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Strained Relationship in Married Life – Wife

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)  All astrological principles have a say in the matter of a happy married life. Right from the potentlionality in the horoscope and matching of 'Gunas' the Mahurta for marriage must also be considered and the parents must adhere to the Mahurata irrespective of your wait for a VIP visitor or your music programmed for dance and music. It has been seen that all get to astrologers for a very good 'Mahurta' (auspicious moment) for marriage ceremony. But, it has been seen that only few persons really observe the timing for Mahurta and some how or other the planets move forward to an inauspicious moment. Thus the need to stick to the time of Mahurta to ensure a happy and stable married life.

2)      In selecting horoscope for marriage purposes, tree factors have to be carefully considered and they are as follow:

                                I.      Consider the houses/ planets concerning the longevity of the couple – both dirde and brige groom. Knowledge about the yogas for widowhood must be kept in mind.
                             II.      Astro-analysis of 7th and 8th house and their lords from all aspects degree of planets, Nakshtra, aspect etc.
                           III.      Matching of the horoscope – Gunas etc.

Though no astrologer is 'Brahma', yet if there are predominant factors pointing towards the loss of longevity of wither of the boy or girl, the horoscope must be rejected unless the position is improved by benefices including Jupiter and Venus and good number of 'gunas' after matching are available. Though after obtaining 18 gunas out of 36, the marriage is recommended but better see if the number of 'gunas' increased and with out any of 'doshas' as mentioned in the Panchaga. Likewise, when the 7th house is weak and 7th lord is under afflictions and is thus considerably blemished, the horoscope to be matched should have antidotes or countering influences.

3)  The matching of the horoscopes must point towards general sympathies of the horoscope to have happy and prosperous married life- of course a lot would depend on the 'karma' (behavior) of the partner concerned and both must have the sense of adjustment and must not depend on the after getting about 26 ' gunas', the marriage did not becomes successful on account of 'ego' or personal attitude of the body or girl.

4)  For adjustment, we have a couple and it was decided before marriage that the wife shall not cook the food. And, this is going on even after 12 years of marriage i.e. either it have the maid-servant or the couple would dine outside. In this connection, we have an old story about the philosher Socrates who was mercilessly nagged by his wife and one example indicate was that the husband had invited a friend for dinner but she spitefully emptied the contents of vessel upto his head. On asking why he suffered such indignities and the husband meekly replied. She teaches me patience and charity and show to me that if I can bear with her. I can bear all else in the world. This may be an extreme example of adjustment and in actual life we have so many cases of 'harassed husbands' and still they are going along with each other.

5)  We have many instance of unbroken houses-husband not taking care of wife or wife not caring for husband on some account or the other. Recently a lady consulter had come for consultation to have peaceful living though married about 12-13 years ago and has two children. The heavy affliction of the 7th house and Mars in 12th house become responsible and the position was nailed down to the fact of separate living under the same roof and without having any union for love/ affection – rather even sleeping separately. Even in olden times, Milton the highest poet and patriot had miserably lived with his wife.

6)  From the history, it would be apt to say the Thomas Cartyle's married life was rough as a tempestuous sea and thus far from being happy. Dickens, the author/ writer of Great Britain had a painful marital failure. Mars in the 7th house become responsible for frequent quarrels between husband and wife.

Shanker Adawal
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