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Mars- Effect of its Placement in Various House/ Signs

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
The nature of Mars (MANGAL) must be kept in mind before giving any predictions. Mars is a known fiery planet, stand for energy, power, courage, heroism, strength, endurance, determination, dashing nature, hot and dry. God of life and death, masculine, strong at night, represents dark half, Tuesday, own two signs, Aries and Scorpio. Mars- rules three Nakshtra i.e. Mrigsara, Chitra and dhanishta, powerful in South (10th house of the horoscope), Mars is lord of summer season (practically March to October), Mars ocean act both in violent and generous ways.

Mars rules over wars, epidemics, brothers, land and landed property. Progression wise, Mars can make the native a soldier, engineer, dealing in steel or with fire and fire equipments.

Afflicted Mars can make the native MURDERER- depending on the ruling Dasha of the planet. Such an afflicted Mars can also make the native cruel, ruthless, aggressive, rash, and unreliable; can cause accidents/ wounds, burns. Third Mars can also give fever, jaundice, measles, ailments needed surgery (depending on the placement of the Mars). Natives born with Mars and Saturn in the 11th house (house of gained) aspected by Rahu have been found to be cheats/ liars/ smugglers etc


It may not be possible to give detailed effects of Mars in various signs as each degree of Mars and in each Nakshtra rather in each Pada of Nakshtra would have different results, of course depending on the placement of other planets i.e to what extent they are benefic and malefic depending on the rising sign. Briefly, results of Mars in different signs is summarized below:

ARIES:- Native is active, idealistic, independent, original, but hasty, adventurous and has dashing personality. May suffer from fire/ accidents including weapons/ bombs. Such natives may have mark on head or face.

TAURUS:- The native is ambitious practical and capable manager, has foresight and inventive mind. Afflicted Mars can make 'baldy' and also give financial losses.

GEMINI:- Love for higher education, insight into also affairs, chemistry, writing, traveling and teaching etc. but, afflicted Mars may make the native unpopular and gives troubles through brothers/ sisters. Lungs/ arms/ hands/ shoulders may get diseased.

CANCER:- Inventive, enterprising and also sensuous. Afflicted Mars can give trouble to mother, trouble from inherited property, danger from fire/ theft, domestic unhappiness. Also stomach and vision problems.

LEO:- Frank, active, good governor, gains from speculation, lottery etc, insurance and companies, adventurous, love for new ideas, music. Afflicted Mars may result in death by heart attract, give sorrow, sickness and losses.

VIRGO:- Surgeon, physician, pharmacist, food products are main fields. Original and inventors. Self-made persons and have to do great struggles for success. Afflicted Mars invites troubles from all quarters and makes the native hasty and obstinate.

LIBRA:- Scientist, cultured growth, opposition and rivalry, reverses in business and love affairs, sanity come only later in life. Afflicted Mars gives troubles from wife/ partners/ relatives.

SCORPIO:- Industrious, scientific, firm and positive, diplomatic, sudden and violent accidents. Afflicted Mars make the native unfriendly and unsocial able and selfish trouble through service.

SAGGITARIUS: - Engineering interest, intellectual, large heated, enthusiastic, lawyers, military men at top. Afflicted Mars may give troubles through friends/ relative's brothers/ sisters. Unfruitful traveling and worn employment.

CAPRICORN:- Heroic actions, courage, high hopes, great efforts, authority, good management, in superiors. Unlucky for parents.

AQUARIUS:- Impressive/ forceful specially in speech, interest in occult sciences-interest in engineering/technology, medicine and surgery, charitable. Frankness may invite foes and cause separation.

PISCES:- Mixtures of timid and bold, indolent and active. Success through friends. Fear of downing, fire, poisoning, and disappointment in love affairs. Afflicted Mars can give trouble through every source specially on account of one's own actions/ karma.
Shanker Adawal
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