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Forecast with Reference to your Birthday for the month of March

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

March 1- Not a good period for heart and asthma patients. Take care of all finances and ensure safe carriage of your money. Eat modestly thought out the year. Better time ahead for politicians, doctors, government servants and NRIs.

March 2- Not right time for buying and selling property but good time for marriage. Depending on Saturn's position, some self-injury cannot be ruled out. Handle all equipments cautiously inducing climbing up stairs. Woman to drive carefully. Divorce processing, if any shall be settled by the end of the year.

March 3- May is best year for advocates/astrologers/doctors. Take care about health of your spouse and in few cases chances of both husband and wife falling ill or meeting an accident cannot be ruled out. Person suffering from skin problem may not have a good time till august, 99.

March 4- Get your horoscope re-checked. Non-recovery of loans is indicated and you have to taken some legal action. Violence and quarrels must be ruled out C.A. and Medicinal students must work hard.

March 5- Government officials advised to be above board. Some gains from opposite sex but know about the person before going for deep friendship. If Jupiter is not well placed in the horoscope, marriage may be postponed.

March 6- Increase in income and savings indicated. Chances for promotion for your brother/sister if in service specially in medical or marketing not a good period for love – marriage specially with a foreigner – do not marry any non-resident without verification.

March 7- Loss in speculation or gambling indicate. Rift in the family and separation of your married son indicated. Love affair for young specially for those born with conjunction of Mars-Venus.

March 8- Keep away form risky love affair irrespective of your position. No romance with your employee/ private secretary. Avoid borrowing money beyond your mean. In litigation some embarrassment may be caused. Comply with Tax Laws.

March 9- Long term investments would prove beneficial. Health of mother/mother-in-law may create some tension in the family – better get her hospitalized. If thinking to change profession/ residence, proposal may be shelved for sometime.

March 10- Mixed results – bad and good are in store for you. Take care of your investments/ cash. Do not sign even FDRs etc. even favoring some person to withdraw cash. For some, good time for work and praise/ appreciation and for increment/ promotion.

March 11- Gainful time ahead for politicians and government servants, doctors and media persons. Builders / contractors must be careful in their deals. Those of you in law and accountancy must mind their functioning.

March 12- Sharp ego may prove harmful and even result in loss of money. Lovers of books may get dome rare books specially if you are running a private library. For widowers/divorcees, strong chances of marriage are indicated.

March 13- Be careful while traveling – some financial loss or physical injury is indicated. Avoid strain in relation with brothers/ sisters. Mind your diet specially if you are little fatty.

March 14- All success including higher income – beneficial year for those in law/accounts/construction work/government service. Doctors to behave well as some scandal may come to surface.

March 15- You must understand the art of managing your income including of income and expenditure. To avoid loss, ensure for what purpose you are making payment. Diabetic/ Asthmatic to stay carefully. Lethargy may over-rule students.

March 16- Domestic happiness hall depend on you and your mother as to how you as to how you behave on small matters. Stars, in general are favorable with chances of increment and promotion.

March 17- Favorable stars of going abroad for those who have plans especially for business purposes. Friction in joint family indicated. Avoid partnerships and joint ventures.

March 18– Take care of our valuables. Marriage proposals are postponed. Good time ahead for students and research scholars.

March 19- Good time for investment in real estate and rise in income. Young student (upto 20 years) must control their outings and devote to studies. Good prospects for politicians and government servants.

March 20- Those wishing for marriage may postpone proposal. Avoid friction in married life. Think and reduce your drinks specially if you are likely to face some enquiries. Astrologers/palmists/ numerologist must stay witting their professional norms falling which some scandal may come to surface. Must adopt discipline in workplace. Serve your ailing parents.

March 22- Division in joint family (son separating from father etc.) and loss by fire/ accident indicated. Business people, specially in trading, are likely to gain in transactions with foreigners.

March 23- professional success, monetary gains and ideal marriage is in store for you. Favorable time for travel, trade, hobbies (specially for painting/ art) and children.

March 24- Depending on your birth chart, good flow of money and high level companionship indicated. Do not boast but practical. Abundance of energy shall characterize you actions.

March 25- Chances of love marriage, promotion for government servants. Politicians may get needed power. Female must drive carefully investment in property is beneficial.

March 26- Likely to become popular third year with reference to your creativity and adaptability. So after qualities including for imagination / poetry/ deep thinking shall come to surface. All shall be attracted to you and you can win friends and others.

March 27- High rich awards and rise in income. For some, chances of setting in foreign countries bright. For some, illness and injury on account of accident indicated.

March 28- Year of great success for doctors/ engineers. Strong chances of marriage of your daughter where the marriage sister may cause serious problem.

March 29- keep anger under control. No extra marital affairs. Bright Scope for trade and industry persons but avoid labor problem to the extent you can. Depending on your birth-chart, time for expansion and diversification of business/ new ventures.

March 30- Professional students i.e. for Case. Company Secretaries MBA etc. may have to face hard time. Re-employed and retired persons may not feel happy. Trade Union leader shall have an upper hand. Persons not filling income-tax returns may face and an enquiry. High profits for those in import/ export business.

March 31- your association with a lady employee may bring unhappiness in family. Think and act well before things get deteriorated. Physical attack,  depending on birth chart, is indicated.

Shanker Adawal
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