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Astrology and Wealth

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      Health is also wealth and it is true that material wealth can be earned only when the health of the native is fine and is capable or earning wealth. In astrology, various principles have been laid down but Sages and Authors including Prashara,Garga, Sarvartha Chintamani and other with regard to determination of the potential in the horoscope as to what extent the native would be wealthy and whether he would be in a position to accumulate the wealth or would even lose the acquired wealth – whether by self efforts or even by inheritance. Since the topic under discussion is very wide, we shall try to discussion is very wide, we shall try to discuss the most important aspects with regard to 'Wealth' of the native.

2)      The first look at the horoscope would given and indication about the potential and promise of wealth-the placement of planets, whether yoga-karka planets are placed, the house/sings in which the planets are placed, the degrees at which the planets and the Ascendant are rising, how the planets are aspected – whether by malefic planets or benefic planets etc. all would go a long way determining the extent of wealth the native can acquire. It is not necessary that the native should be born in a particular wealthy family and it is known and accepted by all that most of the persons rise by their own efforts. The good and beneficial results-wealth giving time, come during the period of a Particular Planet who is well placed. Therefore, the consideration of 'transit' Gochar is equally important for determining the wealth the native can have. For those who do not have birth-details, reliance has to be placed on the Horary Chart when some native puts a question with regard to his capacity to have prosperity and wealth apparently including moveable and immovable properties apart from availability of all comforts of life i.e. from business/profession/service, residence, conveyance, servants etc. At the same time having 'wealth' is a relative term and would differ from person to person depending on the basic birth chart and surrounding circumstances including the family in which the native is born.

3)      The following astrological principles and yogas and other planetary position speak of a 'wealthy' native:

                                I.      The prosperity or taking of a house is assured when the house contains a benefic, the house is aspected by a benefic and interalia by well placed 10th lord. Similarly, according to Sarvartha Chintamani, it is stated that during the ruling period of the Sun in the 10th house, one gets ruling powers, wealth, gains, patience, apart from the success and honor from the government.

                             II.      If the 2nd lord is in the 11th while the Lord of the 11th is in the 2nd house, wealth will be acquired by the native, the native also gets wealth if these two lords (2nd lord and 11th lord) join in an angle or in a trine. This Prashara principle is further strengthened if these two planets join the Lagna 4th, 7th, 10th, 5th or 9th i.e. these combinations also lead to financial gains.

                           III.      One will be wealthy if Jupiter is in the 2nd as lord of the 2nd or is with Mars. This would apply to Scorpio and Aquarius Lagna people. But associations of Mars with Jupiter need to be tested by application to individual horoscopes.

                          IV.      Acquisition of wealth is indicated if the 2nd Lord is in 2nd or is in an angle or in trine. Bur financial conditions will decline if the 2nd lord comes in 6th/8th/12th houses i.e. inauspicious houses. The other principle is that a benefic in the 2nd would give wealth but malefic in the 2nd would destroy the same (The totality of horoscope should not ignored whole applying this principle).

                             V.      The native is expected to be wealthy if the 2nd lord is in an angle while the 11th lord is in a trine thereof or is aspected by or conjucted by Jupiter and Venus.

                          VI.      The native would get wealth without making efforts if the 2nd lord is conject with a benefic and be in a good division like 'Paravathama' (6 good vargas out Dasvarga scheme).

                        VII.      While judging a horoscope for wealth, the 9th house and 9th Lord cannot be ignored. It may not be possible to discuss all the combinations of 9th Houses but it would suffice to say that when the 9th Lord is in the Lagna, the native has to acquired wealth by his hard work – the examples of 'self-made persons are well known. When the 9th Lord is aspected by a benefic, the native is fortunate to have riches and happiness. Similarly, the placement of 9th Lord in the 2nd house indicate rich and influential father and at the same time the native gets wealth from his father.

                     VIII.      Depending on the strength of the Moon in the 9th house, it is capable of making the native fortunate and prosperous and can give immovable properties to the native apart from visit to foreign countries for earning wealth.

