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MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR JUNE,6, 2010:Your own goals , domestic issues and to deal with rivals in your professional prestige – you will plan with details for the long term.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TODAY: Changes in issues with family and job. Be careful and evaluate before investing in flatted property. Good for dealing with authority. Need to atke care if you have blood related problems. You will move towards planning your investments seriously.

STOCKS: The week will be good for the pharmacy, hospitals , debt restructuring and export units – they will plan with taking reality into account for the mid term.


ARIES: High energy – focus will be to gain and speculation may be one method. You will deal with govt . Issues and evaluate property. In relationships there will be a streak of aggressiveness.

TAURUS: Focus will be to talk – negotiate – bring sensibility. There will be activities behind your back – need to be careful.

GEMINI: In matters of your goals and domestic/profession – you will take an accounting approach – reset things in these areas though energy level will be high. Paper work to be done carefully.

CANCER: Communication – expenses –
Profession – children/speculation - - these will be the focus areas of the weak – you will be lucky with job etc but some insecurity will be there – unfounded fear.

LEO: Communications – immediate family and friends – gain for self and form job – will be focus areas – you will have a mix of frustration and also striking the deal/partnership.

VIRGO: Issues with the close relatives /friends and matters of health/joint finance / hidden issues/getting conferred with a post /inheritance   - these will dominate - - there will frustration and insecurities that you will have to handle.

LIBRA: Matters of service , dealing with younger brother , raising loans , issues with wife/husband, business partnership expenses – these will dominate – you will be able to deal with them yourself with confidence – self confidence and setting goals while resolving issues will be the key.

SCORPIO: Good for job/business – gains form these will be the focus. Insecurity may creep with respect to finances/ family – to handle and also - love/marriage / travel will need your attention.

SAGITARIUS: Children issues /speculation/ profession/getting love  - these will be focus – you may feel that luck is not on your side.

CAPRICORN: Domestic issues / rivals in job / property/studies – graduation level / health/ joint issues with others/ overseas travel – these will be areas that will come up - - - need to be careful as some element of negativity/uncertainty has to be handled. Do not go for rash decisions.

AQUARIUS: Finance/ family / gains from areas you are dealing – you will be able to plan and consolidate by your efforts and confidence.

PISCES: Domestic issues/ others in job space/ property/ expenses on children/ marriage/ partnerships/foreign travel or foreigners – areas of focus - - - need to be careful that you do not come to a dead end – do not stretch beyond a point whatever may be the compulsions
·       Do become members.
·       These are trends – free will is important.
·       All queries on MAIL – etc - to be posted on FACE BOOK. For vvv personal queries – but do post on FB that you have send + confirm when reply received.
·       Weekly is the inner layer of actions – trends – possible – they have the potential to manifest – the daily predictions give the activity possible if you are in the midst of that areas which is written
·       Astrology is the best tool to counsel as mind and its orientation lead to actions – these can be told by the stars and one can work accordingly so that you are not depressed or get into extreme happiness with events with events. Will do someday when I have the time and the right people to receive.
·       Manage your mind – the best remedy – meditate for three minutes daily – thanking for the morning – all that you have achieved and for working today.
·       No remedy helps – they are like boosters and people make millions because of the fear and insecurity – they sell happiness.
·       Yes – there were methods which a high trained mind – the RISHIS / PHILOSPHERS of the past could do – meditate and  change the energy pattern – people form India and Tibet could do – they are not found and even if there they are NOT commercial.
·       My take is managing your mind/thoughts and HUMANITY is the biggest religion.

Bless Me


Shanker Adawal

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