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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Evolution, though a little different from science but is also taught by Religions though it is claimed that evolution can only be taught by present-day science. The doctrine ‘struggle for existence’ and the survival of the fittest’ hold good in both the fields- be it science or religion. Be that as it may, both science and religions teach that the human being has to rise higher and to the higher-platforms through the successive and continuous efforts (from generation to generation) in life. Religion teaches us that we have to exert hard- it is on account of hard labour and ‘Tapsaya’ that many of the persons have come to be known as Rishis’, ’Shankaracharays’, etc

Tracing the Vedic evolution of astrology, it would be apt to say that the purpose of creation of the purpose of creation of the Universe (both organic and inorganic matter) is that the native must for through the joys and sorrow on account of his ‘karma’ in the previous birth and secondly this birth must give the native and opportunity to work out his salvation (apvarga) through his present efforts need to be supported by the grace of God. You can’t move an inch to be supported by the grace of God. You cannot move and inch without the consent and good wishes of the Almighty- though the STAR (planetary position) has a say in the matter.

‘Moksha’ has been held to be an ideal state of affairs but who realizes and who prove. Without dwelling on this delineation, you are welcome to send your astray thought.

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