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Eye Diseases, Why? What are the Astrological Reasons?

Image result for eye problemAt the outset it is stated that the eye-diseases rather any other diseases come to the native-whether a child a young, man or an old man, depending on the planetary position of the birth chart, strength of the planets, the houses/signs occupied by the plants and the Dasha Maha-dasha, Antra-dasha or Pratantra-dasha (Major period, Sub-period or Sub-sub-period) the native is running at a particular time (Vimshortri-Dasha). Even going to hospital and getting operation etc, is destined by the force or planet. Results of operation would also depend on the ruling planets on the day of operation- in this connection even the planets of the Doctors attending the patient also have some effect and principles of Mundane Astrology- leading to strike, non-availability of equipment of medicine at the right moment also govern the fate of the native.

2. For all diseases, the planets, signs, Nakshtras etc. become responsible. Broadly, all types of diseases have been attributed to the planets i.e. the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercurry, Jupiter and Saturn apart from Rahu and Ketu. Without going into individual details, it would suffice to say that the Sun and Mars mainly become responsible for eye- troubles and role of Mars in eye-operation can’t be ruled out. In addition, 2nd houses and 12th house of a horoscope represent left and right eye and the extent of eye- trouble would depend on the affliction of these houses and their lords. Venus is also considered by some as eye and at times Saturn becomes the signification of blindness which is also connected with eye trouble. With reference to signs, some of the astrologers hold the opinion that Taurus is capable of giving eye-trouble but in my opinion Aries if afflicted can also eye-trouble with Saturn being debilitated. Further, lords of 2nd 12th conjoining in 6th house and having some affliction or without the requisite strength can also cause eye-trouble (wearing of space is the minimum).

3. It has been seen that the following planetary combinations have been found to be responsible for eye-diseases’. However, other astrologers may send their views based on their practical experience with reference to modern times including pollution and smoke giving vehicles in the cities.

(1) The Sun governs the right eye and the Moon governs the left eye. This principle is accepted by all but some of the astrologers hold the view that Saturn governs the right eye and Mars govern the left. Astrologers may mail view on this point.

(2) Malefic planets in the trik house i.e. 6th/8th/12th houses form Lagna have the powers and are capable of giving eye trouble or even giving blindness.

(3) Eye disorders are also accepted when the 2nd house of 12th house are afflicted by the Sun.

(4) Though some say that Vipreet Raj Yoga comes into effect but some of the astrologers are of the opinion that when the lords of 2nd and 12th house occupy any of the evil (trik or inauspicious) house i.e. 6th, 8th, 12th chance of becoming blind are apparently during the dasha of the concerned planet.

(5) Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in 2nd or 12th house can cause blindness if there is no benefic relief from any corner.

(6) Leo sign occupied by Saturn and Venus is capable of giving eye-troubles to the native.

(7) Combination of Lords of the 2nd or 12th houses with a malefic in Aries or Leo sometimes proves harmful for the eyes.

(8) The Moon in association with Venus with a malefic in Leo or Arise may cause eye-trouble leading to blindness.

(9) Eye-trouble is also caused by the Sun and the Moon in the 12th house afflicted by malefics.

(10) Ketu is one of the significations of ‘Cataract’. Association of Ketu and the Sun in the 2nd or 12th house can cause ‘cataract’ problem leading to surgery.

(11) Mars and the Moon in any of the evil house i.e. 6th, 8th, 12th can cause eye-troubles of various kinds including flow of water, tears, etc.

(12) Some of the astrologer attributes ‘eyesight’ to Mercurry. Accordingly, it is said that of the five senses. Mercurry governs the sight. So any affliction of Mercurry, specially in the 2nd or 12th house may give eye troubles.

4. The above just broad guidelines to predict eye- trouble with reference to will laid principles of astrology. Now I give the latest example of a native who had under gone eye-operation (earlier Ratine and now cataract). The following birth chart of the native may be kept in mind:-

-Lagna-Libra (12.8) Rahu in Lagna (16.12),

Mars in 3rd house (Saggittarus -20.59).

The Moon in 5th house (Aquirius-26.42) and Venus also in the 5th house (Aquirius-26.15), Jupiter in the 6th House (Pisces-1.43 only), Saturn in the 6th house (Pisces-28.37) and The Sun in the 7th house

(Aries-20.40), with Ketu in the 7th house (Aries-16.12).

From the above principles it would appear that the native had rightly under gone two operations. For the latest operation, the native was admitted in Hospital on 17-04-1995 and was operated upon on 19-4-1995 (before 9.15AM). The native was discharged on 24.04.1995 as some swelling in the eye was reported after operation. With reference to transit, it may be stated that on the date of admission, the Sun, Mercurry and Ketu were in the 7th house and the Moon and Rahu in Lagna with reference to Libra Lagna. Venus was in its feeble degree (29.58 at 5:30 AM) and in association Saturn. Moon and Rahu being aspected by Mars – 2nd lord. On 22-04-1995 at the time of operation Gemini was rising and Mars powerfully occupied to be in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. Exalted Venus in Pisces and Retrograde Jupiter in Scoroio provided some relief and accordingly with little post-operation problem, the operation become successful.

From the above, it may be found that date of getting to hospital and date of operation are supported by astrological principles discussed above.

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