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A Peep into some of the Horary Principles

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

As most of you know that Horary is itself an important branch of astrology and the full information can be gathered and predictions given just on the basis of question of time and the place where the question is put. Original Prashna Tantra is traced to Tajak Neeelkanthi.


2. After drawing the Prashana Kundli (Question Time chart) and placement of the planets, go into the degrees of the rising planets at the time of question and also note the degree of the Lagna rising at the time of question. This will help you to determine the strength of the planets.


3. We have few books and some of the original books are not being published and thus material available on Horary is inadequate. But the principles contained in Dr. Raman's Prashna Marga and other books do lend a helping hand. Actually, even of the Astrologers are only practicing Horary-apparently with more god gifted institution.


4. We have aspects of the planets. The same principles are applicable to Horary chart. Where there is reference to Ithasal, then the reference is deemed to be of Tajak.


5. Determine the nature of the question and must be brought in Jeeva, Dhatu or Moolu. This classification will help you to arrive at proper predictions.


6. With reference to the question, try to establish the connection with Lagna and Lagna Lord. Most if the predictions can be given just on the basis of position, aspect, conjunction etc. Of the Lagna Lord and the relevant house which signifies the question posed all matters relation to litigation/disputes etc, must be looked from 7th house, 7th lord apart from Lagna and Lagna Lord.


7. With regards to question about 'competition', there is some difference of opinion among the astrologers. Some take 5th house as the house of competition but according to some astrologers (Horary experts), the correct house for competition is 6th and 7th house is for opposition. 6th house is also for secret enemies.


8. Hora starts from the lord of the day. Even at times you ought to know the hora under which the question has been put. The following is the ready-made method for arriving at the Hora of the particular moment. Suppose today is 10th August, 1995 (Raksh-Bandhan as will as id (Birthday of prophet Mohd.) and the Hora would start from Jupiter-the lord of Thursday:


Sat             Jupiter              Mars             Sun               Venus               Mercurry          Moon

                  1                      2                   3                   4                      5                      6

7                8                      9                   10                 11                    12                    13

14              15                    16                 17                 18                    19                    20

21              22                    23                 24


The above division of 24 hours (Hora) indicates the correct classification as next Hora would be of Venus on 11.08.1995. Daily Horas can be worked out accordingly. If the readers are interested in more detail, they may refer to S.P.Pahwas book on 'Aswini'.


Find out strongest planet in the chart-with reference to its exaltation sign Mooltrikona and own sign. How, it is aspected and conjuncted. (Though not strictly in Horary but look at the Nakshta in which the Planet is placed).


10 With regard to the question of marriage, find out connection between the Largna Lord and 7th Lord. Any planet in exaltation would be good and if aspected by Jupiter the same would be best for marriage and children. In the alternative take the Moon as Lagna and how improvement comes with reference to the 7th house and 7th lord. Let us examine the following Prashan Kundi (Question time chart). The question was put on 13.4.1993 at 8:35 PM. With regard to marriage of the girl in Delhi.


Prashana Chart


Mery. Ven. (R) Sun


























Jup. (R)


Planetary Position


Planets and Lagna                                 S                                  D                                 M

Sun                                                      11                                29                                55

Moon                                                   08                                27                                42

Mars                                                    02                                29                                43

Mercurry                                              11                                03                                35

Jupiter (R)                                            05                                19                                15

Venus (R)                                             11                                11                                35

Saturn                                                  10                                03                                58

Rahu                                                    07                                19                                43

Ascendant                                            06                                24                                03


It may be noted that Chart (movable) Lagna and Shrishodya Lagna was rising. The moon was shortly to enter to Capricorn in the IVth house. Saturn was well placed in the Trine and was aspecting the VII house. The Lagna Lord and Karka of marriage Venus, retrograde was in VIth house aspected by Jupiter (Retrograde), Exchange of VIth Lord and XII the Lord (both Retrograde) was worth noting. Mars in the last degree was in IX house and was to get in Cancer after same time. Note that there was no planets in the Kendra and the position would improve with Moon and Mars coming in Kendra. Accordingly, the prediction was made that there may be a break in promise for marriage as the father of the girl may not agree or something like that. Marriage was predicted to be scheduled after 2 and half months. (But no feed back had been received from the current).


Shanker Adawal



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