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Astrology for Women and Women on Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      It is recognized fact that women have been accorded certain prerogatives and to understand women, it is necessary to take into account her moon-like-character and to gain insight in the law of change that governs her. Phases of the moon life force in a female native and responsible for regular menses and the monthly cycle works with the movement of the Moon.


2)      Women do have certain physical and mental peculiarities which do not happen to mental but are confined to females only. Delivery, conception, appearance of menses etc, are peculiar to females only which studying Stri-Jataka i.e. female horoscopy, the following astrologically:


                                I.      Some events, as indicated above and some others, must be predicted for females only.

                             II.      Some events must be predicted only for their husband, and

                           III.      Some events must be shared by both the females and their husbands.


The results indicated by some of the yogas including Raja-Yogas etc must be applied to both females and their husbands. History tells about the eminent queens and empresses who had managed their kingdoms with great credit and ability.


3)      In general, the nature of husband his love to his wife and husband's qualities/ characteristics must be predicted from 7th House and 7th lord as the nature of wife, her love and her features are predicted with reference to 7th House in a man's horoscope.


4)      Humanity, astrologically and otherwise also, is divided into 3 main divisions i.e. masculine, feminine and eunuch. Without taking into consideration other sub-divisions, it would suffice to say that there are men with perfect masculine development but without power to have sex and produce children i.e. without power of erection for penetration. Similarly, there are frigid women i.e. without have desire or sexual excitement. They may evade or reject sexual offers. On the other hand, there are Nepunsakas or eunuchs who have strong sexual excitements and desires but without strong sexual organs for such functions. Again there are men and women who have strong sexual energy and who are not satisfied with ordinary sexual embraces and seek gratifications in an unnatural way. All these factors affect the normal imbalance and depressions.


5)      The other peculiarity among women is that of attaining puberty and among the generality of women kind, they are considered fit for sexual enjoyments only after they attain puberty. But 'crooked', 'wicked' and 'unfortunate' may have to resort to sexual intercourse even before attaining puberty. This would also depend, apart from the planetary position, on the company of these female the female children i.e. the maid-savants, relatives or constant evil company.


6)      We have profound philosophy- the Vedanta which is the product of a penetrating scientific study. Men and women and all beings are divine in their essential nature and have been endowed by nature with their organic capacity to inquire into realize the great truth. Without swelling on various aspects of Veda, it would be apt to say that Hinduism looks upon all females species as forms of Divine Mother. Females have been held in high esteem and are capable of attaining highest spirituality. Women have been and are capable of studying Vedas.


7)      Detailed discussion on various topics governing female horoscopy shall follows. Here it would suffice to mention following specific combinations for your information and guidance (do not jump to the conclusions merely on the basis of the following combinations):


                                I.      With the Venus in the 7th House, the persons shall be lascivious.

                             II.      With the Mercury in the 7th House, the person shall be lascivious.

                           III.      With the Jupiter in the 7th House, the native shall normally be devoted to his wife until other planets have more malefic effects on the 7th House and the 7th lord.

                          IV.      Saturn in the 7th House creates inclination for sex with bad women including maid servants and prostitutes.

                             V.      The Moon in the 7th house makes the native generous for the opposite sex.

                          VI.      Mars in the 7th House speak of attachment with several women unless Jupiter provides more wisdom.

                        VII.      The Sun in the 7th House can be a cause for destruction of his family clan-Ensure that no scandal is created on account of unwanted love/romance among the close relatives.

                     VIII.      The man may be interested in several wives if the lords of the 2nd, 7th and 6th House are together with Venus and a malefic and occupy the Lagan.

                          IX.      Broker – persons supplying women to others (immoral traffic) is indicted when the Lagan lord and 6th lord are together with a malefic.

                             X.      The women become childless if the lord of the 5th House or the lord of the 7th House is strong and is associated with or aspected by a benefic, his wife will get a child by here paramour. Similarly, child from paramour is indicated when the 7th lord is with a malefic and is aspected by Mars and is in he 2nd House.


Shanker Adawal

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