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On Retrograde Planets

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      As I understand Retrogression is not an actual occurrence in the skies. It is just an apparent phenomenon. It is worth mentioning that in view of the practically specified motion of the planets, it has been seen that never do two planets take the same that never do two planets take the same amount of time to complete one revolution of the Zodiac. A Retrograde planets normally becomes stationary for 1-4 days before becoming direct. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, go Retrograde, stationery and direct.


2)      Mercury- whether ahead of the Sun or behind, the difference in longitude would not exceed 28 degrees.


3)      Venus- in Retrograde would maintain a gap of only 48 degrees.


4)      Some of the established hints are:


                                I.      A debilitated planet with Retrograde motion is equal to exaltation- this need research.

                             II.      An exalted planet in Retrograde motion becomes equal to debilitation.

                           III.      Mars and Saturn- malefic, in their Retrograde motion do well to the native.

                          IV.      Mercury, Jupiter and Venus lose their potency in their potence in their Retrograde motion.

                             V.      Venus Retrograde denotes sexual deficiency.

                          VI.      Saturn- Retrograde causes increased span of life.

                        VII.      A stationary planet has no force-impotent.


5)      Too many planets in Retrograde motion in the birth chart are considered quite dangerous to the native and at times lead to explosive situations in life.


6)      Venus Retrograde specially in Taurus speak of romantic pursuits but will not be successful. The native may become wealthy.


7)      There are many principles regarding Retrograde planets and many questions remain unanswered. Some of the astrologers hold the opinion that a Retrograde planet would always effect the previous house. For example, Jupiter in Retrograde motion in Sagittarius would also affect Scorpio- the house would differ from Ascendant to Ascendant. To what extent this principle is acceptable to all need to be discussed, explained and accepted.


8)      In the Retrograde motion of the planets, promises are not fulfilled, things do not work in the first instance, if you install a machinery, the mechanic will have to be called again, in other words, with regard to signification of a particular house and the Retrograde planet, the work will not be completed on one visit or on the first stage.


9)      Does the planet – its effects would be different when the planet actually enters Retrograde motion and when it is recovering from its Retrograde motion.


10)  Hindu sages and learned astrologers of the west have different conception of Retrograde planets though even in Hindu astrology, the principles are replete with difference of opinion. Actually, it would not be too much to say that the position of a Retrograde planet is just like a child going to father with a particular idea and the father would say that he is busy and the child should come again for advice. Please send you views.


11)  Retrograde planet, of course, depending on the sign in which it gets Retrograde implies delay or denies in its objective action, compulsory and frustrations where they are not recognized as such, for example persons with Retrograde Mercury would think in terms of symbols and insights rather than of facts and figures.


Shanker Adawal

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