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Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA
Astrology. That is not Shanker’s alibi to while away lazy hours, it is his preferred passion - a passion that fell his way in childhood, a zeal that he picked from his father. As a child Shanker often saw his father, a bureaucrat-astrologer, scrambling with dates and numbers on a horoscope; he often sat at his father's feet as he flipped through books to unravel the mysteries of human lives and existence; while boys his age were fiddling with cars and machines, Shanker sat hours to partake in intellectual debates about the futility and paradoxes of life that his father had with his friends and fellow astrologers. more...

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The zodiac signs - New Arrival Soon: The zodiac signs have evinced great interest. We watch the television and read the print media to find out what is predicted for our Sun Sign. There are twelve Sun Signs starting with Aries and ending at Pisces. These signs have logic and have been explained briefly in the book. Also during my astrological study and advice for over three decades now, I found people wanting to know more about their nature.
Astrological Predictions on Sun Signs for Year 2010 by Dr. Shanker Adawal.

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राशिचक्र का पूर्वानुमान वर्ष 2024 के लिए।