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Difference Between Moon Sign & Sun Sign


Most of us presume that our astrological destiny revolves around the Sun। Well, if that's what you thought, you aren't wrong, but only half right. For, the moon too has a major role to play in determining your emotions, instincts and passions. Traditional Indian astrological predictions are based on the Moon's position at the time of birth. So unlike the Sun Sign, which is based on definitive periods between months, the Moon sign varies drastically. This is because the moon moves 13-15 degrees every day and remains in one sign for only 2 and ¼ days. So in order to know your moon sign, you need to know the day, month, time, year as well as location of birth. Moon sign predictions are believed to be very accurate. Read on to find out if that's true for you too…

Moon Signs - Basic Qualities

Independent, Courageous, Impulsive or Headstrong, Conservative, Sensual... Who is the real YOU? Understand your qualities and quirks as defined by the lunar influence.


Energetic, Dynamic, Assertive, Independent, Courageous, Impulsive.

Arians have to be the best at nearly everything they do else it could ruin their day!
• They possess outstanding leadership and pioneering abilities.
• They are active and easily bored by routine, hence they must be kept busy at all times.
• Arians are fiercely independent.
• They also have courage and a fighting spirit that helps overcome hardships.
• Arians tend to be impatient with their emotions and often with those of other people since they get in the way of things they want to do.
• They are easily consumed by anger and irritability, which they may use as a retort to any threat to their sense of security. Rage can also be a defense especially when they lose control of a situation or feel helpless. However anger is short-lived.
• You’ll never catch an Arian wallowing in self pity for too long. They may grieve intensely for a brief period, and then, its time to move on.
• They are self-assertive which at times is interpreted as aggressiveness. Grumpiness too cannot be ruled out from their scheme of thoughts.
• They can be aggressive about getting their needs met — at times even accused of selfishness.
• Owing to a sense of deprivation during their growing up years, helplessness in others may make them angry. If you whine, they’ll growl. But if you need someone to confide in, this is the person to speak with!

Many of them are not particularly fond of children in general. But once they have their own, they are fiercely protective. They are also very protective towards people who they decide merits their protection. Once the decision is made, it’s almost always unflinching!

WORK-WISE: Given a sense of righteousness and their determination to set things right, these folks make excellent activists and advocates!



Logical, Nature Loving, Headstrong, Conservative, Sensual

• Taureans usually paint a good picture of serenity and calm.
• They nurture a green thumb and also do well at taking good care of people.
• They are confirmed foodies and revel in sensual pleasures.
• Taureans are even keeled and seldom loose their cool.
• They are not comfortable being bothered by day-to-day glitches and setbacks.
• Whether grieving themselves or being witness to a friend’s grief, they are a troubled lot.
• They can often be banked on to provide practical advice in time of a calamity.
• These folks are in excellent communion with Nature.
• Financial security is top priority with Taureans. They prefer to own their home and are particular about saving for a rainy day.
• This sign is known to enjoy taking care of others! Hence, they are extremely sought after to tide through a financial crisis or even provide sound advice!

Taureans tend to be laidback and detest change. The more one imposes the more stubborn they get! When their peace of mind is disturbed, this sign tends to indulge in food and…shopping! They also tend to get upset when financial status quo, as also their daily routine is disturbed. They can be provoked easily, so wave the red flag only if you want to be risked confrontation by the bull himself!


Expressive, Witty, Bright, Curious, Persuasive, Flirtatious.

• People born under this sign are bright, quick and witty (with repartees at the tip of their tongues)!
• No matter where they go, they are the life of the party.
• This sign is adept at picking up new skills, ideas and quick thinking. However, they also tend to get bored easily and this could lead to them becoming restless.
• In spite of being able to quickly analyze thoughts and emotions, they don’t like to delve into a complex thought processes!
• On confronting a crisis, they adopt a logical course of action to set things right. They would ideally like to nip an issue in the bud, however if that does not happen, then they deal with the issue in its most logical manner.
• Instinct and gut reactions are often forfeited for the sake of logic, and this can prove to be a bane rather than a boon.

A tensed or upset Gemini is a treat to meet. Their way of working through the tension is to act funny and get humorous! At tensed times Geminins are witty, funny and make the other person double-up with laughter! When tensed, Geminis could also get into an overdrive and work extra hard to tide through the crisis.

• This sign is naturally endowed with teaching skills. Those born under this sign make excellent writers too.
• Geminis are endowed with a gift of the gab and make for good salespeople too



Caring, Responsive, Sensitive, Emotional, Moody, Homely

• Cancerians tend to be sensitive and emotional and could be easily hurt with unthinking words.
• They are protective, caring people and make others feel at home.
• A Cancerian’s home is a treat to visit and a source of immense comfort and solace for them as also the people they love.
• These people tend to be sentimental and cherish the past as also the people who have been very close to them.
• They are essentially family folks who place a lot of importance on near and dear ones.
• If encountered by an emotionally trying event, like the death of a kin or a relationship gone sour, this sign tends to grieve for a long time.

