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Principle of Working in Conscious, Part - II


Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA, Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA

One’s state and form (i.e. physicality) is manifestation of one’s thoughts. Similarity grows even in looks & appearance between wife & husband over the years. They start looking like brother & sisters due to resemblance in their looks. (I saw some similarity in appearance even between man and his pet dog.)

For example, consider a thought (or call it a desire) of Mahatma Gandhi, wherein he believed that he is ‘willing to sacrifice even his life’ ‘for the sake of unity and integrity of the Nation’. This Sanskara of his united him with a person – ‘who believed that he will ‘SHOOT’ (kill)’ ‘whosoever worked against the interests of his religion, sect or community’. Through, Conscious Mapping this Sanskara passed on to Indira Gandhi. Her death had all the aspects (given in italics) of that of Mahatma Gandhi. Same Sanskara got passed on to Rajiv Gandhi through ‘Conscious Mapping’ with that of her mother and his death also had all the aspects (acquired by her mother from Mahatma Gandhi and given above in italics).

Similarly, the thought – that “I am Prime Minister of India’ Passed on through Conscious Mapping from Jawaharlal All Nehru to Indira Gandhi to her Pilot son, Rajiv Gandhi, who had no liking for politics and was happy as a pilot but ended becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Similarly, eldest daughter of a widow (or virtual widow- a single parent) will end up becoming a virtual widow (a Single parent –either the husband will die or leave her or she will leave him.) Obviously, she will have not acquired the skills of adapting and adjusting with her husband (from her mother). She will be more possessive of her children, (like her mother had been.) She will not like any interference from anyone including her husband. She will take participation of the husband as interference and will not tolerate it. She will find the presence (or existence) of her husband redundant. She would like to run the show independently and all by herself, and thus create feelings in the husband which will create an environment that will lead her towards her living single (without husband).

It is very easy to find out – which event from whom? Person with whom we are very attached (or we hate him or her) and often think about him & often see the event happening to him or her. We see that event happening to him or her as and when we think of him or her whenever we remember or think of that person-that event automatically inseparably tags along.

Way of becoming what you want to be or make happen whatever you want to happen to you or someone else). The following systematic approach makes happen what you want.

Increase the intensity of your thoughts by regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation.
Think so as you want to be or want to happen.

Say so. Every word you say gets stored in the ‘space’ element of your body and around you. Every sentence you speak takes you closer to that possibility – one out of the infinite ones. For a meditator and a child- the effect is much prompt and faster.

Say so more often and to maximum number of people.

Visualise so and in every possible detail.
Believe so.

Make maximum number of people know that and make them believe that, so that ‘Collective Conscious’ works towards your goal.

Are you facing any problem? It may be Physical, mental, emotional or behavioral. It may be financial, concerns relationship or anything else – whatsoever. Know that this is a negative energy trying to draw your attention so that it can grow strong. If you keep paying attention, remember you are making it grow and strong. Then it becomes unmanageable. But you have to foil its efforts. How? Very simple. Just by ignoring it all together, completely, at the earliest without allowing it to grow. Not paying any attention to it at all. Whatever may happen. However hard this negative energy may try (to draw your attention). How do you do it? By engaging in some other activity that you like doing. By accepting it and offering to the ‘Devine’. Tell the ‘Devine’ to handle it or take care of it. Increase your Energy Levels, so that negative energies can not affect you. How do you do that? Synthesize more by optimizing food and breathing and reduce consumption (mental activity).

For addressing your physical problems, in addition to ignoring the problem, you (barring pregnant ladies) may take Aloe Vera juice, twice daily. It benefits in two hundred and twenty varieties of ailments. Once, improvement is noticed, acknowledge it, Say so to as many people as possible, as many times as possible. By doing so, your words are getting stored in ‘Space’ (element in your body and out of it) and make it happen much faster and more effectively.

Your Real Potential. You become what you think you are. You are what you believe you are. You have not realized your real potential. You don’t know what you are. You have ltd your potential by limiting your identification to your body, taking responsibility only for your family members. Come out of this stage. It does not mean that you don’t look after your family & neglect or ignore your responsibilities. What it implies is that in addition to looking after your family, see and accept responsibility for everyone and everything in this universe. Don’t confine your responsibilities up to your family only. Take responsibility for everyone and everything in this universe.

Realize that you are the God, itself. say ‘Aham Brahm Asmi’ (I am the God) (your words will get stored in ‘Space’ in and out of your body and make it happen so). This thought is very powerful. (Words give expression to thoughts and thoughts are nothing but energy.( Energy in the form of electro – magnetic form are broadcasted and received by your TV or radio receiver.)) Visualize this. Believe this. Know this (Stop identifying yourself with body alone). Experiment it and see yourself. Experience all that happens. Play the game. See for yourself what all ‘the Devine’ does through you. Enjoy the experience (thro this body) ‘the Devine’ is giving you.

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