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Governing Factors for Marital Happiness

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The factors which govern the marital pleasures, wife and other allied matters can be defined as under: Mars, Eighth House, Scorpio, Seventh House, Venus, Libra and Twelfth House.

Seventh House

Seventh house in a chart signifies spouse, sexual organ, married life and pleasures therefrom, union of general nature, diplomacy, honour in foreign countries, type of death, tactfulness and trade union activities. According to Sage Jaimini, a planet posited lowest in degrees becomes the representative (karaka) of wife in a male chart and that of the husband in a female chart. None of the Nodes matters much in this consideration. As Venus denotes wife for male and Mars the karaka for husband, the seventh house from either of them is also of similar importance. Seventh house from Moon also be given its due allowance of share, as Moon itself is considered as the Lagna and further indicates the inner mind and passions.

Eighth House

This is supposed to be a hidden and mysterious house. Matters pertaining to fear from enemies, disease, insults in life, theft or burglary, unsuccessful attempts, buried treasure, longevity of the spouse, disease of the sexual organs inheritance, legacy and insurance matters are taken up from this house. Body parts like kidney, pelvis, bladder, testicles are also signified by this house.


The seventh sign of the zodiac is called Libra. It is a sign of balance and is a Cardinal, positive and Airy Sign. Air is the medium of communication with people. Libra also represents shaping centres, markets etc. the ruler of this sign is Venus, which itself is a Watery planet. People having dominance of this sign are generally fond of sensual pleasures and indulges beyond the normal limits. Persons of these signs are married early in life and are of conventional types. They are devoted to their spouse but at the same time never think twice to have clandestine affairs, which they always try to conceal by all means at their disposal. They expect variety in all spheres of life. By this, it does not imply that they are divorce-seeking types. Truth and honesty have a special appeal for these people. They become political leaders and religious reformers.


It is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio is the symbol of this sign. It has domain over thick liquids, poisons, sewage, chemicals and mineral matters. Physical and moral courage are the main traits. It is supposed to be a Watery sign, but some opine that it is a Fiery sign, as Mars is the ruler. People having influence of this sign over them prefer privacy and secrecy, rather than being straight forward. It is a hidden sign. A female under the influence of Scorpio is of masculine in nature and is interested in occult sciences. These people are hard to influence. Excitement, brutality, frugalness are also judged by this sign. Persons suffering from piles are generally seen to have Scorpio afflicted in their chart.

Native under the influence of this sign has a sharp intellect, and he is shrewd and calculating. Life for him is a closed book; nature being uncertain and complex, usually one born under this sign is capable of moulding the present by working hard, provided he overcomes his wavering mentality. Scorpio natives are further restless and unbalanced in sex matters. If they can control their sensual urges, harsh language and exhibition of personal emotions, they can lead a decent and disciplined life. Scorpio natives are often those individuals who are born to fulfill some divine mission. Their life is somewhat purposeful and is often well directed either for good or evil. One thing which the Scorpio natives must note is that frustration awaits them with open arms to cause unhappiness, in the matter of sensual pleasures.

Twelfth House

This house signifies a person's wanderings, expenditure in life, confiscation, bed comforts, emancipation, occult science, left eye, secret enemies, imprisonment, disturbed sleep. Tendencies, towards retirement, sacrifices, marital rivals, co-wives, etc. Saturn and ketu are the karakas of this house.


Mars is the Commander-in-Chief in the celestial family. He is reddish in colour. He has a youthful form with a lean body and a slender waist. His height is seven yojnas. By nature, Mars is rather a cruel planet. He is rash in actions but generous at the same time. His body is warm. Mars represents Rajasic qualities, and rules over southern direction. He represents red grains, fire, thorny trees, wild animals, sheep, younger brothers, lands and houses, war, thieves, battles, daring acts, cruelty, power, bronze, pump, etc. he is strong during night, especially in the dark lunar half.

In maters of marriage, Mars is the karaka for husband and signifies passion, in the chart of women. He also rules over menstrual periods in women. Mars causes the breakage of uterus tissue in a female and thus menses flow. Since the birth of the civilization, it has been noted that when Mars in transit aspect the ascendant or lunar sign of a girl, she attains puberty.

Combining all these actors governing conjugal pleasures, we can summarize the following:-

1. The Seventh house from the ascendant, Moon, Venus and Libra sign, govern marriage and life-partner in a male chart.

2. Seventh house from the ascendant, Moon, Mars and Scorpio sign are the governing factors in a female chart. Mars in the female chart denotes husband, as it is the karaka for husband.

3. Eighth house from the ascendant, Moon and Venus signify marital pleasures in a male, while the same factors but substituting Venus with Mars speaks of conjugal pleasures in a female horoscope.Ascending sign, its lord, Sun and Moon occupying Male signs confer masculine qualities on the native, while reverse shall be the result in case of occupying the Female signs. This rule holds good for both males and females.


Shanker Adawal

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