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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Responsibilities and Duties of good Astrologer.


Varahamihira, the founding father of Hindu astrology, Satyacharya, its exponent and Dr. B.V.Raman, the doyen and Kaliyoga Varahamihira, have defined the duties and responsibilities of an astrologer.


An astrologer should always engage himself in austerities and fasts. He must be engaged in astrological research and study. He should be humble with his subject and if he is arrogant haughty, it merely reveals his immaturity. Astrology, being a subject of great depth, it can easily, transcend all calculations and eruditions. Astrology is no greater than God and his role is simply to encourage the subject to face problem with courage, earnestness and enthusiasm and thereby earn for himself good Karma. A correctly cast horoscope and an experienced astrologer with the gift of intuition are akin to a torchlight with its cells fully charged and his forecasts ordinarily never fail. An astrologer should console the subject with soft and soothing words or else the latter may reel under the fear of an approaching setback. An astrologer should prepare the subject psychologically to meet the situation with courage and fortitude.


An astrologer's personal life is important as otherwise his study and understanding of the science become imperfect and incapable of helping others. He acts as a channel from God and his advice cannot be effective if the pipe-line is blocked a or kept unclean be leading an immoral life.


Astrology is as old as the Vedas. It is said Lord Subramanian taught this Divine science to Agasthya who made it known to others. Astrology paled into insignificance during the British rule and after Independence, was overlooked without giving, it a place in the academic curricula. However, it has always been an integral part of Indian social life and today is growing in strength day by day. Astrology prepares one to face life by giving an indication of future event and happenings.


An event is to be seen through more than a lone combination which can be easily rebutted by another. The study of a horoscope through a computer, an insert machine, and by an astrologer with the gift of intuition is akin to chalk and cheese. For example, in the case of matching for marriage, an astrologer can easily see form the horoscope whether the partner would be crippled or deaf or dumb, handsome or ugly, short or tall which the computer cannot. The computer, except furnishing the Dasa-Bhukti periods under the Vimshottari or other Dasa systems, cannot pinpoint the life and longevity long or short – and the probable time of the native's shoving off his mortal coils. The computer print out is a mere reproduction of the corresponding data in its memory for which even the programmers refuses to own responsibility.





Law of Limitation


The Law of Limitation applies to all professional-doctors, engineers, lawyers and also to astrologers. A patient approaching a doctor seeks a remedy for his ailments and disease. The latter's personal life, purity of motives and spirituality do not intervene between the doctor and the patient, as long as his knowledge of medicine is through and he has been able to examine the ailment correctly and prescribe the correct drug pointing out the course of treatment. The patient may get completely cured in all probability. A patient may also die due to administering drug on a wrong diagnosis. Many people die due of inspire of introduction of life saving drugs now-a-day. Likewise, the carelessness of the construction of buildings, dams and the laying of roads, clients fail often in law-suits because of the inability and incompetence of their advocates to argue the case and defend them. These professional, sometimes, decline to accept responsibility for their failures.


Their failures and resultant hazards are accepted and even ignored on the analogy is human' and assessment made on their erstwhile major successes. But in the case of astrologers critics fall foul on them and make them scapegoats if any of their predictions of wrong for reasons beyond their control. An astrologer is not greater than God, his primary role is to act as God's mouth-piece, his predictive shill remaining secondary. He must be five the same margin as the other professionals for failure. Laymen and others who are in distress and mentally upset and worried and parents of wards eligible for marriage, approach astrologers for counsel in their aspiration- eagerness to know their future. Parents prefer for their wards only those who are earning and employed. Hence they also throw the burden, in addition, on the astrologer to known the career prospects and earning capacity of the would-be groom. The astrologer would consider all such aspects in the couple's horoscopes at the time of matching. Astrology, like any other science, analyses the pros and cons of the Programmers Evaluation, and physics, it is equally good to adhere to commonsense, conventionalities, logic and reasoning to test the truth or falsehood of a proposition.


Astrology is a complete and comprehensive discipline with the expression of aphorisms and dicta in euphemistic, suggestive and symbolic terms in terse style that baffle even erudite pundits and scholars sometimes. The more one tries to interpret the ancient rules and tenets, the more will be the confusion. Hence some leeway or margin has to be given for the ancient' dramatization and exaggeration. The main object of prediction is simple to convince and instill in the consultant's mind the need to avail of the advantages and benefits and to avert evils if any, by resorting of palliative or remedial measures coming under Mani or gem, Mantra or prayer and Oushadha or medicine which can mitigate the anticipated evil indication.


There is a danger, at times, for an astrologer being guilty of two indiscretions in prying into other's personal secrets. In a civilized society, no one should try to read the diaries and letters of other except those to whom they are addressed. The principle applies to personal predictions in astrology but with a difference. It is usually the conceded native who desires to know a few facts from the chart of which he may not be aware. Such information, howsoever general, is privy to the native who has approached the astrologer. The case in analogous to the information available with one's lawyer or physician who are not supposed to expose it to public gaze and such a curse would be quite unethical. In the same way, an astrologer may gather intimate and intricate details of his subject but is bound to keep them confidential. If he should betray this confidence, it is reprehensible and unethical on his part.


Shanker Adawal

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