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Color & Gem Therapy in Curing Diseases

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)
From time immemorial color has played an important rile as a strong force in building our body and career, basically color are present everywhere in the form of rays and radiations. Everything tangible tangible in the world is made up of rays has color. Therefore, the Sun is considered the ultimate source of all these rays. From biological point of view our body is composed of cells and group of cells. Each cell has in its composition seven rays of the Sun. We are born in this color. A state of equilibrium of these colors is required to be maintained, in order to keep our body health. Our body is constituted in such a manner that when these colors are disturbed, or get out of order, or become deficient, diseases invade our body. Our physical body is composed of a band of seven brilliant color of solar spectrum and these are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These seven rays act a creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe. These seven principle cosmic color manifest of seven planets e.g. Sun of red color, Moon of orange, Mars of yellow, Mercury of green, Jupiter of blue, Venus of indigo and Saturn of violet. In the same way, like planets, the planetary gems are also to be conceived as condensation of the seven color of the solar e.g. rube (red), pearl (orange), coral (yellow), emerald (green), Moon stone and topaz (blue), diamond (indigo) and sapphire (violet). The seven organs of human body are related to seven color e.g. eyes to red, chin to violet, nose tip to green, tongue to orange, cavities and ears to blue. All these seven color belong to two classes hot and cold. All female planets are Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn with their orange, green, indigo and violet color are cold.

The astro-Gems are concentrated power house of cosmic rays. A particular type of ray is always emitted from the specific gems permanently, the chemical composition of gems are parallel with the composition of planet. Indeed the planet is related to nine astro-gems and nine kinds of color vibration is effected by using gems.

All kinds of diseases, discomforts and painful sufferings arise when cosmic rays imitations within the body is vitiated due to afflictions to malefic planets. Some of these rays are responsible for exertion of poisons out of body in the form of sweats, urine, and stool cough, saliva and push cells. When the rays falls short in the cerebrum, the brain become fatigue, tired and depressed as a result of contamination of poisonous matter in the blood. Actually, all these talent poisons are periodical basis of creation of major diseases. From biological point of view, our organic body is creating 18 types of toxins (poisons) due to its process of cell division. If all these poisons are not properly exerted out from the body, then those are deposited in various centers of the body system.

List of cosmic color and diseases caused by them are given here:

RED: absence or deficiency of red color in our body causes various diseases life anemia, demised vision, indigestion, loss of health glow, mental trouble, headache, hysteria, physical debility etc. red is helpful in healing wounds. That is why in surgical wards of all hospitals red blankets are used to ensure quick healing. But red color is very dangerous for a and or insane person as it will make the case more acute. A patient suffering from small pox can get quick relief if he uses red for blankets, window screen, bed sheets, wall coloring etc. he will not be pock graced, as no scars and pits will be formed due to exposure to red color idiots and imbeciles can be treated by the use of red color therapy. Red coral has abundance of this color. But excess use of red color in our body causes boils, abscess, carbuncles, conjunctivitis, headache, insomnia, itching and these diseases can be easily cured by using only cold stones (Moon stone, yellow sapphire blue sapphire etc). it is surprising that if a persons uses any one or two of these cold stones, no medicines are required and he will get compete and permanent relief.

BLUE: Absence of deficiency of blue rays cause diseases like throat trouble, laryngitis, goiter, hoarseness, scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera, plague, apoplexy, palpitation, jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, inflamed eyes, toothache, tonsillitis etc. blue rays are essential for curing these diseases. That is why the stones- Moon stone and topazes are regarded as life savers and life givers.

GREEN: deficiency of green color in our body develops gastriculcer, dysentery, diarrhea, peptic ulcer, cirrhosis of life, fever, headache, asthma, heart trouble etc. and the gems emerald and aquamarine have powers to cure the above diseases completely and permanently. They have abundant source of supplying green color into our body merely by being worn on the middle finger of either hand.

VOILET: Deficiency of violet color in our body gives diseases like paralysis, sciatica, nervous, disorder, gastric ulcer, arthritis, baldness, madness, mental illness, hysteria, fainting fits, vomiting, headache, earache, baring disorders etc. Saturn rules over the nervous system and his violet color satisfies nerve hunger. The color for the human skin is violet and blue sapphire with its violet color can nourish the skin and cure skin diseases. Very chronic leucoderma cases can be cured by blue sapphire and its violet rays. Nerves are greatly affected when violet is less and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli can cure nervous disorders.

ORANGE: Deficiency of orange color in our body gives diseases like fever, cough and cold, mental disability, liver and uterine ailments, dysentery, diarrhea, insanity etc. Orange rays is found suitable for curing chronic asthma, phlegmatic fever, cold, bronchitis, wet cough, gout, chronic rheumatism, inflammation of kidneys, gall stones, prolapsed, cessation of menstruation in females, mental debility etc. orange rays have good power for curing insanity, fever, bleeding and diseases of that kind.

YELLOW: Absence of deficiency of orange rays cause disease like stomach trouble indigestion, flatulence, liver trouble, jaundice, cirrhosis of liver, blood disorders, mental depression. The gems yellow sapphire and emerald have powers to cure these diseases completely, simply by being worn on the fingers of either hand.

INDIGO: Absence or deficiency of this color in our body gives diseases of private parts, impotency, diabetes, venereal diseases, eczema, sore throat, skin eruptions, uterine diseases of the generative organs.

Now in order to recover or to get cured from all the above diseases deficient colors are to be injected or recouped into our body by any means. There are various easy and means of recouping this color into our body viz. by taking as a medicine or through use of gems have abundant source of recouping that color into our body and this source is not exhausted even after constant use for several years. Each gem has one such color. In astrology, one suck with a particular disease is advised to wear prescribed gem in order to counteract the effect of malefic planet and gems are considered to have mysterious power right from ancient time which continues till now.

Shanker Adawal
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