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Astrology Career Guidance can make all the Difference to your Life

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

It is all in the stars, and destiny as we know it can either make or break a life. Every human being at some point or the other has felt himself or herself under the complete power of destiny and unable to do much to change the fate. Luck as we know always plays a crucial role in the daily events of our lives. So we try different ways and means to make Lady Luck smile in our direction.

Astrology is one such science that helps an individual deal with his life in a much steadier and confident manner. Our financial security is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives and astrology career consultancy can help to guide us in our endeavor to discover the right career path for us and our loved ones.

Astrology career guidance is concerned with the aspect of planets on the career choices that we make in life and the results therein. Certain placements of planets are supposed to give an individual the excellence to shine in a particular line of work while others spell doom for an individual if he decides to follow a particular kind of career. Astrology career analysis therefore helps us to gain an in-depth understanding of the placement of our planets in our natal chart which is also known as the horoscope and take career decisions accordingly. Forewarning about the possible changes in our career can be easily predicted through astrology career analysis and this in turn gives us a stronger feeling of being more in control of our lives.

Astrology career gives importance to a person's birth chart and placement of planets therein and also attaches due importance to the angles formed by the planets in relation to each other. Under the Hindu system of astrology the planets, which are studied for their effects on our lives include not only the seven known astral bodies such as the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury but also the shadowy planets of Rahu and Ketu. The addition of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune has further extended the study of planets under astrology. Each of these heavenly bodies is known to have specific influences on a person's life and accordingly they also affect the career choices and growth. If properly calculated by experienced astrologers, uncanny and accurate predictions can be made regarding any aspect of an individual's life.

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