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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Your Health and Gems-Curative Effects

(Know about some diseases)


Gems cannot be cure diseases like Cancer, asthma etc. but gems have brought back many from the brink of the grave. Gems can reduce their effect and provide immunity in the body against any disease. Side by side medicines are recommended to get quick recovery. Gems are a second line defense ageist any disease and one can get wonderful results in curing serious and chronic diseases. Gems are wonderful medicines. Emerald is a valuable gem for removing insomnia, asthma, high-blood pressure, meningitis, brain tumors; paralysis gastric ulcer etc. moonstone can remove septic boils, carbuncles, abscess, conjunctivitis. Red coral, cures fevers, all inflammatory complaints, small-pox, chicken-pox, measles, malaria, impotency, diseases of the private parts, piles, festally etc. no harms if we use these gems for curing diseases?


When 'at ease', one is not diseases. Disease is a departure from normal state of health. It may be hard to draw a distinction between disease and ease. There is no such thing as perfect health. Body is prone to various diseases. Specific diseases are generally recognized by means of signs and symptoms.


Cure of disease is generally done by taking medicines through the mount to by injections. We have several systems of curing a disease i.e. by Alopathetic, Homeopath tic, hakimi And Survedic systems. There is another ancient system i.e. through the use of gems. Gems have wonderful powers in curing diseases and healing wounds. Gems may be used as a second line of defense against any disease and side by side medicines may be taken in order to get quick relief. It is proved and it is now a settled fact that our body is composed of seven colors of the Solar Spectrum which is commonly known as VIBGYOR i.e. violet indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, orange and red. The main source of these colors is the planet Sun and when the light of the Sun is transmitted through a triangular glass prism, it reflects a band of seven colors. These seven colors are called primacy colors and other hues and shades are made by mixing one or two such primary colors. White is regarded as mother of all colors. It is now an accepted fact that the Sun has seven colors in its rays and Sun's rays are essential for the life and growth of all vegetables, plants, animals and human beings on earth.


Each gem has an abundant source of one specific color which is not exhausted even after constant use for several years. One can get immunity from diseases by the use of gems. Follow the principles of gemology.


Deficiency of red color in our body causes fevers, anemia, and physical debility, weakness, piles, fistula, inflammation etc. red rays have been found suitable for impending collapse, and without pulse. The gems-reed coral, ruby or cat's eye have perennial source of red color. Any one of these three stones may cure the above diseases merely be being worn on third finger of either hand (Right or left).


Violet color in deficiency gives diseases like nervous disorders, mental ill-ness, paralysis, hysteria, arthritis, deafness, baldness, toothache, ear-ache, gastric-ulcer, liver-troubles, gaining fits etc. absence of this color give virels many diseases and Saturn the planet of desire interlaid, govern this color. It is said that Saturn rules over our physical body and as such, he is the chief planet who governs our health. The gem blue sapphire has abundant source of supplying this color into our body when worn and one may get rid of the above diseases.


Common cold infection annoys all of us. Who get cold? Practically everyone. It is a universal disease. Medically it is caused by a virus and astrologically, it is caused by the planets- the Moon and Saturn. The Moon during gochara movements may cause these troubles. Climatic changes are also responsible for causing these troubles. Any cold stone viz Moon-stone blue sapphire, emerald may cure this trouble. Red coral may also be found to be very useful. And simple steel ring during summer months, cold stones useful and during winter months, hot stones an use Rad.


If a body temperature is above normal body temperature of 98'6 Fahrenheit (taken orally), fever is a sign of disease accompanied by other sings viz, a more rapid-pulse, changes in breathing, a sense of being chilled, nausea, diarrhea and headache. In high fever, unconsciousness or delirium may take place. Fever may be of several types viz. makaruak-fever, meningitis, typhoid, rhematic-fever, yellow-fever etc. medically fever is caused by an infection with some germs or microbe and astrologically this is caused by the deficiency of red rays. The red planet Mars is solely responsible for this disease and who during transit causes this trouble. Combined use of the gems-red coral and yellow sapphire may cure this disease, but take medical help.


The Moon, controller of mind, govern the first seven years of a man's life. Therefore the moon is all-in-all during infancy. Children are subject to various aliments of the body. One single gem Moonstone has powers to cure all children's diseases. May be worn in a pendant in a silver chain round the neck. Even the metal silver had great powers to remove children's diseases. Red thread may be used in the waist to keep the body worm, during winter months. Black thread may be used in waist during summer months to keep the body cold.


