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You’re Belief in Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Belief in astrology had existed in ancient times and with the passage of times, it continues to exist in modern times. The concept of belief in astrology had been changing from time to time and I would attribute even this to the planetary position. This proved by the fact that in last few years or so, there have been spate of astrological functions and increase in number of journals on astrology. This is also attributed to the earlier exchange of Saturn and Jupiter i.e. Jupiter in the sign Saturn (Capricorn) and Saturn in the sign of Jupiter (Pisces) and later together in Aries and Taurus.


2)      I am not here for the criticism of astrologers and those the practice the science but I am only for the development of the divine Science-Astrology with reference to modern times. It is true that the Astrology had not received the needed patronage from the old times rulers and present day governments but still it is holding its head high in view of involvement of all learned in various fields having an interest in astrology- it would be apt to say that persons from all walks of life have taken to astrology and its study i.e. bankers, doctors, judges, lawyers etc.


3)      Some still criticize the science and my answer is only that they must learn the subject and then criticize. Long back lord Bacon and said the astrology must not be rejected but be purged of its errors. This is possible only by its study with reference to changing times.


4)      No one is free from the force of planets. Destiny- as determined by your Birth Chart, can make a beggar a king and a kind a beggar. Rise and fall of politicians – the a king is well known. This is all attributed to planetary force would quote the following:


"On Destiny I the greatest ruler of beggars to kings No wordly power can stop the flight of your wings, on you depends whether the world weeps or sings, Soley its you that governs the shape of things".


5)      With planetary forces, come the role of your karma and in astrology, the karma of previous births have also a say. This would depend on the rising sign at your birth and other planetary position. Without dwelling on this aspect, it would be apt to say that 'Destiny' is relentlessly incontrovertible and is virtual governor of every facet of human life. No one from peon of Prime minister can escape its mandate. Astrologers had been playing a major role in all facets the inception of human race itself. Only forms have changed.


6)      Astrology no longer remains a mystic science with some religious persons. It has come to stay as a modern science based on scientific facts and research. Astrological principles coined after constant observations do hold good and it is this reason that a mere look at the horoscope would enable the Astrologer to say about the Raj-Yogas and other matters of human life. All facets of human life i.e. interpretation of every phase of human life from womb to tomb come under the ambit of Astrology.


7)      There is a vast field fro research is the astrological principles. Every year, Astro-contest is conducted and one o two horoscopes are sent to all astrologers but it is seen that Astrologers feel shy of writing or sharing their art of prediction. I take this of lovers of astrology to come out with their knowledge. Knowledge is like monetary wealth which is unless circulated fro the benefit of humanity.


8)      In astrology- Hindu Astrology- We have seven planets – the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn apart from Two Nodes of the Moon-Rahu and Ketu. Even among the astrologers, difference of opinion continues till today whether Rahu and Ketu work independently or give results only with association of the planets. I am of the opinion, that in view of Nakshtras owned and the Dasha of Rahu and Ketu in Vimshotri, they are in a position to work independently though the totality of horoscope cannot be ignored.


9)      There has been a continuous dispute as to whether Astrology is a Science or not. Without dwelling at length on this topic, I would say that Astrology- though a perfect science can be ranked both as a science and as art. Some of the astrologers have called it as a science of combination. It is true that astrological combinations give the needed predictions but at the same time. Astrology has all the qualifications to be ranked as 'Science' i.e. principles, methodology and repetition. In standard ancient texts, astrological principles have been well laid down and they are valid and applicable till today. Here a mentin of the few standard works would suffice. Brihat Prasahar Horashastra, Brihat Jatak, Phal Deepika, Uttar Kalamrit, Sarvarth Chintamani, Prashan Marga, Bhavartha Ratanakar, Saravali, Jatak Parijat and others.


Shanker Adawal

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