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Destiny/Myths the Fateful Day

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
How the same day is good or bad, auspicious and inauspicious and/ or at times giving or taking life.

The custom of human sacrifices was well known in India an even now after many reforms in rural systems and reformative laws, even now occasional cases of such human sacrifices are noticed as it may, even the time of sacrifice is shifted with God's grace. While listening to a religious discourse, the Preached had narrated the following story/Myth.

"After referring to the recent human sacrifice in some village it was stated that once upon a time a particular king had asked his Panditji for remedial measure to be blessed with a son. The king was stated to be childless. The Panditji had suggested that if a boys of 11-12 years is sacrificed before GOODDNESS-DEVI MAA, his desire to have a son shall be fulfilled. Acting on the advice, the king had made public announcement to the people to give him a boy of that age for sacrificial purpose. Actually no body turned up. However, within days of announcement, one lady who had four sons came and told the king that she can give her younger son to him for sacrifice. The lady had to take this decision because this younger son was not doing his day-to-day house-hold jobs (apparently it refer to very old time) and the boy used to roam and remember God. The King was very happy and told the lady to take as much money/wealth as much she wants.

"The boy was kept well and feeded well and dressed well and was made ready to be sacrificed. The boy was mentally prepared to be ready for sacrifice and he gladly agreed for the day. In the meantime, some saints had come to the placed and he listened to their sermon and completely left to the God and recited 'JAPJI SAHIB' and in a few days time, this became part of his body and in every breath of the child recitation of sermons was on the lips,"

"on the fateful day, every preparation including performance of "Havan', the King contacted the boy and he happily agreed for the sacrifice. However, the king asked the boy for his last wish. He reluctantly requested the king for a lonely room and some earth ('Mitti). He continues reciting 'Ardasa'/Japji Sahib'. He prepared first earthy house and demolished near, the king himself approached and asked for the reason for his demolishing the first and second house and only keeping the third. On persistent demand, the boy told the King.

1)      that he was demolishing the first earthy house because his parents had sold him for money. No parent should behave with his children in this way.
2)      That he was demolishing the second house because after parents, the protector is King and even in this city the King had become selfish because he wanted to sacrifice my life for getting son. Since the King is the endowed person to give justice but he has himself agreed to do this sacrificial offence, therefore, second house is being demolished.
3)      That he was preparing the third house and keeping it because it was in the name of God and only GOD could protect him.

"On  hearing this explanation, the King was so happy that he called his 'Durbar'. Gave orders for the preparation of new 'Gaddi' by his side and announced that the boy be seated there. He announced the adoption of the child as his son."

Now think of the fateful day. The same day turned out to be auspicious and the boy likely to be sacrificed became the son of the king.

On the above analogy, remember the day of assassination of the then Prime Minster Smt. Indira Gandhi and the same day considered good as her son Shri Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

Shanker Adawal
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