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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As for other combinations, the horoscope must have some combination to enter politics or become a Man (Leader) of masses. Normally some Raj-yogas have to be present in the horoscope even for becoming a Member of Rajya Sabha though most of the leaders are born to become public representatives.


We start with the horoscope of Late Shri Biju Patnaik. I am replying on the published date of birth as I have no personal contact. The astro-analysis shall serve two purposes one to show the strength in the horoscope of the native to become a Chief Minister and important VIP and the other is to pay respect to the departed leader:


Horoscope of Shri Biju Patnaik


Date of Birth – 5th March 1916

POB Cuttack


The Native was born when Raurus ruled by Venus was rising and Lagna Lord gets to 12th house. 2nd Lord Mercury gets to 9th house (Trine) but with Rahu and aspected by Mars and Keu- giving the native extra- energy to shoulder various responsibilities. The Moon 3rd Lord gets to 11th house with Jupiter causing a Gaj-Kesri Yoga from Chandra Kundli. The powerful is the Sun in the 10th house being 4th Lord – 4th house represent masses and the native was to become a leader as the powerful Sun  aspect the its own sign-Leao-the fourth house is aspected by Mars whereas 11th house is well fortified. To be a leader, Saturn – the planet of masses aspect the 4th house. The following achievements had been reported in the Economic Times dated 18.01.1997.


 "Joined Ind. National Airways, become its ace pilot, took part in Quit India Movement in 1942. Courted imprisonment during freedom movement, flew Indonesian Prime Minister Sultan Sidarir to New Delhi during Indonesian fight against the Dutch, landed first Indian Plane in Kashmir during Pakistan invasion, and took to setting up industries on return to Orissa. Was member of the Orissa assembly from 1952-73, re-elected in 1985. Chief Minister from 1961-63 and 1990-95. Resigned under Kamraja Plan in August 1963. Lead Pragati Party until assembly's dissolution in 1973. Elected to Rajya Sabha in 1972. Was member of Lok Sabha from 1977-79, and then from 1980-84 was minister for steel and mines, Government of India, from 1977-79. Served as Chairman of the Orissa Planning Board from 1963-67 and in 1972. Was leader of opposition of Orissa Assembly from 1985-89 and then since 1995.


The death came on 17th April, 1997 in the morning. The planetary position with reference to natal chart was:


No planet in Lagna, The Moon had no force though in own sign- Cancer, Mars (retrograde) was in fourth house and thus afflicted the previous house of the Moon, Rahu in the 5th house aspected Saturn and Ketu, Jupiter (debilitated) in 9th house was aspected by Retrograde Mars and also by Saturn. Lagna Lord Venus was in 12th house with Mercury and Sun-Venus also the Lord of 6th house. Malefic content of planets resulted in death of the tallest leader of his time lived long life of 8.1. He is survived by two sons and a daughter.



Shanker Adawal



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