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On Marriage and Married Life Including the Time of Marriage

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
With reference to signs (Rasisi), the marriage between male and female of the following pairs is considered good:

1) Aries and Virgo, 2 Taurus and Sagittarius, 3 Gemini and Scorpio, 4 Cancer and Aquarius, 5 Leo and Capricorn, 6 Libra and Pisces.

2) If the Rasi of the girl is an odd one i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 marriage with a male having his Rasi in 6th from Girl's Rasi is considered bad. 
3)  I.      Happiness in married life is also to be seen from the friendship/ enmity etc. of the Rasi Lords. If the lord of the boy's rasi is an intimate friend of the lord of girl's rasi, there will be happy results.

II.      If lords of the rasis of the body and girl are friend.

Planet                          Friend                               Neutral                            Enemy
The Sun         Moon, Mars and Jupiter        Mercury                Saturn & Venus
The Moon       Sun, Mars, Jupiter & Mercury Saturn & Venus          None
Mars              Sun, Moon and Jupiter         Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Mercury
Mercury          Sun and Venus                   Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Moon
Jupiter           Sun, Moon and Mars            Saturn                      Venus & 
Venus            Mercury and Saturn             Mars And Jupiter         Sun and Moon
Saturn           Mercury and Venus              Jupiter                       Sun, Moon &

4) Couple most of the astrogers and lovers of astrology know about the friendship/ enemity etc. between the planets yet for sake of ready reference, the following chart would be handy to know about the permanent relations between the planets from other planets, they are said to be mutual enemies.

5) Following combinations and position of planets indicated their intimate, neutral or enemy position etc. 

I.      When two planets are friends both by their permanent relations and temporary relations, they become intimate friends. 

II.      When two planets are friends in their relation but enemy in temporal relation, they are treated as neutrals. 

III.      When two planets are neutral in permanent relations but enemies in temporal relations, they become enemies. But under these condition of permanent relation, they happen to be friends in temporal relations whey are also taken as friends in their combined relation. 

IV.      When the planet is enemies in permanent and temporal relations, the planets become enemies. 

6)      Combinations for happy and unhappy: 

I.      When the lords of the rasis of both happen to be of the same planet, the happiness is indicated. 

II.      A marriage between one of Deva guna and other of 'Nara' guna normally being mixed results.

III.      Marriage between deva or nara men and rakshasa girl results in unhappy wedlook on some reason or other. Even death of husband is possible.

IV.      A marriage with a rakshasa men with deva/ nara girl has been considered 'passable' and bring mixed results.
7) From above and article to follow, the aim is to select the right date and time of marriage. Selection of data (tithi, var, karan, yoga and Nakshtra) is an important task and must be done carefully by all and at times Mars 'Guna-milan' may not suffice. If there is no potentiality in the horoscope, suffering/ hardships in life are bound to come. The time of marriage Mercury when two persons are being united to lead a joint happy life with joint future and joint destiny/ fate. Therefore the horoscope of that time has to be cast and it must be seen that how influential the horoscope is with reference to natal charts.

Shanker Adawal
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