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Importance of R in a name

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA, Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA

The alphabet R in the name makes Rajyoga. Indias all prime ministers from first to last having R in their Good Name. Who don’t have R in the name they come very near to become Prime minister but they cant make at last moment like Sonia Gandhi. Our first prime minister was Jawahar Lal Nehru having two R’s in his name. It makes strong Raj yoga. He was PM for about 17 years.

Our second PM was Lal Bahadur Shastri again having two R’s in his name. Then our third PM was Gulzari Lal Nanda. Again having R in his good name. Next PM was Indira Gandhi having R in her good name. She was an iron lady having Maha Bhagya Yoga also in her birth chart. Next PM was Morarji Desai having two R’s plus Maha Bhagya Yoga. Rajiv Gandhi having R in his name plus word Raj making Raj yoga. P V Narsimharao, Chandrashekar, Vishwa Nath Pratap Singh, Inder Kumar Gujral, Atal Bihari Vajpayee all having R in their Good name. Manmohan Singh not having R in his good name but its complete title again having R that is Dr. Manmohan Singh. He has not having R in his actual name that is why he became PM after 72 hours confusion.

If anybody has got R in his name, his future is bright in politics. People likes him and win the election easily. Person can dream for PM or minister.

Ashwani Born Women's Career

Normally all the astrological principles applicable to men do apply to women but for certain inherent constitutional difference, little separate treatment has traveled to us from sages i.e. why we had separate ‘angs’ of Astrology and ‘Strse Jataka’ is one of such ‘angs’ (limbs). As is known, the whole astrology (Hindu astrology) is based on Nakshtras and planets governing them. It would suffice to say here that persons born in each Nakshtra have different characteristics, features, career/service or profession happiness, marriage or no marriage (at times birth in a particular Nakshtra and at a particular degree gives no marital happiness—some people remain unmarried throughout their lives is well known—not because of lack of their efforts/wealth but because of the stars ruling them at the time of their birth).

2. In all there are 27 Nakshtras, through some of the astrological works take them at 28 including ‘Abhijit’. The first such Nakshtra is ‘ASWINI’ and covers the first 13 degrees and 20 minutes of the ZODIAC extension. Aswini born persons have different nature, characteristics, features, appearance. For a lay man, it would suffice to say that the MOON was in Aswini at the time of the birth—Again, the degree/Pada/charan) of Aswini go a long way in determining the wealth, health, marital status and career of all—whether men or women. Moon in Aswini constitute the ‘Rasi’ (Janam Rasi) and as such the results can be checked.

3. The topic selected is the career of Aswini Born natives i.e. females only though in the modern times all the professions are equally open and are being done by the women folk. In the present time, I think in all the fields women have reached at the top and / or are reaching the desired but destined goal. On may way to Indore by Air on 10th April, 1994, we were told that the Captain in Commend was Madam Bhatia (If I remember the name correctly). Accordingly, tests laid down by our sages/rish—need interpretation with reference to the modern times. Here, I would like to point out that even the little instance during journey from Bhopal to Indore proved and confirmed the role of planets on all matters—animate and inanimate. Retrograde Jupiter and under the influence of other malefic planets need not be elaborated for this article, the plane took off at the scheduled time 6.00 P.M. but after 18 minutes of flight, the plane had to return to Bopal for the reasons given ‘bad weather conditions’, Applying the Hora, I told a fellow passenger that the intimation to fly would come around 7.30 P.M. and the plane took off for Indore at 7.45 P.M.

4. According to the well laid principles of astrology, for determining the profession/service/business, 10th house from the Ascendant (Lagana), placement of the Lagana Lord, placement of 10th house lord, position in Navansha chart and other technicalities have to be considered while pronouncing the judgment with regard to career of the person concerned. At times, only the birth in a particular Nakahtra is and had been seen to be sufficient to determine the business/service/profession of the native concerned. So is the case with ‘Aswini’ Nakshtra. This Nakshtra is owned by the shadowy planet ‘Ketu’ and rises in the sign Aries ruled by Mars. Normally, Aswini born natives including women have the following nature/characteristics:

(a) Swift
(b) Possess more resistance power,
(c) Tendency to resist or negative any ideas, whether right or wrong,
(d) Because cause of frequent friction in the family and also in public life,
(e) At times misunderstood for their actions through aswini born/persons are not bad at heart.

5. Women born in Aswini-1 (between 00.00 to 3.20 degrees of the Moon) do attain high position but, depending on their personal horoscope, are not liked by their associates and employees. They enjoy gracious personality and get ample opportunities to exchange ideas with learned people. Such ladies have been seen to occupy high position in the corporate sector and Government service. The moment the Moon gets to Aswini-2 (3.20 to 6.40 degrees), the native becomes arrogant in life and depending on the personal planetary position may turn out to be a deceit or smuggler. The position of the Moon in Aswini at –2-3 degrees had been declared dreadful but this needs more research by the Astrologers and others interested in astrology. Lovers of astrology may mail their views to the Editor. Astrology—The Soul of All. Birth in Aswini-3 (Moons’ degree 6.40 to 10.00) causes troubles throughout life with ups and downs and in some cases making the native irritant and quarrelsome. Though with ‘restless nature’, the native have been seen to rise to the top position. In some cases, the natives become very learned, expert in various shastras and religious scriptures. These ladies are friend of those by whom they are impressed. Now, the Moon in Aswini-4 (10.00 to 13.20 degrees) enable the women to hold very good position provided the Sun is not in conjunction i.e. the Sun should be away from the Moon by 72 degrees at the time of birth. For such ladies, high education and acquisition of knowledge become the goal.

6. Apart from the 10th lord in the horoscope, see also which is the strangest planet in the horoscope and profession is determined accordingly i.e. in keeping with the nature/characteristics of the planet. Since aswini has been equated with ‘physician’, the ladies do become doctors, medical practitioners, ayurvedic doctors and other healers of human diseases. Military is another field—now entry of women in the police and military is on the increase. The placement of MARS in Aswini becomes one of the signfactors for joining police/military.

7. Other professions/services/business for Aswini born women are ; service in factories, receptionists in the offices of race-course clubs, advocates including criminal advocates Engineers, (including marine and mechanical engineers), services with jail and railways, for women entrepreneurs, establishment of industries in iron, steel and copper, with string Jupiter, such ladies also become writers/authors, and accountants (chartered accountants) connected with financial affairs (service companies).

8. Though not reaching at the top, such ladies do become politicians of the highest order especially when Venus is also between 6.40 to 10.00 degrees of Aswini. Similarly, Venus in Aswini-4 (10.00 to 13.20 degrees) makes the ladies Actresses a fine actor. Some of these ladies are highly endowed with music and become famous musician.

9. Service in secret and detective organizations is more paying for Aswini born females if they are interested in doing such jobs.

10. Closing our discussion, it would suffice to say that the Sun in Aswini at 10 degrees takes the women to the highest post especially in Government undertaking or bank and such institutions.

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