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Astro Trend and Sun Sign read for 25th May 2010 + Trend for Stocks & Your Birthday forecast

MY GENERAL ASTRO TIP FOR MAY 24 2010: A negative mind set – lack of energy ; in planning & figures – do not go for the glamour but go in the depth of the issues. This will apply in other ares of life.

IF IT IS YOUR BITHDAY TODAY:Good for family and finace .Also an opportunity to take care of your wife – partners in business will be dependent on you . Not a good year to deal with govt. and authority. Will have to struggle to raise /pay debts. You will be in a mood to change the surroundings or start fresh relationships in society.

STOCKS: Good for communications stocks as well as the retail space. There will be a lot of paper work in making financial instruments – if you are assigning tham as debt please exercise caution for the long term/details.


ARIES: Struggle in planning and be careful in speaking – stay away from smart talkers – bad for dealing with aouthority / govt issues .Love: You will have to deal with fairer sex who would be feeling either very low or highly emotional.
Depressive – bipolar – to keep away from problematic issues for today .

TAURUS: Planning – partnershipsin these ares you will do well. Some problems with authority. Good for family issues – you can bring changes. Diabetic to take care. Love: With family – an evening out will help / be good.

GEMINI: Your communications skill and planning will pay off both with govt/other authorities – a day to work and plan. Love: Propose if you want. Be together and pamper - egos.

CANCER: – Be careful of talks – think before you speak – deception possible, and, also you can make hay by smart talks – if you have the devious intellect – use it to make up your losses. Some fear to come up – rationalize it. Love: Talk – touch.

LEO: You will be able to maintain your pride/status with careful planning and thoughtful execution. Love: Cuddle and plan future.

VIRGO: Be careful in negotiations especiall property matters – you will be able to strike it – luck with you. Those with nervous system issues to take that extra care. Love: Dress up to show your sexuality & have a quiet time with each other.

LIBRA: Financial and some statement made by you will cause trouble – stay away from authority / bosses. Family issues will do well. Your friends could come up with big plans – do give them a look. The males will have a tough time dealing with there loved ones. Love: Talk – differences can be got over and unite.

SCORPIO: In matters of joint finance/allied and family isssues – be careful in dealing – you could invite bigger problems. Love: Physical aspect will dominate.

SAGITTARIUS: Luck will trick you today. Plans and efforts will not pay as you expected them – do not be over confident. This applies for family and the job space. Love: Be together and perhaps would be in an unconventional mood.

CAPRICORN: Take care dealing with land issues – problems in the job space – those with blood & bone related issues to be careful. Love: A mood to wine – dine to the hilt with partner.

AQUARIUS: Issues of job/family will be settled well and you will plan / be in control. Good for job, those unwell will find improvement and tensions/expenses will be at bay. Love: A nice get toget together with family and loved ones – will do well.

PISCES: Family matters – finaces – partners in life and businee – gains – a favorable day – some pins and pricks will be there but you will be satisfied in tackling issues /planning/putting things in perspective. Some fear will be there to start with but temporary.Love: be with eah other and talk better aspects of life/relationship.


·       Astrology gives trends and applies to all- apply it depending on your situation - strata – free will is yours.

·       Give feedback on the predictions
·       Encourage me BY making members ON face book.
·       Participate – ask queries / feedback – free will there always.
·       Regret spelling mistakes
·       Also no offence – if so – because of the language – the underlying meaning is important.

·       NOTE- the words to be interperetted as following also

1.    Love – applies for those married also.
2.    Negotiations when I write also means litigations and like .
3.    Planning – the students should apply on themselves also
4.    Authority also includes father/husband/elders.

Bless Me


Shanker Adawal
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