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Astro Analysis of Chandra Kundli (Horoscope)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1)      The native a female, was born on a powerful date and even on the basis of fate, as told, must have held reasonably high position preferably in Government service. Since time of birth is not available, predictive not are made on the basis of CHANDRA KUNLI.

2)    The major question posed is with reference to inter-se relationship of Mother and sin. Anger ego of the native is indicated by the placement of Sun and Mars (both hot) aspecting the 5th house having Jupiter in own sign, irrespective of the age she continues to have good physical stamina. But, care is needed for defective teeth, if any, and may also have frequent fever, cough/cold/ stomach problem is also indicated.

3)    Born with Saturn and Moon, pitfalls specially upto the age of 50 indicated though progress in life stated at the age of 27.

4)    She is and had been dominating but in a good organizer. However because of fixed principles, she had made her own rule (dictatorship) for the family and the children may not have food tractions because of vengeance though with the passage of age relations with all must improve. In the case of actives born in Jayeshtha, the void is normally filled after the age of 45.

5)    With some good planetary position, the native help high position and is learned and capable of having knowledge about various Shastras. But, the mental outlook must change (she cannot be blamed because of Moon/Saturn and effects of Mars). Mental attitude need a change with practice and thinking about the problem or the point at issue. If one thinks with a cool min, there may be n problem.

6)    Enemity or  difference of opinion between the mother and son (children) need to be resolved by the intervention of some wise person and after analysis of the problem. The role played by another lady, including wife of son, may also be responsible. Inspire of the native being for certain problems-rather all matters may be discussed though she is capable of taking spot decisions.

7)    At times strong emotions, jealous nature mar the smooth flow of life. She is more interested in knowing what others say about her.

8)    Some honors and gains from Government and other institution also indicated Remedial include the following :

A.     Recite the Mantra of Lord shiva.
B.     Donations on Saturday- as explained.
C.     Feeding of Cow on Thursday- 'Chana' and 'Gur'.
D.     Recitation of Mantras of Durga Maa.

Ask for Yantra for better relations and peace of mind, if interested.

Spare some time for the Almighty-God either at home or visit to temple.

Help the needy to the extent you can.

Wear Pearl in silver ring on small finger- right hand.

Shanker Adawal
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