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Weekly Astro Trend for Sun Signs + Birthday Forecast + Stock Trend and more

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 23 2010: The authority or bosses or even if you are at the helm will not be satisfied the finance strategy. Rework keeping solid business planning.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TODAY: Will be a good year. There will become restrictions that you have to impose on yourself with regard to job challenges – do not change or be rash there. Issues with family, fiancé and fortune – you will deal with them and sort them to your advantage. The fairer sex to stay clear from depressions and the males of this sign to spend on the lady love to keep them is good spirits. Do not talk while driving and this on the whole will be a year where you will climb up.

STOCKS: There will be a realistic picture emerging – restrictions will come and a move towards discipline – Saturn is in play. The energy and some metal stocks will hold on. Health space will be good also.


ARIES: Aggressive planning /communications will be the key activity this week. Only mental aggression will not pay. Take care of issues with children – important. Good for your mental frame but if mother unwell please take adequate steps. You will be in favor with bosses/govt and will spend time with family / finance issues. The loved ones may communicate but would be dry in there approach – they would have some unanswered questions. In travel plans be realistic in your approach – do not make unsustainable plans. Those in international relations may do well after some initial fears.

TAURUS: An above average week. You will by your authority deal with family/finance/gains etc and also balance things in the work space. In job you need to be careful that too much of thoughts on some pins and pricks to be avoided. The opposite sex will be attracted and expense will be high. Take care of chronic health problems – do not neglect them.

GEMINI: focus will be to deal with your boss/job and your energy level will be low. A feeling of results not commensurate with efforts will be there. Be careful in work and dealing with family. Your plans may not fructify.

CANCER: Will want new things to happen in the job space though nothing negative at the moment. Gain from authority which means bosses/ govt etc – be careful in dealing with people around – your close team – apply caution – younger brother if you have should take care on his actions – your loved ones will come back with the emotional – spiritual attitude you want her with.

LEO: You concern will be issues of self /planning and mother / job. In work space do not do start anything new. On the family front if there are issues – step back – do not take drastic steps this week.

VIRGO: Things will start looking up on the professional front – family issues will get resolved – the male sex will be responsive to you – in planning for money and communications – do take care. Struggle in relationship with the loved one.

LIBRA: you will plan money issues and allied things but need to be careful while dealing with authority – do not confront this week. Also good for those in love / relationships – only for the fairer sex.

SCORPIO Major focus will be to deal with boss/govt/allied . Bad weeks for those in relationship/partners- for the males – need to deal with care and caution. Good for job – changes – family issues – luck with you but do not be hasty.

SAGITARIUS: Big plans. Those in the entertainment industry will plan and act – do not go over board. In relationships my advice is to keep the limits. Good for communication and money matters – not good for property issues.

CAPRICORN: Energy high – support form family and friends – good for job changes but need to take caution – start planning. Do not get afraid of the things happening and keep your calm.

AQUARIUS: Good for partnerships in business but not good for those in service – need to exercise free will and act in accordance – bankers will be there to help you in your big plans.

PISCES: Good for property and allied issues. Struggle – positive in job and would try changing – be patient and do not jump at the first opportunity. Family will be supportive and a good week to start new things or issues that were not moving.
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