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Search Your Inner Soul via Mediation – Part-2

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      We have already talked about some facets of meditation. Actually Hindu scriptures are full of Mantras. Some people associate Mantra with soft spoken sound including recitation on the present day cassets and others with Sanskrit words. The study of Sanskrit is now confined to few. Be that as it may, the derivation of Sanskrit Mantra gives some indication of the source in the ancient science. Further, to ward off evil effects of planets, recitation of Navagraha Mantra, Navagraha Homa, Havan and worship (Upasana) of other deities is carried only with the help of Mantras-hence see the force in the recitation of Mantras-hence see the force in the recitation of Mantra – a form of meditation.


2)      In religious books – Ramayana, Bhagvad Geeta, Guru Granth Shib, the Bible and the Quran- provide many Mantras and they do serve as a remedial measure for relief in various troubles faced by mankind. Literally, 'Mantra' means 'Man' means innersole i.e. profound meditation and 'Tra' means to expand or illuminate. (Mananath tryatheithi mantraha) : Mantra speak of sound revealed in recitation of the words constituting Mantra –ultimately getting to profound meditation. If origin is traced, it is revealed by Mantra Shastra and Tantra Shastra that these Mantras occurred to Rishis and Saints when they are in or just entered the states of Samadhi- a level of supreme consciousness.


3)      On scientific analysis, it may be found that sound is caused by vibration of a particular quality. The effect of such a sound (recitation of Mantra) is to produce physical change in an organism including blood circulation. Sound is energy. Sound has pitch, volume intensity, tone and certain other subtle qualities. These facts were found when they heard their inner voice- God send message formulated Mantras, Bija Mantra and Risha. Rishi means an enlightened man. Richa is a collection of Mantra – referred to as Sloka. The compilation of these Mantras became the revealed books of the great religions of the world.


4)      Mantra has two qualities known as Varma and Akshra is Sanskrit. Varna means color and form. Akshra is that which does not perish. It means that once a Mantra is uttered, it become part of the eternal record. Thus Mantra is known as pack of sound vibrations'.


5)      What is Beej Mantra? As per sages, Beej Mantra are the first syllables that appeared in deep meditation – they are the symbols of unconscious mind. A mention here about some of the major Beej Mantras with their symbolic representations would be helpful in searching your inner soul via Meditation:


-           Aum                             -           Cosmic being,

-           Hrum                            -           Shiva,

-           Dum                             -           Durga,

-           Kreem                          -           Kali,

-           Hreem                          -           Mahamaya,

-           Shreem                         -           Lakshmi,

-           Aim                              -           Saraswati,

-           Kieem                          -           Krishna,

-           Hoom                           -           Bhairava.


It may not be possible to have grammatical meaning as these words have traveled to us from ancient times and these Mantras have been accepted both as thought-form and sound.


6)      Most of our Rishis of ancient India possessed great knowledge of sound and this knowledge is hidden in the power of Mantras. As already stated that what is needed that is the devotion/ Bhakti of the native but at the same time it is stressed that to the extent possible, there should be correct phonetic pronunciation of the words constituting, Mantra and that too with proper concentration visualization of the associated image or form.


Shanker Adawal


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