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My General AstroTip for May 13, 2010 Deception and being highly emotional will not pay.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TAODAY: Be observant but do not be sarcastic. Say OM for health, be critical to yourself first and give anew perspective to life. Will be atough year – changes – you will hadle them with your planning skills.Lilac is a good color.

STOCKS:. Good to deal with health / engineering – construction and allied stocks. Be careful with banking and paper sticks as could be deceptive/double edged – trends.

ARIES: In issues of self and loint finances – some disappointment . In relationship do not be secretive / do not hide.

TAURUS: In matters of family/finance / partnerships – activity level high and gains. Take stock of debts/health/expenses today. A day for fun and also make love.

GEMINI: Dealings and planning will be farsighted / travel could be planned. Think of long run. A talk if in realtioship to sort misunderstandings will do well.

CANCER: You will think and move with speed on communications and figure work – be careful of details – the devil lies there. Refrain critical analysis in a relationship.

LEO: Your authority will help in gaining money etc and in plaanig businesses/ strategy. Advice is to be grounded and take the realistic view of things around. A good day to take care of your moods in ways – if in love.

VIRGO: The practical aspects will be in forefront in all matters. Change and quick decisions to be avoided for consolidation and moving ahead. A good day to propose and be close to your loved one.

LIBRA: things to put matters of finace / familt / self goals – though you will plan them well – today you will meet with some frustration / some changes not to your likening. In relationships best would be spend time dining and same could be done with family.

SCORPIO: Your plans whichever and those with property etc you will be able to settle. Also a goos day for health / educational / plan repayment of debt / get chea loans.

SAGITTARIUS:. A good day for achieving your goals with planning and farsightedness. Also improvement in health of elderly.Time to enjot if in relatiosgip or with partner/family.

CAPRICORN: With some use of your intellect a good day to achieve things in the job space. Be firm. Students to concentrate. In relationship/family/in love – you need emotional nurturing.

AQUARIUS: In profession / gains/health issues with some disruptions – you will be able to get things in control. Physical part in a relationship will be satisfying.

PISCES: In issues of family/finace / education - there will be division / dissipation but with tact you will control. To have a dinner with your loved one will suit you.

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Shanker Adawal

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