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Death - The Inevitable

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      One way of doing good, thinking well and be on righteous path is to remember Death-an event that has to come to all. It may come to some at young age, to others at middle age and still to others at old age. The concept of longevity differs from person to person and I would say that no Astrologer is Brahamato predict about longevity though we have systems of calculating longevity. However, some Rishis and sages may have god-gifted institution.

2)      There is a difference of just a second or so between life and death. You are alive a moment before your death. Just in a moment, present becomes past and the event itself gets into memory with the passage of time. So long one lives, there is urging to live, love and lord over others and all these urges come to an end with the inevitable event-death. All the urges and aspirations are manifestation of truth and the ultimate event death is also truth.

3)      Life before and after death is indicated by the horoscope-Janampatri i.e. Position of stars at birth. Karma of the native is very important-rather Astrology embraces the Karmas of previous birth(s) also. Birth with good and exalted planets ma not suffice as they indicate good deeds of the native in previous incarnation. The Karma of the native e in this incarnation also has a vital role to play.

4)      The purpose of the Divine Science-Astrology is to dins out the come of actions, good and bad and also to take the people towards the path of virtue. Now with regards to death, without involving technical terms of astrology. I would say that 8th house in the horoscope speak of longevity and 12th house speak of exit from the world (Moksha).

5)      The 12th house and its lord would tell about the fall of the native in heaven or hell. The mode of death is also indicted by the planets occupying the 8th house. Death can be predicted though the evil effects flowing from the 8th house and I am sure all of you known that there are 12 houses in a horoscope. Briefly, the mode of death is indicated as under with reference to the sign representing 8th house.

Aires               -           Death will come through fever, heat and liver or gastric illness.

Taurus            -           Fire or weapon shall cause the Death

Gemini            -           Death comes by asthma, colic etc.

Cancer            -           Death is due to madness (insanity), wind-diseases or loss of appetite.

Leo                  -           Death is due to wild beasts, fever, boils or enemies.

Virgo               -           Death comes though women, venereal disease, or by falling from high places.

Libra               -           Death it the result of spleen, fever and typhoid

Scorpio            -           Death is the result of spleen, jaundice or cholera.

Saggitarius     -           Death comes by falling of a tree, drowning in water, wood or weapon.

Capricorn        -           Death is to due to stomach – ache, loss of appetite or mental imbalance.

Aquarius         -           Death is by cough, fever or consumption.

Pisces              -           Death comes by drawing or some water diseases.

6)      Another principle is that if Rahu is in the 12th house alone with Mars, Saturn and the Sun, the native will go in hell. This is what sage Prasara has said though the same may not be subject to verification. The 12th house relates to one's fate after death. Whether, the native will re-incarnate or attain Moksha and be at the Lotus feet of the Lord, would beep a deep study from the 12th house.

7)      Without dwelling further on the concept of death, it would be apt to say that the need of the day is mental peace which missing operatically for all from peon to Prime Minister and from poor to rich. Astrology is a guide for future, but on account of uncertain future, we are always afraid of our future. This unwanted but constant anxiety, tension and stress disturbs our peace of mind specially if the native is weak minded. The only way is to strengthen the mind taking support from the all-mighty-Your Lord and this is possible via mediation or concentration for which you need to practice. The other way is auto-suggestion-self control, repeatedly suggesting to your self, listening to your inner soul for the right path and 'Sankalp' etc. To do or not to do a particular thing. Abhayaswarpurah Aham Asmi- I am strong enough to handle all situations. I have confidence in myself and I am fearless.

Shanker Adawal
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