                          IX.      There is much yoga for giving wealth and it may not be possible to refer to all o them. Dhurdhura Yoga i.e. when there are planets on either side of the Moon, the native is blessed with mush wealth and conveyances but again it has to be keen whether the Moon, the native is blessed with much wealth and conveyances but again it has to be keen whether the Moon is hemmed by malefics or benefices. Yoga Karka planets and exalted planets are also capable of giving wealth and comforts of life but the totality of the horoscope and strength of the planets can not be failed. We have seen cases when the exalted planets have failed to give the desired results – in other words, much would depend on the residential and inherent strength of the planets including the Nakshtras in which the planets were rising at the time of birth.

                             X.      Acquisition of wealth is also indicated for those who are born in yogas as Gaj-Kesri, Hamsa, Malvya, Sasa, Ruchka, Budha-Aditya Yoga etc.

                          XI.      The native with exalted Venus (in Pisces) in the 10th, 4th or 7th or in Lagna would enable the native to hold high positions. This placement would confer abundant riches if the exaltation is in the 2nd, 9th, 11th or 5th houses. Preferably the Venus should not be afflicted in any manner.

4)      Now a reference shall be made to actual horoscope of the natives who can be termed as 'wealthy' with little brief discussion of the planetary forces".

  1. DOB-1.11.1932 TOB – 8.15A.M. Let – 22.35 & Long 88.23

This horoscope belong to a leading industrialist who owns leading paper Mills and other asset. The astrological principle of 9th Lord of Lagna is satisfied to confer wealth. Lagna in 10th supports the acquisition of wealth. Jupiter in the 10th House aspects the 2nd houses and Saturn in own sign make the required contribution.

  1. DOB-25.07.1955, TOB-3.50 AM Lat 18.58 Long -72.50

This horoscope belong to the native born in the family of industrialist and by acquisition from parents he is a wealthy fellow and owns various industries. Mercurry in own sign Gemini with Venus, exalted Jupiter in the 2nd house are sufficient though 10th lord is also in 2nd house are sufficient though 10th lord is also in 2nd (in exaltation position) with Sun and Mars (3rd lord, 6th lord and 11th lord in the 2nd house). Improvement is also indicated in Navamsha when Jupiter and Mars occupy Lagna and 10th Lord Sun gets to the 11th House.

  1. DOB-13.12.1954, TOB – 11.10 PM Lat – 26.39 & Long 77.13.

This horoscope belongs to the category of self-made man. An astrologer- turned industrialist. This example is to prove the forces of planets and the Moon – Mercury period enabled the native to establish an industry for medicines.

This is supported by the horoscope-chem-istry of Saturn, Sun and Rahu in Scorpio in the 4th house aspecting 10th house. The Moon in 9th house also supports the astrological principles apart from the Jupiter in 2nd house aspecting Mars in the sign of Jupiter. Mercury, the lord of 2nd and 11th is placed well in the horoscope. The native also is an Astrologer of renown. In Navamsha, the Jupiter and Sun gets together in the Sign Pisces aspected by Mars giving the native the needed courage and –strength to run the big show. Even otherwise, the native was bound to have knowledge of various Shastras including for medicines as the Moon at birth was in Arries in 'Aswini' who is well known to make the native doctors, chemists or manufacturers of medicines. The Moon also gets to exaltation sign in Navamsha. Briefly, the Moon in trine aspected by benefic Venus is capable of giving wealth and he gets precedence over others and at same time, the native is known for 'humility'. All these characteristics are fulfilled by the native as far as known to me.

In the above write-up, I have given important combinations fro acquiring wealth and also given three examples of natives who are wealth by hard labor.

Shanker Adawal
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  1. Thanks this was great but i was wondering what happends if your 2nd house ruler is in the 11th hous ebut the sun is in the 11th house NOT good aspects with Sun sextile Saturn, Sun square Mars and Sun square Uranus???. Would this be really bad? Uranus is in the 7th house and Mars in the 1st house two really important house.

  2. When Jupiter is the Karka of the 2nd house, and sitting in the 2nd house, it's considered bad for wealth. How can you explain that?


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