Cancerians can be extremely insecure. They need to be in touch with their roots and feel the strength of their home. Ironically, most of them may have experienced a disruption of family ties and suffered from the experience. They tend to build close ties with friends which could be as strong as those they share with the family. However, after having expended most of their care on others, these folks may deprive themselves of their own share of pampering.



Charming, Dignified, Loyal, Generous, Warm, Indulgent, Officious

• None can ignore this sign! They strut around regally and are shrouded in an air of regality and splendor.
• They have a penchant for luxury, glamour and worldly pleasures!
• These people have a touch of class which may be accompanied by dignity and a concern for those they need to protect.
• They are loyal, folks and friends can depend on them to be by their sides through the thick and thin of things.
• They are generous, large-hearted and warm.
• Their childlike approach makes them endearing and lovable it is thanks to this childlike quality that they relate well with children.
• When faced by emotional upheavals they may withdraw into a shell and refrain from expressing themselves, thus appearing perfectly well-balanced. On the other hand, they may vie for everyone’s attention by being the jester! Problems are magnified, with the lion striving to be the centre of attention!
• Leos need to be in the driver’s seat to feel secure, this denied, they may turn into nervous wrecks.
STAR QUIRKS Do they have an ego? Yes, a lion-sized one at that! They constantly seek attention and will do everything within their capacity to be in the limelight. Their homes are generally palatial with a touch of glamour and class.These independent souls would rather play the generous donor than the gracious taker.


Capable, Objective, Perfectionist, Cultured, Helpful, Critical.

• This sign strives for perfection, almost 24-hours a day!
• They are observant and quick to point out faults in others and themselves, but beware they aren’t the most tactful folks around!
• They have an elephantine memory and remember details to the last T.
• They tend to be critical and expect perfection from others too.
• They are strongly into self-improvement as much as improving the other person!
• Helping others and doing constructive work is of immense pleasure to them.
• They are skilled craftsmen and work with precision and exactitude.
• To be happy and fulfilled in work is the greatest source of security for Virgos. Threatening their sense of security will make them react almost instantly.
• They make lists, get organized, and plan action to the last detail…and, execute it too!

• Since they lack a natural focus of work they could turn to self-condemnation.
• A lazy Virgo is often the result of poor self-esteem and painfully perfectionist standards which leaves him/her paralyzed in self-doubt.
• Their emotions often tend to get in the way of their productivity. When angry, disappointed or needy, they may condemn themselves rather than the source.
• They go ballistic over imperfection as also the plight of the less fortunate. People taking their kindness for granted may not be palatable to the Virgo sensitivities as well.


Affectionate, Harmonious, Peaceful, Charming, Considerate, Diplomatic, Decisive.

• Simply by saying the right thing at the right time, this sign can make others feel good.
• Since they like to maintain loving and cordial relations with all, they tend to put others’ interests and concerns before their own.
• They are romantics to the core, and for life to be complete, love must hover at close quarters.
• What do they most yearn for? Love, communication and peaceful ties with family and friends.
• You’ll never catch a Libran openly displaying anger, revulsion or disappointment. They’d rather suppress their emotions and deny these even to themselves.
• They need to feel desirable, and their loves had better take heed of this requirement.
• They have a good aesthetic sense which is reflected in the way they decorate their homes. This aesthetic sense usually provides a perfect setting for romantic rendezvous.
• They need to be in love — all the time! In face of insecurity, they need to be reassured by their loved one.

• They tend to feel left out easily, so be extra sensitive with your Libran friend.
• Living alone is not an appealing prospect for a Libran, who needs someone around all the time.
• In order to feel loved, fulfilled and safe, Librans may be emotionally dependent on a partner to the extent that they may carry on with a bad relationship only to cater to this need.

Owing to an aesthetic sense that helps them strike a balance at all times, they make for good mediators, marriage counselors, artistes and performers.



Analytical, Powerful, Controlling, Resourceful, Intense

• Scorpios have a flair for the unknown which may often get them into trouble!
• Scorpios focus keenly on their subjects and sometimes run the risk of turning obsessive!
• Their hard exteriors belie their soft interiors. They are highly emotional and intense and this trend permeates every aspect of theirlives.
• Most Scorpios could go through trying childhoods and come out unscathed like steel, a quality which sets them apart from the rest. Folks belonging to this sign could turn out to be loners, overtly suspicious or vindictive.
• Scorpios prefer to be in control of the situation at all times.
• They seem to mourn the loss of innocence and childhood almost throughout their lives and appear enveloped in a pall of gloom, to such an extent that they are prone to alienating themselves from the rest of the world.
• They are perennially seeking an antidote for their grief.Star quirks Scorpios tend to be distrustful and even vindictive due to the trauma they may have experienced in childhood. They are power mongers! However this is not in the quest of wealth, but rather security. They interpret wealth as power and power in turn leads to greater control over one’s life (which is what they seek the most).

