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Know about sign of Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)



1)      In Zodiac, this is the first sign owned and ruled by Saturn- the planet of destiny as well as known for its mystic nature. Before discussing the characteristics of this sign it would be better to say that Mars gets exalted in this sign at deep exaltation point being 28 degrees. This sing of Saturn had been placed under 'movable category'.


2)      Persons born under this sign are normally ambitious but not greedy. According to Prasara Hora, this sign represent blue things and the native born in this sing think deeply and at the same time are practical in their approach and become self-reliance.


3)      From various versions it is noticed that the persons born in Aries, Cancer and Libra normally do not make the most sympathetic or helpful partner- both for the purposes of marriage and also for purposes of business. However, with regards to Libra, there is difference of opinion that the Venus and Saturn being friends and as such should prove to be amicable.


4)      Complexion of natives born in Capricorn has been stated to be 'variageted' in Prasara Hora. Capricorn gives authority and power and such natives are capable of carrying out large undertakings.


5)      Though cardinal and conservative, it has been seen that Capricorn natives are the best men in the world to be entrusted with money specially for investment.


6)      It is also one of the earthy signs but at the same time it is active because it is also cardinal and moveable sign.


7)      Natives of this sign need to be educated on practical lines rather purely academic. As such persons with high technical education have been found in this sign.


8)      With regards to Hora division, first half (0 to 15 degrees) belong to the Sun as per verdict laid down in Prasara Hora.


9)      Saturn is also planet for solitude. The natives, depending on the personal horoscope and planetary position and aspects etc. the natives become intensely solitary and almost incapable of building up a lasting friendship. Sages and Sanyasis also come under this sign. Some natives are introspective, self-conscious and fearful.


10)  Capricorn has been held to be representative of born, skull, stomach, kidneys (overies in the case of women) but the known and accepted part represented by Capricorn is Knees. Representation of knees by Capricorn is confirmed by the father of Hindu Astrology – sage Prasara.


11)  As noted above, this exaltation sign of Mars and debilitation sign for Jupiter. According to Prasara Hora, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are considered malefics for this sign, it is furter stated that Mars and other malefics may kill but Saturn will not kill the native – apparently being the Lagna Lord.


12)  The natives of this sing have been seen to have predominance of Tamoguna (disposition in demons) and producing mystics / Tantriks etc. but even at the age of 80 years or so, these natives have been seen not to lose their eye sights and their senses never fail.


13)  This Prishotdaya Sign as it rises with its back.


14)  Southern direction is for Capricorn and is strong in nights. The Sun Capricorn is considered neutral i.e. neither favorable nor adverse.


15)  Saturn becomes the superb planet – if it receives beneficial aspects and has also been termed as a sign of specialist.


16)  Some of the natives of this sign are of 'uncompromising nature' – self – centered and doing what they wish to do. Being the 5th and 10th lord (taking Capricorn as Ascendant) Venus becomes the best Yoga-Karka planet (See the difference of opinion when Libra is considered unsympathetic with Capricorn).


17)  Profession for Capricorn includes watchmen (including those who serve by night duty), mines, service, hard labor jobs, coal, iron/steel etc.




This is the second sign owned by Saturn- its Mool-trikona sign. This is fixed sing, Saturn in its Mool-trikona specially for Libra Ascendants has been considered to be Yog-karka planet (see the difference between Libra and Capricorn noted above). It is also considered to be fierce being an odd sign. This is the sign of Saturn in which there is no exaltation or debilitation of any other Planet. The Mool-trikona degree of Saturn in Aquarius is 0 to 20 degrees and the balance of 21 to 30 degrees are attributed to the Saturn in its own sign. Mool-trikona position is powerful/stronger than in own sign. Now the following important characteristics of Aquarius born natives:


1)      Aquarius had been classified as human sign.

2)      Aquarius is Shrisodhya sign though the other sign of Saturn i.e. Capricorn is Prishotadya. Aquarius rises by front i.e. with the head.

3)      This sign represent ' ankels' – see Prasar Hora. It is an Airy sign.

4)      This sign speaks of the native as all-round man i.e. kindness of Taurus (without blind devotion), courage of Leo without increased passionate intensity. Thus it can be said that Aquarius native has patience of Taurus, courage of Leo and insight of Scorpio.

5)      Knowing the deeper signification, Aquarius is far too optimistic.

6)      Aquarius natives respect themselves and not fall in love easily. However their love is easily aroused for activities connected with school, hospital or a science.

7)      Such natives remain closely in touch with ideals of humanity. Hw is the native who has the capacity. Rather, never forgets the objects of friendship. Depending on the personal influence of planets, some natives turn out to be 'clod'-selfish.

8)      Aquarius born natives have been seen to be desirable partners in marriage or business. They never cause trouble because of their good sense and practical wisdom.

9)      Like its counterpart Capricorn, Aquarius are also exceptionally trust-worthy people in money matters – Money is considered to be a means to and end- such natives never waste their money nor hoard it.

10)  As would be noted from the possible professions adopted by Aquarians, such natives are extremely advanced intellectual persons. Rather, persons working with them find it difficult to live upto their standards.

11)  With regard to Hora Lord, first half (0 to 15 degrees) are owned by the Sun and second half (15 to 30) degrees are owned by the Moon.

