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Spirituality and Religion

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

  1. All these fields are deeply connecting with each other and not one is possible without inter-se connection. It is true and accepted that the divine science- Astrology-itself has traveled to us form Vedas and Puranas-one of the Purana being names as 'Bhavishya Purana.' What is spirituality is difficult to describe and define as it has to come to the individual concerned from 'within' with his good deeds good speech and with the absolute truth (which may be impossible in the present day 'Kal-yug'). But at the same time all religions lead to attainment of spirituality-with ultimate aim of 'moksha' (Salvation from the cycle of birth/death).
  2. Every religion serves the path for spirituality. The study of Vedas also involves the background of religious/mythic facts. It is heartening that to keep up the dying heritage-a Vedie University has recently been established-this will definitely uphold the moral values which are degenerating for some reason or other need not enter into this controversy.
  3.  It would not be too much to say that the concept of 'astrology. Being a limb of spiritual in nature. The trains and character of 12th house of a Horoscope stand fro 'exit' (moksha-salvation) and so on. In other words it is for last journey from the world. We can say that it is negation of the significations of the 1st house giving the native body, mind and other components. The Node 'Ketu' has been accepted by all astrologers and lovers of astrology to stand for 'Moksha' (liberation or salvation) and it is interesting to know the main Luminary- the Sun gets exalted in Nakshtra Aswinia Nakshtra owned by Ketu. Without dwelling further into this debate, it would suffice to say that the Hindu religions provide lot of bas to take the native to 'spirituality'. The names of Hindu deities (trinity) - 'BRAHMA, VISHNU AND MASHESH' are well known to stand for creation', protection' and 'destruction'. This triplicate has been extended to the horoscope of a native i.e. first three house stand creation of body and brain, protection may broadly be attributed to 4th house to 8th house and ninth house again represent 'morality and spirituality'. To what extent a native spiritual, the examination of 9th house and 9thj Lord cannot be ignored. At the same time, placement of Jupiter for 'morality and spirituality' becomes equally important. The 10th house is your 'Karma', 11th house for gains (excellence) and ultimately the 12th house for Moksha (destruction).
  4. All the planets have their Vedic names and this also lends support to the fact the Astrology is 'spiritual in nature'. Therefore those practicing astrology in the real sense automatically become 'spiritual' with the practice of 'intuition' and other God-gifted sense which are necessary for practice of astrology. One who is practicing astrology, chance in thinking towards religious leaning becomes automatic. For the benefit of refers, Vedic names of planets are as under:-

Planet                                                        Vedic Name

Sun                                                            Aditya
Moon                                                         Soma
Mars                                                          Angaraka
Mercurry                                                    Budha
Jupiter                                                        Brilhaspti
Venus                                                         Shukra
Saturn                                                        Shani

  1. Even while prescribing remedial measures. Astrologers have to take resort to 'Vedic' mantras. Mantras for all planets emanate from Vedas, in short, it can be said that the basic concept of astrology is spiritually oriented. Therefore, only those persons take to astrology who have spiritual bent of mind or have the intention to be 'spiritual bent of mind or have the intention to be 'spiritual'. Without spirituality and religious nature, Hindu astrology may not be practiced in real sense.

Shanker Adawal
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