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Scientific Validity of Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)     The Divine Science – the most ancient science – astrology needs no proof to be ranked as 'science' or any proof for the validity. Astrology – the divine science has come to stay with us from ancient times. More opinion of one person – whether scientist or even an astronomer or astrologer having some difference of opinion is not sufficient to change the authenticity of Astrology. It is true that there may be some scientific principles which can not be applied in this modern time to the astrology. In other words astrologers need to get to deeper study of this Divine Science. Ad admitted fact is that the astrology is a science – a perfect science which has also failed at times – rather astrology has come to the rescue of the patients where medical science has failed. The other hard fact is that the Astrologers are not equipped with infra-structural facilities for research facilities which other scientists have in the present age.


2)    What is science? All sciences convey that a true science is a co-ordinate, arranged and synthesized, knowledge to go head , should have methodology, repetition and well laid down principles are well established in Astrology to rank it as 'science'. Apart from medical science, jurisprudence is also grand science. If law is science, there should be no room for failure of justice or prevalence of injustice in accepting Astrology as science.


3)    Astrology is an ancient science- a divine science and even in the present day, without facilities and infrastructures, it is holding its head high up and it is time that sufficient patronage is required to be extended for its revival. The revival should include the involvement of various voluntary organizations, sages including Shankaracharyas and other educated persons in research study with Astrology. Even today a wider section of our elite society depend on astrology including advocates, doctors, financers, engineers, bankers, political leaders, ministers and all take shelter under Astrology to look into their future to solve the problems through astro-remedies.


4)    According to astrology the political rise and fall of all men and women is governed by the planets for which the examples are numerous. Recent changes in the political scene in India and other places are well known. Planetary position effects of planets. Astrology is derived from two words: (1) Aster and (2) Logos i.e. stars and reason or logic. Astrology as such in Sanskrit is called Jyotish – The Science of Light. All these speak for scientific validity of astrology.


5)    Bother in the past and at present much has been written and said about astrology as a science which emphasized that all animate and inanimate things are governed by the planetary forces. The mathematical basis of astrology is so precise that even the persons not having chief in astrological principles have to believe and feel convinced that it has necessary rationales of a science. The subject of Astrology is followed by all human beings in almost all the countries though methodology may differ from place to place. The hindu astrology is followed by some openly and by others secretly.


6)    In astrology, we have works of known astrologers as well as astronomers namely sage Prashara, Varha-Mahira, Garg's Hora Shastra and Saravali. All these works have their scientific approach in all fields of astrology – all walks of life – right from the womb to tomb. The astrological principles come into play right from the date of conception but it is difficult to ascertain the date of conception-hence reliance is placed on the date of birth and the time of birth.


7)    Apart from other minute divisions, astrology is divided intro three main divisions i.e. Hora, Ganita and Samhita. Horaray (Hora) deals with genet line part while mathematical aspects including movement and strength of the planetary forces are taught by Ganita division. Samhita refers to a collection or compendium of lay, code and digest of any branch of leaning. All these lend support to the scientific validity of the divine science – astrology.


8)    Scientific validity of astrology is also supported by the calculated division of the Zodiac into twelve signs and in the horoscope consisting of 12 houses. Each house has its own significance from birth to death. Starting from Lagna (Ascendant) – 1st house signify self, body, second for family, tenth house for profession, business etc. and twelfth house for Moksha. These are just few examples and the purpose of saying is that right from birth to death the progress of the native is so-well knit to constitute an organism in itself.


9)    Jyotish (Astrology) is Vedic. If origin is traced it would be seen that Astrology is one of the 'angs' of Vedas. Vedic knowledge constitute Vedas and six limbs are (1) Grammar, (2) Chhand, (3) Nirukta, (4) Kalpa, (5) Shiksha and (6) Jyotish. Of these six limbs, 'Jyotish' had been linked to the 'eyes' of human system. In other words, astrology enables us to see what the Vedas wanted us to see- the spiritual truth. Further, the declared aim of Vedas is to lead mankind to the ultimate goal of Emancipation and liberation or 'Moksha'. Astrology thus justifies its epithet as limb of the Vedas. The basic and fundament concepts of astrology are spiritual in nature.


10)  As stated in part 8 above, there is a evolutionary character from one house to another until the native reaches the finality (death-Moksha) signified by the 12th house. The connection and interrelationship of the sings/ houses is so perfect so as to lend scientific validity to astrology and this can be appreciated by a person who has studied astrology. Not only are those in astrology, the exaltation/debilitation points fixed. In other words, there is scientific reason for the astrological propositions.


11)  Finally, scientific validity of astrology is proved by the division of horoscope and its division in three parts (1 to 4 house), (5 to 8 houses) and (9 to 12 houses) symboligically stand for 'Creation' 'Promotion' and Destruction' as indicated by the names of Hindu trinity i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Now talking little away from the generally recognized significations of Houses, it is stetted that the first house stand for creation of brain through birth and body, second for education/family, third house for 'confusion of min' (the youth gets swayed) and his education/ houses comforts including troubles continue to the 4th house. Emotions and pleasure are attributed to 5th house (Cinema, theatre etc.), 6th house, inter-alia denoted destruction of pleasure through diseases and enemies. Birth of sex is in 7th house and its promotion is in 8th house but destruction of all these indicated in the 9th house – the house of morality and spirituality. Lastly coming to 'Karma', 10th house is for business etc, and 11th house for its excellence and 12th is for destruction (liberation etc).


12)  From the above it can be summed up that there is scientific validity of astrology – the divine science. Apart from its Vedic learning it gives us a blue print showing how man can reach perfection through various experiences in life.



Shanker Adawal


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