12)  According to Prasara Hora, Jupiter, the Moon and Mars are malefic. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars become Killers. Taking the Aquarius as Lagna, Jupiter becomes the lord of 2nd and 11th, followed by the Moon, 6th lord and Mars lord of 3rd and 10th houses in the order of their malfeasance. But at the same time, it is said that Lord of Aquarius Saturn is the off spring of the Sun.

13)  As noted earlier also, such natives look beyond materialism – mere money making does not appeals to them. Greater pleasure and incentive provided by some genuine persons giving ultimately service/ value to humanity.

14)  Mercury ruling 5th and 8th houses in respect of Aquarius Lagna persons is executed to give mixed results depending on the placement / association aspect etc.

15)  Some call it 'phschic sign'- reference to intellect. Such natives make progress without disturbing the existing / surrounding conditions. Such person has been seen to be perfectly competent and not opposed to new ideas.

16)  Profession wise, it is sufficient to refer to scientific pursuits, atomic theory products, bus (transport), bridge, discoveries, dynamo, defense, dealings in metals, industry, inventions limited companies (promotion) director, chairman, etc. Research work, railways etc.

The idea to write an article on the sings owned by the mystic planet Saturn was on account to two horoscopes prepared in respect of our learned late Shri M.C. Bhandari of Build India (Bharat Nirman) (Occult Foundation). The Time of birth given to me was indicated by Shri Bhandari himself at 1.05 P.M. – Jodhpur – Date being 19.11.1935. however, from the horoscopes prepared by some person (hand-written) the lagna had been shown Aquarius at 2.8 degrees. At the same time we have a computerized horoscope form Ashirwad Hyotish Karayala, Jamshedpur with same time and date (12.50 Noon), the lagna had been shown as that of Capricorn. I found that there was some difference with regard to Ayanamsa used/ latitude/ longitude. Be that as it may, I had re-confirmed the time of birth from Bhandariji. Accordingly, the horoscope prepared by me showing the Lagna comes to Aquarius at 2.21 degrees.


Lagna Lord Saturn occupies Lagna and its Mool-trikona sign. It powerfully aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th house in birth chart. In Navamsha chart, Saturn maintains it's position in Navamsha Chart i.e. in the 4th house in its own sign Capricorn sign aspecting 6th house, 10th house and Lagna of Navamsha i.e. Libra ruled by Venus who attains strength by becoming in its own sign in Navamsha (Taurus) though debilitated in birth chart but continuing to be in an inauspicious house i.e. 8th house. It may be mentioned that Venus of the native gets strength from Moon Kundli, Surya Kundli, Dwadamsa and also in Trimsamsa where Venus gets in its exaltation sign.


The native continues to have kumbha (Aquarius) as vargottama Lagna in three more vargas i.e. Drekkana, Saptamsha and Dasamsai apart from Dwadamsa.


Sun in the 10th house is known for its strength. The native has strong Sun and Jupiter in the 10th house. With Mercury in 9th and Venus in the 8th house, there is an exchange of two powerful planets. Hence, 8th, 9th, and 10th house read together go a long way in indicating the present – day and earlier charitable disposition of the native and his involvement in social works as that of BHART NIRMAN including the lastest Occult Foundation.


Sun in Scorpio of the native gave him the required strength to fight all battles in all the fileds of life. The Moon in birth chart as well in various vargas indicate restlessness of the native and at times hot-temper. Though the Moon is aspected by Saturn but intelligence is improved by the Jupiter/ Moon association in Navamsa in Virgo though its Lord Mercury gets in the grip of Rahu/Mars/Ketu. In Chalit, Mars gets to Capricorn. In Drekkana the Moon is hemmed by two powerful benefics – Jupiter and Venus but Sun continues to be in the 10th house with Jupiter. In Saptamsha, the Moon in the 10th houses is in the grip of all malefics but beneficial aspect of Jupiter in its exaltation sign sufficiently neutralize the malefic content.


The benefic Jupiter and force behind the native in its various activates is the 10th house with the Sun conferring powerful karma Yoga and this position is maintained in Drekkana. Jupiter position in various vargas entered to the known social activities of the native.


The native was born under Nakshtra Purvaphalguni (ruled by Venus) and this gives the native attractive and magnetic personality. Shri Bhandari had magnetic touch. The native liked freedom and could not afford to be subordinate and was ambitious to be famous. Though the Moon, as indicated above, creates disturbances but in view of inherent institutive power, the native is capable of knowing his problems and solving them. With sweet speech, the native is always out to help others (needy) and in view of the planetary position, he had to undergo lot of traveling. This fact knows to all. Sincerer in the works undertaken, (not involving subordination), the native cannot be expected to be a party to any illegal activity though the Nakshtra in which the native was born belong to Rajasik (Restlessness) where predominant motive is attributed to money and power/property. Hidden enemies of the native are not ruled out but he has the capacity to crash all the enemies. Frequent changes in life are indicated of the native briefly, the native, an angry Youngman, controlled his passion in this middle life and later was calm and quite. The native, was then under Maha-dasha of Jupiter upto 24th March, 2000. In my forecast dated 28.12.1993. it was stated that the native was likely to involve more in charitable and religious disposition including devotion to Lord Vishna. Jup-Sat-Mercy was over on 169.02.1994 and thinking culminated into new ventures of MYSTIC INDIA during Jupiter-Saturn-Venus upto 16.09.1994.


While discussing the major characteristics of Aquarius born native, it becomes inevitable to refer to few more persons of this sign.



Shanker Adawal
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