works, the benefic nature of Jupiter is well known. Even some of my colleague astrologers have referred to the Jupiter as the only benefic planet and Venus, well placed Moon and Mercury have been given secondary position. However, in practice in astrological works, the Jupiter has proved to be malefic in certain situations i.e. by placement, association, aspect and also the signs in which it is placed and by whom is being aspected. In this write-up, instances shall be referred to the situations were Jupiter has proved to be malefic though the benefic nature of Jupiter is well known.


2)      To start with, a little background about the Jupiter and its benefic nature is inevitable. In general, Jupiter is government. As preceptor of gods, Jupiter gives all comforts of life and related amenities. Benefic aspect of the Jupiter can turn the table where otherwise bad results may be expected. Jupiter represents the highest class of society including priests and teachers. Jupiter is competent to give a male issue. Jupiter makes the native well versed in all branches of knowledge. Jupiter gives wealth. Normally it has been seen that during major period of Jupiter, the native engages himself in pure duties in the study of religious texts  or association with religious and sacred duties, gets promotion if in government service and gets to higher strata if in business, the native firmly believes in God and in the worship of God, has all comforts from riches, gold, clothes, conveyances, wife and son(s), may be recognized as chief among his community and above all he is endowed with acts of high spiritual nature.


3)      Briefly, it can be summed up that the Jupiter is known to be signification of children, wealth, education, name/ fame, prosperity and good/happy married life. With the god's grace, Jupiter gives the native political power, finances and good luck. The native is known for his qualities, well-dressed person, prosperous and charming personality. Most of the judges and magistrates have their strong Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that has a big hand in making the native an eloquent speaker (lawyer) most imaginative and also writer/ author. Jupiter enables the native to enjoy Raja Yoga if Jupiter is in an angle, trine or in the XIth House occupying own or exalted sign.


4)      Cancer- Jupiter is next in orbit to Saturn. Jupiter takes roughly 12 years to complete a cycle of the Zodiac but exactly the period is eleven years, three hundred and fourteen days, twelve hours, twenty minutes and nine second. Known for great fortune, as stated above, Jupiter is considered to be a hot, moist, airy, sanguine masculine, and social planet, Jupiter has been described to be well dignified and thus makes the native born under the influence of Jupiter wises, magnanimous, jovial, having just disposition, mild in manner with moderate temperament and inclined to religious matters. Jupiter increases the chances of success in all fields and adds to the executive ability of native. It has been recognized by all that the Jupiter is the symbol of wisdom and is the largest planet of our solar system. Not only on human beings. Jupiter exerts its powerful influence over everything in existence. At the same times as Markesh, Jupiter would cause death without much trouble or through phlegm.


5)      Out of 12 sings (Rasi), Jupiter owns two signs:


i.                     Sagittarius

ii.                   Pisces


A person born under Sagittarius has been described to be optimistic. Dhanu (Sagittarius) belong to the dual sign category. Sagittarians are always striving for better things. By and large Sagittarians persons have been found to be little restless and at the same time they do not want to put themselves in danger of doily peril. It has however been seen that more octogenarians are born under this sign of Jupiter. They have great reserve source of energy but the do spend more nervous energy in daily life with little tendency to economies energy- but their love environments, out-door life is supreme though accidental troubles cannot be ruled out (Accidents to hips, hands or hips and also suffering from rheumatism gout. With ideal vision, their general temperament is calm and cheerful


6)      Jupiter has been said to be of long stature. The aspect of the Jupiter make the native little taller as Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are expected to do. The Jupiter in Lagan is stated to be endowed with directional strength. Jupiter stands for the initial letter 'Ta, Tha, Da, Dha and Na. Jupiter has been said to be signification of wealth. In one of the combinations, it is stated that if Venus is placed in the 12th House from Jupiter and Jupiter has good lordships too in the horoscope, the native is bound to be rich. But, it has been seen that it is not necessarily so. The richness would depend on the position of other planets also and dasha during which the richness would come. In one of the cases 6th House Jupiter with Moon (Aries Lagan having leprosy) though Mercury happened to be in own sign Gemini with Sun. other planets being-Venus and Rahu in the second House. Mars in 4th House and Ketu in the 8th House.
Shanker Adawal
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