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Concise predictions of bigwigs - A Bhrigu Technique

By Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif - The date of Birth is taken as December 25, 1949. Moon in Aquarius with Sun and mercury in Sagittarius (11th from it). Jupiter/Venus conjunction in between sun and moon. Rahu is placed 2nd house from moon and Saturn in opposition.

Native (person) is a great planner and a strategist with courage. He will enjoy the power and gain in year 2008 with his sharp tactics. 2009 will be a year of realignment and formulating the plans for the affairs of the country. 2010 will be a year of change and needs to be watched.

Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto - The date of birth being taken as September 21, 1988 with Moon in Capricorn and Venus opposite to it. Saturn in 12th house has a retrogate Mars in Pisces with Rahu in 12th, Sun in opposition and Jupiter in Taurus.

Year 2008 will be a period of consolidation and planning. Year 2009 is for developments and challenging for his party in terms of alliance. Year 2010 will be critical, needs to be watched and cautious for his assessments. The native (person) will have powerful enemies and should be careful while taking decisions. He has to monitor dispassionately the party and people at period when he is involved directly.
Mulayam Singh Yadav – The date of birth is taken as November 22, 1939. Moon is in Pisces with Jupiter. 2008 will be a period of planning and the expenses will be on the rise. The native will have to work more than required and strain his brain a lot. 2009 will be a good year for the native and will overcome adversaries and other situations positively.

Nitish Kumar – The date of birth is March 1, 1951 with the Moon in Scorpio. The year 2008 will be a period of consolidation building finances and organization of the party. The next year will be an excellent year and will be bestowed with surprises. This would be a good year for gain, victory and position.

Smt Brinda Karat – The date of birth being taken as October 19 , 1947 with Moon being in Sagittarius, the year 2008 signifies change and dealing with the secretive matters and issues which will not be evident . 2009 is a good year and the native will do well. Will despite enemies and opponents maintain status but the formal position in the party may be under pressure.

Bhuddadeb Bhattacharya – The date of birth being March 1, 1944 the Moon is placed in Taurus. In the year 2008 despite opposition, negative activities and opponents he will maintain position. The year 2009, however, will be a testing time and there could be unforeseen and sudden trouble which he would have to deal with. He will come out as a winner though that is for sure.

Arun Jaitley – The date of birth is December 28, 1952 and the Moon is in Taurus. 2008 will bring to the forefront his mathematical ability in Politics. 2009 will have certain events not in accordance with his expectations but he will emerge as a forceful planner and will be bestowed with an excellent position and assignment. But the year 2008 will be better than 2009.

Mayawati – The date of birth is January15, 1956 and the Moon is in Capricorn conjunct with the sun and mercury. 2008 will be a great year for forging new plans and organization building as well. The year 2009 will come with some unexpected results. But the native will feel personally stringer in these challenges and work towards being a political force in the coming years 2010-2011.

Raj Nath Singh – The date of birth is July 10, 1951 which has the Moon in Virgo. 2008 will be a year of trial and the native will not achieve the objectives and issues with those in authority. But the year 2009 will be a better one and he will achieve gains. He will also be recognized as a mass leader.

Sitaram Yechury – The date of birth is taken as November 9, 1952. The year 2008 (moon in Taurus) shows struggle in dealing with the larger issues (Saturn and Venus in 10th from transiting Jupiter) but will be able to maintain prestige and position. 2009 will be a year where he will get a better and a more important position in the party. The period from now till 2010 will generally be a period of dealing with authority and work towards avoiding division (Saturn in Leo transiting over sun and mercury).

Sharad Pawar – The date of birth is December 12, 1940 with Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter and Saturn. 2008 will be a period where he will deal effectively those in power and will have the political mathematics in place (sun and mercury in Scorpio where Jupiter transits in 2008 with Mars and Venus in 12th there from). 2009 is an excellent year where he will be able to lead and have a better position for himself for sure.

Priya Ranjandas Munshi - With his date of birth being taken as November 13, 1945, he is born in kumbh (aquries) rashi. Year 2008 as per transit end bhriju nadi system is an excellent year and year 2009 will a year of trial an opposition.

Rahul Gandhi - The date of birth has taken as June 19, 1970, he has sagitarius rashi. Year 2008 will be a period of change and there will be gains. Year 2009 will be a period of great understanding and consolidation.

Shri Kamal Nath - Born on November 18, 1946 and has kanya rashi. Year 2008 would be good period. 2009 would be period of gain and consolidation

Ram Vilash passwan - Date of birth taken july 6, 1946 he born in Virgo kanya rashi. 2008 would be a period of trial and tensions. 2009 would be a period of consolidation and gaining power.

Manmohan Singh - Born on sept 26, 1932 has born in kark (cancer) rashi. 2008 would be period of some tensions/ changes and sudden issues coming up which would be under control. 2009 is a period fo change winning of animies and consolidation taking a long term prospectus.

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