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You and Your Personality Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

              I.      Heart is the seat of love-Love God through his creatures. Your self comprises of three things – Intellect, Heart and Body. When all three things are attuned to the service of humanity, the service becomes natural, normal and spontaneous and the result is a complex free personality. Our attitude towards the humanity is that of mother-like attitude. You know that the mother lives for the child and her motto is to 'give', give and give. The attitude should be of God's child displaying innocence, surrender and acceptance and attitude towards self should be strong, strict and straight. All these can be summed up as under:


a)      Self-Gyan- Gyan Yoga- I need nothing, travel from attachment to detachment.

b)      The World- Society as a whole- Karma Yoga- i.e. Live to give and I bear no 'ill-will'.

c)      God- Love God i.e. Bhakti Yoga.


           II.      The above from an integral part of personality i.e. Karma, Bhakti and Gyan. It indicates in integrated personality as well as a complex free personality.


         III.      The root-causes of all complexes can be said to be:


a)      The desire to take, to possess and also to accumulate and own,

b)      Sense of possession and sense of accumulation are the chief obstacles in the attainment of a complex free personality.


With the passage of time, it will be noticed by all that sense of possession creates a great psychological illusion which governs our life and behavior and this built in illusion is chiefly responsible for quite a large number of complexes. A complex free person shall be a totally free from this illusion.


        IV.      The desire to possess and to own need to be reversed to attain freedom from complexes. What you need to learn is the art of giving i.e. by sharing your knowledge including secret formulas for helping the human beings, by giving 'alms' charity or 'Daan'. The concept of charity stand accepted by all regions and the truth is that all possessions are meant to be employed in the service of others to extent one can.


           V.      The body given by the God is your till death – you cannot give the body but you can use the same in service to others. It is experienced by all that use of your body for 'bhoga' and sensual enjoyments is bound to give you suffering on account of diseases, grief and pangs of separation.


Now I shall just narrate few of the principles for your guidance.


a)      Freedom lies in giving and bondage comes in taking.

b)      All vices i.e. desires, anger, greed, attachment, egoism, jealousy etc. are born in the personality of 'taking' attitude.

c)      Get rid of above vices by developing, adopting and practicing the 'giving' attitude.

d)      'Chittashudi'- Mental attitude leading to mental health, is the basic requirement for spiritual life. It helps in solving life problems and it endows one with requisite light and might to meet the challenges of life.

e)      Your taking attitude gives birth to I-ness me and Mine-ness' all leading to attachment and by developing the giving attitude, non-attachment automatically comes and this non-attachment leads to really blissful life and freedom from complexes.

f)        Controlling you sense (Sandyam) comes directly from the giving attitude. Practice of giving attitude, you develop selflessness. Renunciation of fruits of actions is considered better that 'Dhyan- sadhna- meditation' and by taking attitude, you are bound to cultivate attachment to the fruits of your action.

g)      Trust in God, believe in God, leave the results to the God and do not develop the idea 'I am the doer'. If you consider yourself 'doer', you cannot escape the responsibility of wrong doing.

h)      By taking attitude, you get involved in the cycle of birth and death and develop all kinds of bondages. It gives rise to variety of complexes. For a complex free society including your personality, you have to adopt the giving and servicing attitude leading to a loving personality.

i)        Giving is divine quality and the human life is meant to give, give and give. Upnishadas also declare 'da,da,da',. On explanation, it is stated that once richi Vachaspati, was approached by Devtas, Asuras and men for guidance for better life and gave the single word 'da' to all and elaborating the dage said. 'Devtas should proactive 'demand'- self control, Asuras or demons should show 'daya'- compassion and men must practice 'Daan-alms giving or charity.


        VI.      Giving does not mean mere giving of money or giving beyond your capacity. giving can take place only when you have more than you need i.e. the king must give and kings have been known for giving. Further, giving has a much wider connotation. Paying complacent, expressing appreciation, giving blessing, sending congratulations, giving gifts, effort to solve other's problems, sharing one's sorrows, expressing deeply sympathy to those in distress and so on.



Shanker Adawal
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