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Knowing profession through Birth Stars

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA

Determining the nature of your profession/ business- rather the sources of income had been a difficult task for the Astrologers though most of us just rely on the known and accepted 10th house and 10th Lord. Actually there are many more factors which need to be considered and it would be appropriate to list the same as under:

              I.      Whatever be the filed i.e. either education, or marriage or profession, the Lagna and Lord of Lagna cannot be ignored. The strength of the Lagna (rising degrees) and of the Lagna Lord, its placement, the sign in which it is placed and whether it is in exaltation sign, its Mool-trikona sign or its own sign, has to be considered for determining the profession of the native.

           II.      Next comes the 0th house and 10th Lord. Both are the pivots for determining the profession and business. Rather it is difficult to ignore both of them with regard one has to look to the 10th house and 10th lord for problems including the question of expansion/ new ventures to the 10th and 10th Lord. The strength of the 10th house and 10th lord would be very relevant for deciding any question with regard to profession/ business including whether the native wants movable jobs or would need a fixed chair for administration. So is the consideration for 10th Lord Navamsha and 10th house of the Navamasha.

         III.      Consider the position of 10th house from the Moon (Chandre kundli) as well as of the of the 19th Lord. If the 10th lord gets strength, the chances of prosperity becomes bright, if the 10th Lord continues to be hemmed by malefic and has no benefic aspect, then ups and downs aspect, then ups and downs cannot be ruled out.

        IV.      10th house from the Sun as well as 10th Lord from Chandra Kundli should bot be ignored. The strength of the Sun is well known though some of the Astrologers just do not consider the Surya Kundli. But the consideration of the 10th house and 10th Lord from the Sun is equally important.

           V.      The 6th house has to be considered from Lagna. At times, it has been seen that the 6th house and 6t lord have also a say in the matter of profession but this principle has to be practiced and more research needed.

        VI.      No astrologer can afford to ignore the Major Periods/Sun-periods (Dasha and Antradasha) run by the native. I have seen cases of certain persons where a MBBS Doctor is selling leather; a chartered Accountant is running a restaurant, etc. apparently even after qualification, the dasha/ antra- dasha of the native force him for a change in the profession. So is the case of some military/ army persons joining politics?

      VII.      Cusp of the 10th and degrees of the 10th Lord is also important. If the 10th Lord is rising in early degrees i.e. below 3 degree ad 20 minutes or above 26 degree and 40 minutes and below 30 degrees. The 10th Lord is considered weak and may stand as an obstacle specially in its own Dasha – of course depending on other potential planets in the horoscope.

The above principles can be extended to other significations. Success in profesion/ service has to be looked from Lagna, Lagna Lord, IX and Xth Lord as well as IX and xth houses. Actually for professional success, some of the astrologers restrict only to the 10th house and 10th Lord but as already pointed out Lagna and Lagna Lord must not be ignored. At the same time XIth house- house of gains should also be considered with regard to professional failures as well as its success.

Apart form the pivot for determining the profession/ business i.e Xth house and Xth Lord, we cannot afford to ignore Navamsa, Bhava Chakra (Bhava-cusp Sandhi) and what Dasha/ Antra-dasha is running and how it is related to the 10th house and /or 10th Lord. Here it may be pointed out that there are man significations of the Xth house but practically all agree that Xth house represent profession, occupation, rank honor, government, position in the office (authority), trade, respect, dignity, reputation and control etc.

Inter-se connection with wealth from profession or business is known to all. All sorts of wealth is attributed to IXth house as per version in Uttarkalamritam 'Bhagya' Luck and fortune is attributed to IXth house in Bhrig Sutram. According to Dr. Sastri's Uttarakalamrita even distribution and /or circulation of money is to be seen from the IXth house. Deignity (apparently high positioned or authoritative business) is to be seen normally from the 10th house but according to S.S.Sareen's Uttarakalamitra dignity is also seen from the IXth house. Fortune and prosperity, foreign travels stand attributed to IXth house by Sage Prasara. With reference to the present day position, no business/ profession can be carried on without Government's favor by the Government officer concerned. Here again, for Government favor etc. 10th house comes in operation.

Giving and taking of 'debts' is part of the business or profession and no business can be carried on without bank long fro other financial institutional. Even for the Corporate Sector, raising of funds by way of equities can be brought under the general head 'debt' though for 'debts' 6th house has also to be considered. However 'debt' have been attributed to Xth house by Sage Prasara.

Shanker Adawal
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