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Importance of Hora in Predictive Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

In general terminology, Hora is the hour i.e. 1/24th part of the day/night circle. In other word, the twenty four hours are attributed to the planets governing each Hora from Sun-rise to Sun-set.


There are various methods for determining HORA but the generally accepted and easy method is to arrive at the Hora with reference to Sun-rise time and the day. Each day (Monday, Tuesday etc.) has its own Hora i.e. the first Hora goes to the lord of the day, for ecample, for Sunday, the ruling planet is the SUN and the first Hora would start from the time of Sun-rise. The first Hora would belong to the Sun, then to the Venus and so on would go the circle. This would be clear from the following:


First Hora of the day (Sunday would belong to the Sun, 2nd to the Venus and 3rd to Mercury and so on).


Saturn                                                 5                      12                    19

Jupiter                                                6                      13                    20

Mars                                                   7                      14                    21

Sun                              1                      8                      15                    22

Venus                          2                      9                      16                    23

Mercury                     3                      10                    17                    24

Moon                          4                      11                    18                    Next Day


In view of simple method and known placement of the planets you may work out Hora for any at any moment.


For an astrologer, particular Hora is more important for giving predictions and also knowing the time (auspicious or inauspicious) when a consulter is coming to consult. Even otherwise when a person comes to the Astrologer without appointment, fix the Hora and know about the ruling planet and its effects.


Mars, Saturn and the Moon are strong during the night. The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are strong during the day time while Mercury is always considered to be strong. The lord of the day is well known and requires no explanation. With reference to English Calendar, hors is a periods of one hour from Sun-rise to the next Sun-rise. In simple word, Horas for a day are 24 hours. Every Hora-would repeat after 7 houses under the lordship of the ruling planet in the order indicated above.


In the above example, we had stated with Sunday and next Hora for the next day falls under the Moon i.e. the Monday, accordingly, calculation is also checked.


The effects of the Hora would of course depend on the Panchang i.e. Tithi, Var, Karan, Yoga and Nakshtra but a quick assessment can be given by Hora and its ruling planet. The astrologer may also keep mental note of planetary position ruling the day specially the Moon's transit. General effects for each Hora are given below.


Sun's Hora: the native may be interested in connection with Government affairs including VIPs or his promotion or transfer specially when the native is in government service. The astrological combination would enable the astrologer to give results with reference to the placement of the Sun in various sings. The Sun in Aries would make the native to be ambitious and holding of high position. Accordingly, question regarding all business/ partnerships/ corporate sector would come under the Sun's Hora-rather all matters or which the Sun is the signification.


Moon's Hora- The work will be done with difficulties. Ups and downs will come the way of the native. If Mars happen to be in Aries-Aswi Nakshtra, hot-temper and cruel nature of the native cannot be ruled out. During this question time, the native may-have to face problems about their children specially about the marriage etc.


Mercury's Hora – Normally considered to be food unless the Mercury is combust/ retro glades or is aspected by malefics. Chances would be brought to get the work done including meeting with VIPs. Benefits from communications and awaited message would come. The Mercury is lord of trading activity and therefore speak of obstacles in business etc. all matters signified by Mercury would come under the ambit of this Hora.


Jupiter Hora – This is hora is benefic planet. Accordingly, the work will be done and even lost goods/ cash would be restored. The person will have to be advised to seek mental peace by recourse to religious matters/mantras etc. the native may be interested in knowing about other lesson may be partner/ senior/ relations etc.


Venus Hora- The native may come out of unexpected troubles. Bright chances for love/romance unless the Venus is not well placed. Question regarding films/ T.V. etc. would be beneficial. Link all matters signified by Venus.


Saturn's Hora- The native may be worried on account of cheating/theft etc. he may have to wait for the recovery of the lost goods. Increase in finances, sickness may come the way and disturb mental peace. All progress will be slow and achievement would take some time.
Shanker Adawal
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