Scorpios excel at research. They also fare well as therapist and occultists. Owing to their resilience of the spirit, they make good councilors too.


Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Curious, Adventurous, Philosophical and Overindulgent.

• These people focus on personal growth as for them that is the only way up!
• Sagittarians are inclined to academics and are often found deeply engrossed in scholarly books.
• They are lively people and pass on infect others with their spunk and liveliness.
• They have an all-pervading sense of humor.
• Sagittarians are seldom, if at all depressed or brooding in corners and don’t particularly enjoy others getting depressed either. They always see the proverbial silver lining on all dark clouds.
• The old adage, ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’, well-encapsulates the Sagittarian attitude to life in general.
• Those born under this sign are always evolving, and a change of residence, a vacation, or job could make them feel refreshed, wise and even more enthusiastic.
• They have a knack of being brutally honest.

• They do tend to see red pretty soon and completely disapprove of unfairness of any sort, so be sure to play fair.
• Sagittarians are not exactly the ‘homely’ sort and you’ll always find them on the move.
• They are natural-born teachers and love to teach just about anything (helping the kids with the homework is also great). Fancy-free and happy wanderers, sums up these seekers-of-the-truth.


Hardworking, Capable, Meticulous, Ambitious, Serious, Disciplined.

• These hard-working folks are extremely ambitious. Hard-work and ambition is bound to lead to success and sure it does!
• Rather than short-term returns, they focus on long term goals and the rewards they enshrine.
• Efficient and meticulous, these people are mostly politically correct and diplomatic to the bone.
• Their wit helps them make effective impressions on others.
• They tend to have a grown-up air about them right since their youth.
• They are easily upset by lapses in personal decorum.
• As far as personal shortcomings go, they tend to be harsh on themselves.

• They loathe failures and setbacks and tend to suppress anger by being reclusive.
• Interestingly, these folks could be depressed at the happiest moments of their lives, possibly owing to their high expectations.
• They are prone to be miserly and may often compensate on items of luxury. However, the saving streak stems from their habit of saving for a rainy day.
• These fighters combat all set-backs head-on. Work-Wise They make very efficient administrators.


Contemporary, Rebellious, Charismatic, Detached, Forward-Thinking and Impulsive.

• Due to their unusual ideas that set them apart from the rest, those born under this sign are rather extraordinary.
• When a new trend sets in, the trailblazer is likely to be an Aquarian!
• Want to start a revolution? Rope in a rebel Aquarian. Aquarians are pre-occupied with working for equality in society.
• Aquarians are not very emotional and may brusquely (almost) detach themselves from an excessive show of emotion. Chances are, they may accuse you of overreacting!
• They like to live by logic and can be blunt to the point of appearing ruthless. They are often prone to impulsive behavior, verbal outburst and violence which may be an outlet of pent-up emotions.
• It is possible that their parents underwent a messy divorce or traveled a lot, due to which the early lives of these individuals were checkered and unstable. This, in turn leads them to be constantly restless.
• They are fiercely independent and cannot be pinned down for long.
• They are easily disillusioned by betrayal and may refrain from ever trusting strangers at all.
• Try to control an Aquarian and chances are they’ll consider you a threat to their freedom.

These unpredictable folks will keep you guessing at all times. As far as their sexual life goes, they are prone to experimentation. And as concerns jobs, relationships and mundane activities, you can never stop being surprised by an Aquarian.

Their rebellious nature makes them prone to outrageous behavior! They could be rock stars, bikers or just about anything they want to be!



Creative, Spiritual, Psychic, Sensitive, Compassionate, Imaginative, Dreamy, Poetic, Visionary, Spacey, Escapist.

• Those born under this sign tend to be imaginative, creative and slightly whimsical!
• They also tend to be deeply spiritual and inclined towards understanding the mysteries of the inexplicable.
• They are dreamers and live in a world of their own making.
• They are immature when it comes to dealing with emotions, and one may never realize when a Piscean is upset or angry. However, their compassion forces the anger to diffuse pretty fast too.
• They tend to be workaholics, and love food and people rather than drugs or alcohol.
• Their early lives are usually unstable.
• They are drawn to the spiritual, and find solace in meditation and work.
• Those seeking emotional succor from these folks, Pisceans could get confused and imbalanced.
• Their compassion prevents them from maintaining a balance in the relationship.

• Pisceans need to learn how to handle their feelings and express their emotions.
• They are easily affected by events unraveling around them and in a bid to help others may get emotionally drained.
• Once emotionally crippled, they are less likely to lash out in destructive ways or feign normalcy.

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