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Astrology & Self Management

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)


Today, every city of world is flooded with management institutes. Ever smaller cities in India are having hundreds of such institutes. In these institutes, students are turned into managers to manage men, money, market, materials, space and time. These managers organize physical, financial & human resources in order to achieve maximum productivity. Limited availability of these resources is every body's concern & efforts are being made to conserve them. It is impossible to go beyond a certain point with these limited resources. Even available resources have limited potential.


We are totally ignorant about the fact that human being i.e. 'self' has unlimited which can be exploited to cross the boundaries. Therefore, prior to all other facets of management one's self. How one can afford to manage other selves? Self-management would not only improve productivity in an organization, it would bestow peace, cheerfulness & equanimity. It will help in improving the quality of life, which is need of hour. Man is the being, possessing a great amount of conscience, as an excellent boon from Providence, to achieve the immortal loftily goals. Conscience is neither a sharpened intellect, nor a sensible mind, nor a broadened heart or nor a refined head. It is more than the aggregate of all these too.


How to manage self? To find the answer, we have to take the help of knowledge as contained in our ancient scriptures. Astrology, as a knowledge, which is part of Indian Vedas can provide satisfactory solution to this problem.


What is Astrology? It is still mystery for a common person. Some call it fatalism, some call it card-shuffling and some put is in hate category of occult subject. On the other hand some people try to convince that Astrology is branch of knowledge.


According to dictionary meaning "Astrology is the science of influence of stars on human being "Astrology is derived from the words 'Aster' which means star and 'logos' which means logic or reason. In Sanskrit it is called 'Jyotish' or 'Knowledge of Light'. Astrology id a subject of tendencies which reveals what is likely to happen and when . it reveals the relationship between space & time. Planetary forces indicate the manner in which pre-destined of an individual with be unfolded.



The entire fabric of astrology rests on broad principles of evolution of time. A scientific investigation of time gives us a clued to attempt future predictions. With time as a function when the results deduced by a series of astronomical observations are applied, our expectations are answered. Being guided by series of observations, astrologers discovered that certain mathematical coordination gave satisfactory answers to their queries regarding diving of future events.


How the planets effect our life can be understood by a very common phenomenon of tides in sea. Planetary position of Sun & Moon affect sea-water causing tides. Blood in the human beings is not only a fluid but contain the same salts that are dissolved in the ocean & that too practically in the same proportion. Therefore, our life is susceptible to same influence of Sun & Moon. Similar is the position with other planets.


Few examples can be given to understand exact nature of this subject:-


1)      When Sun& Moon are in conjunction both concentrate their forces on same part of globe which accounts for abnormal conditions. On eighth day Sun & Moon being 90 deg. Apart diminish each other's attraction of fluids. At that time blood is in undisturbed state from outside influence. In medical astrology it is said that any medicine started on this day is bound to be more effective.


2)      In July Sun is in cancer and distance between Sun & earth in greatest. During this period biological activity on earth eases. In January Sun is in Capricorn it is close to earth and radiation intensity exceeds by 7%. Astrological principle is that those who have cancer as their ascendant sign will have low vitality.


3)      The underlying principle of astrology is 'theory of Karma'. Every act becomes a cause that produces a certain kind of effect. Whatever we do, we must reap the result of that action. This absolutely in consonance with 'cause & effect' principle in scientific philosophy or to some extent similar to Newton's third law of motion.


All these indicate that astrology is based on scientific experiments.


Astrology can definitely help in quality of life and this world can be made a better place to live in:-


1)      Horoscope can construct a daily accurate picture of individual's psyche, temperament, like & dislikes abilities, weakness and strong traits. This can be very useful in dealing with individuals.


2)      By knowing future one can create an environment so that he can cope with adverse periods of his life. Today every body talks about 'optimization of resources'. Astrology can definitely help us in this direction and productivity can be increased which is the need of hour.


3)      It helps us in molding the cancer according to individual's potential. Is can really be a boon in helping to select marriage partner.


4)      It can help in planning the business activities. To quote an example, astrology say that whoever planet Mars enters Leo sign, there is increased business activity pertaining to gold, copper and other red color articles.


5)      Medical astrology is very advanced. We can locate the part of the body affected, detect the disease and also select right time for treatment. Astrologically when Sun & Mars are in fiery signs there is tendency of dehydration in such persons. Proper precautions can be taken by not allowing such persons to live in dry, warm and sunny atmosphere.


6)      Most of us believe that what is to be will be nothing can be done about it. It is also not appear to be correct because planetary forces do not compel an individual to be good or bad. Planetary forces are like a clinic thermometer which does not cause or produce temperature, it only reveals fever. We have all the power necessary to take ourselves where we want to go. There are ways to change. For example good company is one of the best medicines. It we have tendency to drink, mix with people who do not. If we are suffering from ill heath be with the people who have the positive mind who don't think about sickness. If we have the consciousness of failures, associate with those people who have the consciousness of success. In fact we are master of our own fate and this is what astrology tell us.


7)      Some people still argue that since intuition plays a very important role in astrology, this has to be considered as an occult subject. We forgot that intuition is a recognized mode of learning, other modes being observation & perception. Management science has recognized it and in all modern management books it is being stressed that to be a successful manager, one should have good intuitive power. Modern managers are also advocating concept of 'Hot Air Ballon Apporach' which is rising above one-self which is integrated part of knowledge of astrology. This brings spirituality in management. Without spirituality, one will be lacking in the most important characteristic required of any manger which is the capacity for originality & creativity.

Shanker Adawal


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