It is the most common complaint which vexes all of us. The causes are numerous, some are anxiety, injuries to the head or to the other parts of the body, epilepsy, liver troubles, kidney troubles, eye-troubles, sinus infection, fevers etc. eye trouble is a frequent cause of headache. Even a toothache may cause headache. Exertion or fatigue may cause headache. In astrology, it is causes by four planets Mars Mercury and Saturn, but the main planet is Mercury who governs the brain nerves and circulation in the body. Mercury affected by Saturn in Aries in the birth chart, the native frequently suffers from severe headache. The gems Emerald in may cure this trouble completely. Some may safely use Lapis Lazuli.


Tooth trouble common disease and only few people have perfect teeth. Neglect of teeth is the root cause of all dental disorders. It is well-known that the teeth are part of the digestive system. Toothache is a sign of decayed teeth. Many factors cause tooth decay and they are diet, heredity, mouth hygiene, endocrine gland activity, accumulation of tartar on the teeth. Pyorrhea is an inflammation of the gums and membranes that cover that roots of the teeth below the gum line.


Now astrology, the teeth under the control of Mars and Saturn, who governs all dry cells and tissues in our body i.e. tooth, ear, nails, bones, hair-roots. The 2nd house in a birth-chart governs our teeth. Malefics here give toothache, therefore use of blue sapphire or Lapis Lazuli on little finger of wither hand may cure this disease completely. This is called sympathetic treatment. Mars is the enemy of Saturn and so his gem red coral may also cure this disease. Again gum-boils or gum-pains are caused by Mars, so the combined used of red coral and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli will give wonderful results. Rahu in the 2nd and also in 3rd house at a birth chart will cause dental troubles. Malefics in Aries, Tauras, Libra or Sagittarius ascendant cause tooth-troubles.


Commonest from of ear trouble is the accumulation of wax in the ear which caused deafness, ear ache, ringing in the ear. The planet Saturn governs the ear and Mercury rules over ear nerves. The 3rd house of the Zodiac i.e. Gemini (Ruler-Mercury) and the eleventh house of Zodiac i.e. Aquarius (Ruler-Saturn) control the right and left ears respectively. Of the five senses, Saturn governs hearing. When Mercury and Saturn are afflicted in the 3rd or 11th house by any malefic, ear-diseases are caused. Mercury in the 6th and Venus in the 10th can causes deafness of the right ear. The gems emerald and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli may ward off ear-troubles. Emerald is regarded as the best medicine for all ear-troubles. Emerald is regards as the best medicine for all ear-troubles.


Some people are born deaf while other becomes deaf later on from infections, accidents, diseases, aging and possibly hereditary tendencies. Total deafness is rare, partial deafness is common. Loss of hearing may be temporary or permanent. Accumulation of wax in the ears, foreign bodies in the ears, and blows to the head, ruptured ear-drum and explosive noises like sudden bomb explosion can also cause deafness.


Malefics in the 3rd (Right) or 11th (Left) house may cause deafness. Saturn and Mercury are the two planets who are solely responsible for causing deafness. Emerald and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli may be used jointly in order to get better results.


Conjunctivitis (eye trouble) which is highly communicable and contagious is caused by a specific virus. Excess of red rays in our body causes conjunctivitis. In astrology it is caused by the Sun or Mars. Mars or the Sun in Taurus or Pisces may cause this trouble. The 2nd house in a horoscope governs the right eye and the 12th house the left eye. Malefics here at birth-chart can give rise to severe eye-complaints. The 2nd house of the Zodiac is Taurus and its ruler is Venus. It is said that Venus governs the eyes. Of the five senses, Mercury rules over sight. So Mars in the 2nd or Venus in the 12th if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu may give rise to defective vision. Pearl has powers to improve one's eye sight. Combined use of the gems emerald, pearl and blue sappier or lapis lazuli can cure all sorts of eye-cinokaubts.


Whooping cough is a serious childhood disease. The source of infection is discharge from other infected children. The incubation period is normally one week, but unfortunately this disease hangs on upto about tow months. Mercury afflicted at birth-chart in Gemini may cause this trouble. The gems Emerald and Red coral may cure this disease completely.

Shanker Adawal
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